During the week of February 15-22, Save the Post Office conducted a survey on attitudes toward ending Saturday delivery.  The results of the survey are discussed here.  Below are the comments people submitted in the box at the end of the survey.

save moneyHope the postal service finds a best way solution to keep the Saturday delivery..people are home on sat best day to deliver mailFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALBiased Survey! Let's be real!FIRE DONAHOEfederal postal statues require six day delivery and ending six day delivery would cost about 70,000 jobs.LI am very much opposed to ending Saturday delivery. It would impact my business greatly.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFire the Postmaster Generalrepeal the dam law that states the postal has to fund the pension 75 years in advance! thats BS!I need mail delivery on Saturday and am very upset that the media is not telling us the truth about the USPS!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI WANT MY SATURDAY MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAIN, SLEET, SNOW OR SHINE AND SATURDAY….I WANT MY MAIL!!!!!!!!!! ON SATURDAY, NOT WAITNING UNTIL MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11Sometimes a letter arriving a day or two later would cause me problems. I sometimes rely on a check arriving in the mail, and waiting could be costly. I ship out books with the postal service and have found it to be much more reliable than UPS. Would Media Mail be delivered on Saturday? Perhaps it would, but if sorting is diminished or dropped on Saturdays, it would mean that books I ship would arrive later and this would hurt business.These facts should be widely reported in all the media. I was unaware of some of this. The whole thing stinks. Leave the postal service alone.I've started putting two stamps on every envelope. It's a visible demonstration of support for the PO, it helps to a very small degree financially, and it's cheap. I'll be spending only three or four dollars a month more on postage. Suggest it to everyone you know who might want to do the same. FIRE DONAHOEDo not end Saturday Delivery.This all seems mute, since the PMG does not have the legal authority to end Saturday deliveryFIRE DONAHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST KEEP DOUBLE VOTING SO YOU CAN SKEW THE NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Time for cuts in mangement! The ratio of management to workers is way too high! Cutting service should be the last resort!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEIf we have to absorb that workforce that fills in for days off, all routes below a certain senority date (our office is 1994) will have to go up for bid. After a "musical chair" type of bidding, the last people without a bid assignment will go where?? New mailman for everyone! Hm…LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALits pointless to deliver mail on Saturday….there isn't enough mail……should of been done 3 years agoIMPACT ON SMALL BUSINESSthe postal service is like hot dogs pizza and apple pie must be savedSIXLUSPS employee for over 18 years. My plant was on the original 2014 closure list. Not sure what to think now. I'm an ET and there is no job waiting for me at the inferior, out-of-state processing facility our mail will be worked in if we close next year.FIRE DONAHOEDelaying the mail is a crime .And taking away peoples jobs is a bull shit .Especially when your given the jobs to people who lost there jobs in the same installation in a different craft .FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSaturday Delivery should not be discontinued because it is a disservice to many, especially rural patrons and small business.KEEP SATURDAY DELIVERY. ELIMINATING SATURDAY DELIVERY IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO THE POSTAL SERVICE FINANCIAL PROBLEM.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALAlready didIt doesnt make sense to stop delivery on Saturday when the financial problems can be solved by not pre funding for 50-75 yearsWhat isn't mentioned in the survey is what percentage of Postal workers will lose their jobs if they end Saturday delivery! I haven't heard one thing about workers losing their jobs!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEWe need Saturday deliveries.Lget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itThis will effect my medications that come in the mail and do on occassion come on saturday….so if they do away with saturdays and then have a holiday Monday I will really be screwed.The Postal Service is the cheapest deal that United States citizens have. To be able to send and receive tangible items that you can hold, feel, smell and save throughout your life cannot be replaced. Losing one day will start the call for two or three. Then what? The Postal Service only charges what it costs. Any other private company will have a profit motive that will result it what amounts to a greater cost to us all.L The United States Postal Service is a great American institution. The Republicans are destroying our Democratic institutions without conscience. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI believe it is time to get allow the USPS to be competitive and for Congress to stop mandating and robbing the pension fund. FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEWHY DOSEN'T THE MEDIA TELL THIS SIDE OF THE STORY??? IS THIS AMERICA??? IT SOUNDS LIKE FACIST GERMANY!