Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz, defender of the Post Office, dead at 64


Raw Story has reported that former MSNBC host and progressive radio personality Ed Schultz has died of natural causes.  The host was known for championing workers’ rights and the middle class. During Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) assault on labor unions, Schultz was on the ground with protesters as they campaigned to re-call the election.

Shultz was also a big supporter of the post office.  The APWU invited Schultz to address its National Convention in 2012.  As a host on MSNBC, Schultz did regular reports about how Republicans were out to destroy the Postal Service by downsizing and eventually privatizing it — and this was years before the Trump Administration announced its privatization plan.  For Schultz, it was all about a war on workers and public services.  Here are a few of his reports on MSNBC and later on RT America.