Hurricane Sandy closes Sea Bright post office temporarily; USPS to close it permanently


Hurricane Sandy closed 20 post offices in central and southern New Jersey.  Nearly all of them have reopened, but one of them will not be reopening at all.  The Postal Service has decided this is a good time to begin a discontinuance procedure to close the post office in Sea Bright permanently.  

Last week three USPS reps met with the community to explain the process.  As usual, one of them said, "Has the final decision been made? No.  This is part of the process. The district is required to solicit input from the people who use the facility that’s proposed."  He went on to admit that when the process gets this far along, it is typically "successful."  In other words, a decision has in fact already been made.  (You have to love how the Postal Service views closing a post office as a "success.")

Needless to say, residents of Sea Bright are not happy about the news.  “One federal agency is telling us one thing, while another one is leaving us behind,” borough resident Serena Smith said. "What they’re doing is completely opposite to what we’re trying to here do in Sea Bright and it’s completely opposite to what we need to do. … It’s distressing.”  Read more.  (Image source