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! WHAT A DISGRACE!!!Most companies work 5 days a week why does the Post Office need more days when less people are using the mail ?i do not want to end saturday mail deliceryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI'm all for iti think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignUSPS is a Constitutionally mandated service that is intended to serve all addresses in the country six days per week. Politics should not have any influence on this service. The retirement and retiree health plans are overstuffed with money that should have been used to support the service; where would those extra billions go if the privateers get there hands on the USPS? Right in their corporate pockets. Postal customers who paid for stamps would never see a refund, and thousands of postal workers and allied employees would be out of work. Who gets the profit from the sale of all that real estate? The privatizers are just profiteers out to steal from the American public. From whom do the private companies buy a piece of the USPS – who gets paid? Does the payment go into the US Treasury? Does that reduce the US deficit even though the USPS is off-book?LQuestions are misleading. I don't feel no Saturday delivery would have a negative impact on rural areas. I also feel that most of America doesn't care if they receive mail on Saturdays if they're receiving their packages. This furthur erodes the value of the postal service which truely does still unite our country. This move to eliminate Saturday delivery will impact the rural communities negatively and hurt small business.pmg donohue is a fakeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress sucks, and the 2006 PAEA, designed to destroy the USPS, should be repealed.Tell the truth. Its about time to come clean. If this us true why cut services when the money is really there? Are the politicians playing a shell game with usps money? Give us the truth to make an informed decision.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe U.S.P.S. needs a management change from the top, down. The USPS management has increased while the hourly employees has decreased. A 30% reduction in upper maThenagement would be a good start and possibly more later.The PMG must GO!!!LFIRE DONAHOEAny reduction in service by the USPS will just be snapped up by the other major private delivery companies rendering the USPS into an even more dire situation. Congress should remember that the USPS is a vital SERVICE to the nation's citizens and stop playing politics with its future.Keep Saturday deliveryLThe Postal Service has always been a cash cow for the government. The republicans have always been in favor of breaking up the Postal Service for the last 30 years. Now that the government has milked all the money it can from the Postal Service they are ready to cast it aside and move on to their next victim. The Postal Board of Governers and Congress have shackeled the PO so it is unable to compete but still is required to provide universal service at one low cost. No way it can survive with it's current business model.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEThe PMG is destroying an American Institution!Lsave the uspsMany people in rural America depend on the six day delivery and also getting the mail processed into the mail stream six days a week. If there is no pickup on Saturday that means it could possibly take 4-6 days to get mail delivered down the road. The post office already delivers UPS and Fedex parcels the last mile now because it is not profitable for them to do it and we deliver to all. Rural American will be losing out again, what a surprise.LI want my mail 6 days a weekDelays workers benefits causing serious financial hardship. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep Saturday delivery! . We need to tell congress that they need to be on board in support of HRes 30 for six day delivery and too oppose the postmasters attempt to sell our jobs to other carriers FedEx ups etc.No additional comments.LYour questions are slanted and biased. The premise of questions 2 is not correct. Question 7 is also not true. USPS will continue to process, cancel and distribute mail.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALJust eliminate the pre funding bill enacted in 2006. The Postal Service would be in the black, not red. Give the Postal Service back it's over payment into the CRSR pensionLSignificant reduction in service in exchange for . . . what? Lines are longer, mail takes longer to get from place to place, and mail is no more affordable — at least not for households and small business. Why or early would any American even consider agreeing to this?LMisleadingFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLDont stop saturdays!! xxxxThey need to close the post offices in tiny towns there is no longer any use for them they could save millions by not paying postmasters in those towns combine them with bigger towns. I think everybody could come up with a handful to closeThere are many easy things that can keep the postal service from going out of business. I feel congress can fix these things simply if they would let anything at all pass. This is not a fake response.I want my mail 6 days a week. Saturday is the only day I see my mailman please don't that from us,I'm not worried about mail I receive but how it will affect when my bills reach their destination before their due date.Knowing that there is one more day to deliver "business" mail has been a great piece of mind. keep six day delivery and keep people workingCongress needs to fix this! But not by cutting out Saturday delivery!! I want my mail, " ALL" of it on Saturday! ,inportang documents !It's a political move.the postmaster general doesn't care about the postal servicePlease save Saturday delivery !commentLEnding Saturday delivery would be the start toward the end of the post office. It's like throwing business