Napa post office, cracked by earthquake, tops threatened buildings list


Fissured, battered and fenced off since the magnitude-6.0 quake of Aug. 24, the downtown Napa post office leads off the annual Ten Threatened Treasures, the list of at-risk properties released last week by the Napa County Landmarks group .A lack of clarity from the Postal Service about the building’s future – and a fear the agency may choose demolition as the easy way out – is what makes the post office the site of greatest concern, Landmarks members said last week.

“The Postal Service has not yet been forthcoming on what they plan on doing with it,” said Juliana Inman, a board member, architect and Napa councilwoman. “We are watching (the situation) very carefully, and we’re very concerned. Historic post offices are at risk all over the country, and the post office is selling them as fast as they can.  “These were built with public resources,” she said. “They are public-serving buildings. And the safeguards to ensure they’re preserved are not always forthcoming.”  Read more.