Massive USPS mail disruptions descend on Atlanta

Steve HutkinsNews

The Atlanta metropolitan area replaced beleaguered Houston as an epicenter of infuriating and unexplained mail disruptions in mid-March, when a breakdown in mail processing at one of the United States Postal Service’s huge sorting and delivery centers left consumers bewildered, politicians fulminating and tractor-trailer drivers waiting as long as eight and a half hours to drop off their time-sensitive cargoes.

“Another surreal day here at the USPS distribution center here in Palmetto where the line to load and unload stretches over the horizon!” reporter Joshua Skinner of Atlanta television station WANF exclaimed to viewers on March 14, describing a serpentine line of idling trucks and fuming drivers outside the USPS facility in the Atlanta suburb. Inside, Postal Service employees said, mountains of mail were marooned.

“Packages are just sitting in there, piled up everywhere,” Emi Collymore, a USPS worker, told Atlanta’s FOX 5 in a March 15 on-camera interview. “Everywhere you look, you’ll see packages.”

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