away.CLOSING THE POST OFFICE ON SATURDAY WOULD MAKE MY LIFE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE. IS ABOUT THE ONLY GOVERMENT ENTITY OPEN FOR BUSINESS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I GREATLY DEPEND ON IT…After following Congress' actions regarding the Postal Service, and those of the Postmaster General, it's very clear that Congress is trying to dismantle it, and that the Postmaster General is not interested in leading the Postal Service to a business model of increasing revenues. It appears that the Postmaster General doesn't have the authority to end Saturday delivery but by announcing that his plan, he'll anger Congress and further bias it (or at least the Republican half) to the determent of the USPS. Banks were given a bailout after profiteering in bad loans yet the USPS can't get overpayments returned from a pre-funding scheme unique instituted by Congress. I feel sorry for its non-management employees. Lim, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalWhy change after all these years !we have to keep cuttingget rid of the postmaster.eliminate collection boxes-mailmen go to every door every day dont need collection boxes. charge to forward mail and vacation holds. there are a lot of ways to generate revenue and cut costs if they just got someone in charge who would look for thempay attention to the needs of businesses and have earlier deliveries allowing them to get the return out the door the same day.It is a ploy to completely privatize by bankrupting it.FIRE DONAHOEService to the Amercian people by the postal service is the citizens right that should NOT be reduced or sold off under ANY condition(s).this cut would cause the loss of 30,000 to 80,000 jobs mostly verterans, this alone will greatly effect the economy and unemployment numbers and is the last thing we need in our unstable economyFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLThis information needs to be on the news and in mainstream media. The public has no idea of this information.What's next cutting off people from the rest of civilization that choose to live rural?? This is just one step closer to privitization, so those businesses that are lining the politicians pockets so they can benefit when all caves in from these decisions!!Already didFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI love the US Mail! Don't cut deliveries – grow the postal service!I think getting rid of saturday delivery would cost a lot of people their jobs and not good for the economy.Usps is not pushing to be profitable. They have opportunity to offer new services in the package business but not enought strategy. LLCongressional mandate caused all of the Postal Services problems, Bush again screwing things up for the American publicFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESaturday Delivery is a valuable Service 6 day is the wayFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALObama will ruin America.Get rid of the postmasters, they can't make ant discussions save the post office from PMGThe postal service ..is the last of Mohians!!..an institution that should go on..Yes as always things can continue to beimprived.But all in all …other private and goverment angency could take a tip from them!..There are in Buisness to break even..not for profit! Republicans…keep your hands off…Mr. Issa and your other cohorts thatdont have a clue..and whileim atit,why dont you folkes take a pay cut!!I am very disappointed of how our United States Congress have basically allowed the Postmaster General to make such a claim of elimination of Saturday delivery. They (Postal Officials) are usless in making sound decisions to protect the United States Post Office and Congress has been greedy in allowing for the funding of 5.5 Billion dollars a year as no other U.S. government agency has to pay for future retirees health benefits such as them. Shame on both of them!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOELFIRE DONAHOEDid you know that the design of this survey is not scientific and breaks every rule in the book, is not objective and therefore its results are not statistcally valid? I think you do but I expect you will use results to support your emotional arguments, which is why you are not taken seriously by postal decision makers. Listen to the Beatles: Go to eight days a week!!!Let Us hold Congress accountable. By making the retirement funding a top priority.I live in a small rural town. I have an open OWCP case and material needs to be sent to the DOL. They sent me a UPS envelope to return one item in. No where in my town to do that. Why wouldn't they use USPS to ensure that it was picked up?REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEThe major problem is the $5.5 billion prepayment. Return the $50 billion plus overpayment, loosen the reins on pricing and end Saturday delivery.THIS POLE IS NOT CORRECT PEOPLE ARE VOTING MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEdon't need saturday mail I do understand that it will increase the workload and also delay the mail. FIRE DONAHOECongress put us in this mess or situation and then turned there heads and told the postal service to fix it. Remember we are the only company/corporations that hire managers without a business/manager's degree. Why prefund healthcare benefits? And why did we overpay in pension benefits? Obviosly Congress nor the Postal service know what they are doing!!!!!! God Bless there hearts.come onCongress should fix and stop the pre-funding, leave the post service alone..This survey is slanted to support a agenda of the author and blatantly so.?LSome of your questions are not relevant to whats going on. Perhaps this question should be asked. If