New carrier cases spotted at a new S&DC

Steve HutkinsNews

Spotted on reddit, a couple of photographs of the new carrier cases that have just arrived at one of the new Sorting & Delivery Centers.

The reply comments are interesting. Here’s a sample:

“Indianapolis is coming soon. They say anytime now because the building is ready. This shit is not going to work and we will lose a ton of people.”

“I’m in one of the new consolidation centers. It’s been a mixed bag. The new package sorting machine is much more accurate than the clerks at getting the right packages to the right routes but it also means ALL of my SPRs go in the pumpkin so I have to empty out my entire pumpkin to get my SPRs. We have so much less room to do shit in the mornings and they haven’t even moved the other offices into our office yet. We will be getting the new cases soon. Im interested to see how it all pans out.”

“Is it true about the consolidated casing where you have staggered starting times and share a case with another carrier?”

“I’m confused. Do you have to share a case with someone at your back or is the case supposed to be that big? That looks fucking awful I’m praying it doesn’t come to Tampa.”

“I’ve heard same Case.. Carrier (A) starts early.. puts his magnetic labels up cases and pulls down..removes his labels from the case.. hopefully before Carrier (B) shows up to the same case to put his magnetic labels up and cases his/her route… I definitely would want to be Carrier (A) lol…”

“If your office is within 30 miles of a plant or SCF, they’re looking at consolidation. Our local plant doesn’t even have enough room to hold the mail, so I don’t know how they’d handle carrier routes.”

“I’m a Field tech and I visited the Athens Ga S&DC last Saturday. I can’t believe that I actually got to see new equipment after 22 years. Anyway, SteelCraft is making the cases for us. They are done using a dual process powder coating I think. They are very light too, as you can barely lean on one and it acts like it’s going to fall over! It wasn’t attached correctly to the other cases though which didn’t help…. I was in the area taking equipment from a SPOKE facility that lost its carriers to that S&DC. 19 routes in all. They’re only partially done with that S&DC building though, as they still have to add many more routes from the 30 mile radius.”