Emergency suspension to a small town post office: “It’s frustrating.”


KSNW: “It’s a meeting place,” Roxeanne Sexton said. “You see your neighbors that you haven’t seen in awhile. You sit there, talk and see how they’ve been doing.”  Roxeanne Sexton has lived in Albert, Kansas, for eight years, and is just around the corner from the post office, a place she visits everyday.

“Well I’m disabled,” she said. “So, it’s very convenient for me to just get in the car and go around the corner to get my mail.” “I have a back problem and have a cage in my back, which limits my mobility,” she added. But now, she said getting her mail is more challenging.

On September 7th, the post office was emergency suspended due to safety concerns and structural issues, said corporate communication officer for postal services Stacy St. John.   Read more.