there is no Post Office at all, because of its complete shutdown, what will the businesses and customers do then? Changes must be made, and not everyone will agree with every aspect. There was no good reason for congress to pass that stupid bill making the PO pay benefits on workers that aren't even born yet.The Republicans only want to ruin the PO because it has a union.The post office is trying to save itself, If nothing is done ,it will be doneREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI feel like the American public is being swindled and told falacies. Why is it not common public knowledge that the USPS is self funded. Why is this Sat. Stoppage being sold as a tax dollar saving maneuver? There are clearly congressional actions that have forced the USPS to run with such incredible inefficientcy they will push it out of business. This guarantees it will be available for private corporate take-over…the same plan that is being applied to our U S Education system. Hmmm, I wonder what corporations/people support these congressional acts and if there is a correlation between them and those who wish to run the USPS? Curious.reducing delivery service days will cause servcice to slow down.It will also cause alot of job losses in a bad economy.SDending Saturday delivery is not the solution to the current crisis. last qtr the postal service would have had a 100 million profit if not for the prefunding laws. the postal service has too many tiers of management which is costing a considerable amount as a labor cost. If all the prefunding requirements were dropped the USPS would still be losing money, check the math. People and businesses will adjust to 5-day delivery, they have had bigger pills to swallow and survived. The PMG is a career postal person, not a politician, he knows the business, let him drive his own ship or it will sink. Is putting funding of the USPS on taxpayers backs a better idea, HELL NO. SAVE THE USPS – 5 DAY IS THE WAYREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEUSPS can save more money by eliminating manage,there to many cheifs on top doing nothing.Postal Service hasn't made the pre-funded payment in 2 years and is still losing money. Maybe if there were any ideas on how to increase revenue instead of how stopping delivery on Saturday will ruin the P.O. I would listen. Ending Saturday delivery is a big mistake. I support saturday deliveryREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI really don't care if they deliver on sat or notPlease don't stop Saturday mail delivery FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALHopefully, this information can be compiled and disseminated to the general public in order to heighten the level of knowledge of those who are expected to support the services of the USPS — the customers!FIRE DONAHOERaise the rates don't stop the serviceThe PMG needs to be removed and The President needs to appoint some that is willing to do what it takes to save the Postal Service. We don't want or need some beholden to some members of Congress who just look at the bottom line to make money, at the cost of American families.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep Saturday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALMail should continue to be delivered 6 days a week. It is a requirement and a necessisity.I am strongly opposed to eliminating Saturday service.FIVE DAY DELIVERY 100%noneI think it is extremely important to capitalize on other business opportunities – (there are so many creative ideas that would generate huge profits) and, to educate the public on the "real" facts – a PR blitz from one end of this country to the other, utilizing all mediums so everyone gets the message. Don't ruin the Postal Service. I say let the postal workers, you know…the ones who actually do all the hard work, decide what to do. You might be surprised im, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysDo not end Saturday mail service!I'm sure there are nonsense grants and research projects that could be delayed instead of getting rid of Saturday service. Update the bulk mailing rates to be realistic, open bidding of Federal gov't. mailing to USPS.LI thought we were a country that created jobs not destroy them. Congress has done absoultly nothing to help the post office. Get rid of the prefunding so they can run like other businesses and not hinder them.LLBad ideaREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEEND SATURDAY (the rest of the world does it) 5 day Is the right way !!If the PMG is permitted to ignore Congress what will prevent other businesses from doing the same????I rely on Saturday mail delivery it is the one day of the week that I am home to receive packages that may require my signature without having to go to the post office myselfhave you ever thought that the reason why the Post Office is losing money is because of it leadership. are they even qualified to be in their positions, or can anyone be a manager.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEStop the PMGwe need to do whatever to save our postal service.get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itDO AWAY WITH THE PREPAYMENTIf we, the people, continue to let lawmakers, big corporations, and the misguided leaders of this great service feed us lies about the USPS true situation, it'll eventually be privatized and then we'll all receive an expensive lesson from those who really dictate how our lives are lead.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLet Congress sort out this situation. The postmaster general should be fired without keeping all of the bonuses he gets when he leaves. