House committee holds session on Postal Service


The House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform is holding a meeting today on “Reforming The Postal Service: Finding A Viable Solution.” The purpose of the session is to examine the need for timely and comprehensive postal reform legislation and to hear from key stakeholders to better understand the specific provisions necessary for a comprehensive solution. The video is here, and here are the written testimonies that have been submitted:

Name Title Document
Ms. Megan Brennan Postmaster General, United States Postal Service Document
The Honorable Robert G. Taub Acting Chairman, U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission Document
Ms. Lori Rectanus Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office Document
Ms. Jessica Lowrance Executive Vice President, Association for Postal Commerce Document
Mr. Frederic Rolando President, National Association of Letter Carriers Document