First-Class Service Turns In Its Worst Performance In The Past 12 Months

Steve HutkinsNews Poor service performance showed across the spectrum last week.  It was a worrisome week.

Only 63.5% of First-Class letters were delivered on time last week, with more than 8% more than five days late.  First-Class flats performed comparably to letters but with only 3.8% more than five days late.   An average First-Class letter took nearly five days to deliver.

Marketing Mail service performance was slower than YTD in all categories, including a worrisome slowdown in Intra-SCF performance.  This figure, which measures how long it will take to deliver mail that is entered in the delivery SCF, is generally rock-steady but has slipped from 2.24 days to 2.54 days for Marketing Mail letters.

Atlanta area mail showed small improvements, with average delivery time for a First-Class letter to an address in Atlanta reduced to 11.08 days, down from 11.58 days in the prior week.

Poor performance this week was much more widespread than in recent weeks, with sub-par First-Class performance in GA (8.39 days on average), WA (7.15), SC (6.46), and OR (6.45).

All statistics are gathered from a sample of mail that we track for our customers.  For the week just finished, the sample size was more than 44 million.

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