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFire Goddamned Patrick Donahoe and ALL of his staff NOW!! They are only trying to shove privitisation of an ESSENTIAL American service on the American public. Many Americans still depend on the USPS for their correspondence and other deliveries. NOT EVERYONE has access or abilities to use the internet for their needs FIRE DONAHOE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Get rid of him and his cronies BEFORE they destroy our Postal Service and get their golden parachute retirement and lucrative jobs with privatisers.For the most part aturday delivery separates the USPS from other delivery companies. Again we need to look at Congress and ask them some hard questions.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Transparency is required of other business but obviously not for Federal agencies.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi work there as a carrier and i would love to have weekends! after 18 years of carrying i want a lifeSave our constitutionally guaranteed postal service!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOE FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think ending Saturday service begins a slippery slope toward trimming back USPS functions. I am VERY worried about efforts to end the Postal Service and toward privatization. I believe that this privatization will lead to higher costs and less service to U.S. citizens (esp. rural and poor folks).I am currently a T6. Ending Saturday delivery eliminates a need for my position, I enjoy being a T6. I will miss my customers. FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOESounds like congress is as disfunctional in another important issuse. How many middle class wage jobs will the post office lose because of this because of congress. I fully support the USPSTHE POSTMASTER GENERAL SHOULD RESIGNI really think we do not need Saturday delivery. Package delivery yes, junk mail; no. I don't think the lack of mail processing on Saturdays will have much of an effect due to the decrease in mail overall. I have a family member that is a rural carrier in Illinois and he thinks Saturday delivery is not necessary. In fact, I don't understand who it is that is so adamant about keeping Saturday delivery. I also think congress should change the amount the Postal Service must contribute to pension fund. That is ridiculous and so unfair. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALGet it together, USPS.Offer all USPS CSRS employees a VERA. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThis is a knee jerk reaction to an issue that has been in existence for quite some time. They need to address the issues internally and stop giving mailing rate discounts. I need my mail on Saturdays and need my outgoing mail to continue to flow as it does today,The USPS should not even consider going to 5 day delivery. This would greatly impact the future of the postal service. The overpayment of the CSRS should be removed. If the USPS did not have to pay for retired people who are not even born yet they would have no problem making a profit That's where the focus should be, not in cutting 6 day delivery into 5. What will be next? Cutting 5 day delivery into 3-4? This has to be stopped!!!!!!! USPS will be extinct!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALJust another way to blame the hard working American Union workers that are the backbone of this country. Shame, cutting workers benefits, hourly wages or hours worked in a weeks time worked are not the answers. Americans working for a fair days work for a fair days pay will boost this economy.6day delivery here to stay!!!!!Replace postmaster general with someone capable to do the job.Why don't we stop paying $500 for screwdrivers instead of ending Saturday mail?LWe have the best postal system in the world at minimal cost for stamps & great service. Do not fix an unbroken system! A Tax PayerI wonder if the part timers are wondering if their jobs are in jeopardy.Tell Congress to stop the prefunding of the health and retiress benifits.The PMG is selfish, greedy and just concern and himself and his own pocket book. Does the Postal Service really want to save money? Then, go and cut off all the "fat" beginning from the top. Go and start working with the postal unions and their employees. The unions always wanted to help the postal service to profit and to stay in business, but it's the postal service and the PMG refused to work with the unions and the employees.the lack of service that now exist will only get worst with the elimination of Saturday delivery.If postal management would adhere to the books in setting up deliveries lots of monies can be saved. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALITS SAD THAT CONGRESS IS LETTING THIS POSTMASTER GENERAL BRING THE POSTAL SERVICE THREW THE MEDIA TO ITS KNEESFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI am very much opposed to ending mail delivery on Saturdays.I AM CONCERNED THAT THIS INFORMATION IS NOT BEING MADE PUBLIC IN THE MEDIA, NEW PRINT, AND ON LINE. there are so many internal ways to save money, but these bafoons have their heads so far up their rear-ends they cannot see or hear any real ideas, but dont worry in the next two days im sure the PMG will announce the placement of another "VP" of somethingSomeone else will do the job , which they will do at what ever pace they wantI think that if Saturday delivery (and processing) is cut, the USPS will be in serious jeopardy. Let's just not go there!P M DONAHOE should be firedThe national media has not told all of the facts laid bare in this survey. I had thought ending Saturday would save the Post Office — prior to taking this survey. