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The East Akron postal station in Goodyear Heights, Akron, Ohio, is due to close this Friday.  The city is seeking a temporary restraining order to bar the U.S. Postal Service from shutting it down.  

According to, the Postal Service announced in April that it was closing the post office to save money.  Since it's officially a "station" rather than a "post office," the Postal Service did not have to go through the long process of study required by law for regular post offices. The Postal Regulatory Commission has challenged the Postal Service on the validity of this distinction, but in the meantime, the Postal Service is consolidating stations, i.e., closing post offices.

The citizens of Goodyear Heights have held a rally, gotten 2000 signatures on a petition, set up a Facebook page, worked with government officials, and filed an appeal with the PRC.  The appeal process is expected to last through September 8.   But that would be almost three months too late, hence the latest step of seeking the restraining order.

According to Fox19, "Akron is only the second city in the country to go to court to try and stop a post office from closing. The first was Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the city lost."  (A pdf of the Tuscaloosa legal complaint is here.)

While "Save the Post Office" is the main feature this week, the co-feature at the Linda, "Legend of the Guardians," is worth seeing too.  It's about a young owl whose peaceful life with his family in the forest is shattered when he is abducted by an evil Owl army.  Only the legendary Guardians can stop the menace. 

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