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease keep Saturday delivery FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe need saturday delivery!!!!With the exception of highly paid expedited mail, no mail should be delivered on any day of the week to individual residences and businesses. Instead, individuals and businesses would go pick up their mail at postal cells built around cities and towns and rural areas. Individuals too far from postal cells could contract with local firms to pick up and sort mail into their private postal facilities. Vehicle maintenance and gas costs would be minimal to the Post Office once they got rid of most delivery vehicles. You would eliminate thousands of carrier jobs. The savings would be incredible. Ive always thought the post office does a great jobREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEsave saturday LI have already been impacted by cuts the postal service has made to sorting centers across the country. My daughter is in college 3000 miles away and if I sent mail regular delivery it takes far longer than it used to to get there. I do not want this problem to multiply by not having Saturday delivery. PLUS – I received a prescription in the mail and it is very hard to make sure that I get to the phone to order the prescription on Monday, as if I do it later I may easily not receive it until the next week, which will result in missed medication.They need to close the post offices in tiny towns there is no longer any use for them they could save millions by not paying postmasters in those towns combine them with bigger towns. I think everybody could come up with a handful to closeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSave the post office. Do the right thingI feel the current service provided by the postal service is the least expensive and the most efficient in the world today! I appreciate getting the service that I do and that means 6 days a week, delivery and processing what I mail!Bad Business ModelLI think the laws breaking the USPS should be repealed.I deliver an all business route in NJ. Many of my companies are already looking to outside sources to get the job done if we end Saturday delivery. Mr. Donahue, by just making this statement, has already cost the USPS revenue!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALStop stealing money from the Postal service pension funds and forcing the usps to pay its own way profitably when no other branch does.. This is our National Treasure. Make ADMISTRATIVE CUTS leave those that know how to move and deliver the mail to run it. Listen to the peons. You gave away parcel post you've closed small healthy rural post offices that paid there way and helped carry others(Gas Ks 66742 #193432 fin.) Closed disrtibution centers needed to move mail effeciently causing further delays. Cutting hours forced employees to seek other jobs who's going to SECURE our MAIL ?? This is just another plan to close all offices because who's going to work for nothing and be forced and micro managed by people who have no idea what it takes to operate a post office. Get small secetional centers together tell them to work together and just do what they do. Believe me they know how to rally customers and get the job done. BEAUACRATS JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY.. CONGRESS SHOULD CHANGE THE LAW ABOUT THE PREPAID BENEFITS AND LET THE POSTAL SERVICE RETURN TO RUNNING IT'S BUSINESS WITHOUT THEIR INTERFERENCE! JUST LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS! DONAHOE SHOULD BE FIRED! Donahue must go!This cutback in service will also eliminate jobs. Is that what the American people are being made aware of? Does the public know that if it wasn't for the burden of paying the future retiree health benefits, that the Postal Service actually turned a profit last year?I want to do what I can to help the post office survive and prosper,tell government to return overpaymentFIRE DONAHOEPlease help save the postal service I believe that cutting services by 17% to save costs of 2% is not good business.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThis is a BS survey -the questions do not allow you to respond acurattly- several questions force you to answer in a speculative way- this is just the same as the old "voice of the employee" postal survey's. As a former 31 yr letter carrier i have seen first hand the decline in volume- this volume can be handled in 5 days- the parcels that will not be delivered on saturdays are bulk rate packages.Surveys by the NALC that say letter carriers overwhelmingly support 6 day delivery are just a lie propogated by Union officials to save their cushy jobs. they don't work on saturday.Since the Postal Service does'nt take any money from the budget, why does Congess and Senate have the say in how they run the Postal Service. Remove the projected future pension penalty.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe need to educate the Public & President Obama about the real goals of the Postmaster General and folks like Daryl Issa has never been more imperative than now. They work to privatize the Postal Service. There's no other explanation. Did you know that the entire DOIS data gathering system is also being manipulated to support the argument of declining volume when actually carriers are delivering more pieces than are being recorded and the JRAP route adjustment program does not yet provide a method to correct these inaccuracies? get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about it The Am. people want 6 day delivery, the elderly and the middle class depends on 6 day delivery and small businesses must have 6 day delivery. An investigation on PMG is needed to see who is paying him off to dismantle the post office.saturday delivery has become obsoleteI like 6 day delivery i need my mail on saturdaysThe management of the p.o. is out of control. They need to be eliminated from thier positions. They have been misleading thropugh all this. They have the same mentality, that if you lie long enough they will start to believe the lies.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALcan something be done or mention on the salaries of the management officials that do nearly nothing to earn their high salaries to start with the PGM? Why does all the saving of this agency have to come at the cost of the working force?Why dont our union leaders dont exploit more on this subject, give the totals on how much the postal service would really save by cutting their salaries to 10,000 each lazy manager. Cut down on the amount of lazy managers the postal service keeps on rolls.Please keep Saturday mail delivery!the rich elite of this country and the republicans are mostly to blame for the Postal Service financial condition. they want to destroy any thing that benefits the American people, only to make a buck. Like Hell ,, just how much money do these pirates need. The 1% already control over 90% of the countries wealth. I personally am about to renounce my citzenship. Land of the Free LOL!!!!!!!!They are already killing rural areas by having the Post Office only open for two hours on Saturday now. They are killing the revue now.donahoe is the biggest problemFIRE DONUTHOLE!I rely on the USPS to deliver on days when UPS and Fedex don't deliver without extra fees. I also ship via USPS exclusively, many thousands of dollars annually, and eliminating Saturday dropoffs will have an impact on me as well. Make the damned junk mailers pay the same rate I do and EVERYONE will be happy. The PO will be in the black, we'll save billions of tons of paper use annually and the city can cut the number of garbage and recycle trucks in half. About 80 to 90 precent of the mail we receive goes straight into the recycle bin unopened.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease keep Saturday delivery.FIRE DONAHOEget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI will lose overtime if delivery is cut to 5 daysFIRE DONAHOEJust eliminate the pre funding bill enacted in 2006. The Postal Service would be in the black, not red. Give the Postal Service back it's over payment into the CRSR pensionI send packages out every week for my eBay sales. I use USPS, not UPS or Fedex because of it's convenience. I can only bring my packages in on a Saturday because I am working during the weekdays. I know I can have the carrier pick my boxes up but I prefer to drop them off to make sure I have my postage correct. This will be a huge inconvenience to me and will delay shipping to my customers. The cost to benefit ratio does not support 6 day delivery.Advertisements I receive in the mail are not time sensitive to me.I receive prescriptions in the mail but the 30 day delivery window to reorder my prescriptions makes Saturday delivery a non factor.I oppose tax subsidies to support postal operations.Digital communication expansion is a better alternative to maintaining a hard copy delivery network in the 21 century. the postal service represents America – please don't kill Americaget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about it POSTMASTER GENERAL SHOULD BE FIRED FOR HIS TACTICSLLreplace PMGLLThe Post Office should continue delivery six (6) days.It is obvious from the way your survey was written that you are trying to support your own position on the US Postal System. It is more of a propaganda piece than a survey. Postal workers are on a large part, over-paid and under-worked. Darn nice income and benefits for a delivery person with very little at risk.Donahoe must go!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI am a city carrier. We need to end the Saturday delivery. We are working countless hours right now with no day off except for Sunday. We have so many people on light duty or worthless govt freeloaders that don't want to work its disgusting. We have carriers and management people who would not be able to work at any other company in America. It is embarrassing what is going on in the USPS right now. END IT!The post Office has great service we get know like family who is handling my mail that is very important to me.I agree with cutting Saturday delivery, It would give me great opportunity to enjoy life! I like the USPSFIRE DONAHOEI think everyone should write to their congressmen and ask them to vote that excessive retirement fee down and let the post office do their work. I have also put this on Facebook. Keep up the heat on the members of Congress especially the Repubican House that voted it in during a Lame Duck session.The affect that ending Saturday delivery will be huge on the American economy. The entire mailing industry will suffer!The working work force will be reduced, but mang will still receive there full pay and bonuses.. congress get off their butts and get something accomplished.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe need to continue six day delivery of first class mail, it is a consitutional mandate.FIRE DONAHOEI think it a bad ideaThe postal service is an important part of the communications system in this country and around the world.It will hurt elderly and small business and country side.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI rely on 6 day delivery for my mail & package delivery & pickup. I sell items on Ebay that need to be picked up 6 days a week to get the items to my customers. It's all about customer serviceget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itYou cannot reduce service and expect to grow a service based business.i am a veteran letter carrier. on weekdays we are required to carry down time from a vacant route so we can work our required 8 day. mail volume has dropped off. in my opinion 5 day is needed. its a sign of the times. remember the milkman.People in rural areas still rely greatly on the postal service and it would be a great burden to end Saturday delivery.The post office cant lose business because there is no one else to deliver the mail.First class mail will not be delayed because the mailers will mail it earlier.Bulk mail doesnt have a delivery schedule per se and thus cant be late.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignCongress, PMG, BOG, and the PRC needs to stop dismantling the USPS and trying to eliminate the working class of America. save jobs save the saturday deliveryFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALweakening postal infrastructure and pushing computer mail endangers so much. hacks happen daily and may become truly damaging throughout the economy. shedding of postal workers damages USA working class.FIRE DONAHOEIf postmaster general takes it upon himself to shut down saturdays without congress approval then congress should dismiss the postmaster general of his duties! ! ! ! Save Saturday Delivery – we the elderly, homebound, veterans and disabled need delivery Six Days a Week! ! !REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resign5 day all the way!L SATURDAY VITAL TO ALOT OF AMERICANSLYou don't save a business by cutting service. Especially when it is not the business itself that is the biggest problem. Doesn't the postmaster general understand that? But if there really is that much money paid out by the USPS for something it doesn't need to do anymore (or at least while the economy is what it is) why isn't congress fixing the problem? I am the owner of FedUp with Postal, LLC. It is time the private sector takes over the bulk of the services needed so free enterprise can prevail.ths usa needs to stop giving money to other countries and save the post offieget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itLThis vendetta Issa has – How much Fed Ex and UPS stock does he ownFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignwe waste alot of money driving out and attempting to deliver mail to businesses that are closed. We also have a big increase in dog bites on saturday , families are outside with their dogs. Also we have to deal with blocked mail boxes on the street and additional traffic problems with everyone out shopping. customers are outside working in their yard doing things and expect you to stop and visit. Sometimes on saturday I have to skip my lunch break due to all the people wanting to stop and talk to you. Also after 35 years, I've missed alot of family functions, weddings, dinners and sporting events because I have to work. other companies charge a premium for saturday services. Everyone I've talked to said they wouldn't miss saturday delivery. Alot of my customers don't even pick-up their saturday mail until monday.The loss of jobs doesn't help eitherRAWRRRSee Senator Bernie Sanders' bill in this session & Rep. Lynch's from last session (351), that was never allowed a vote, for the best solution for the Postal Service's present problem.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALMy mailman does a great job! 95% of those postal workers do good work – my hats off to them! It's pretty simple to figure out the problem – get someone in these offices that know how to earn money instead of spending it. I've been in business for 28 consecutive years and I see so much foolish spending and some dumb Ass decision-making. I have never lost money in the 28 years I've been in business. My hats off to the postal workers!!! FIRE DONAHOEDo not allow the PMG to violate the law by ending Saturday delivery. Keep our mail system intact and prosecute the PMG!A lot of jobs will be effected by 5day END SATURDAY (the rest of the world does it) 5 day is the RIGHT way ! It's ALL about OTSave the Uspsget Congress to do their job and keep this institution intactFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALi have a in home biz.I work 40 hours a week and my home biz on the week end. my maillady brings most of my parcels on saturday because thats the day I'm home, The post office is close when I get off my day job so I can only get my parcels on saturday. I use the usps because my maillady is very dependable, and knows when Im home, THANK YOU CAROL. Also the usps cost less so I am able to send more.Rather than trim the work force from the bottom up, try downsizing from the top down, that willl have no impact on actual delivery of mail but will provide greater saving than ending saturday delivery.LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI strongly oppose ending Saturday mail delivery.The government needs to get its head out of its butts and listen to its mail carriers ! It's not going to help a thing ! Why try to fix something that isn't broken! Stop overpaying for future retirees health care and start doing what is right ! This is just on the same basis as taking away our guns ! Taking away our post office as we know it today is no answer ! Please wake up before it is too late! NEED A NEW POSTMASTER GENERALwhat about my bills? they will be latePlease consider the opinions of the average working American. I oppose ending Saturday delivery for many reasons including the huge loss of living wage jobs that would be lost6 day delivery. Not 5 day.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThere are ways they could increase revenue by using the network they have and increasing service. Decreasing the service will make that network less attractive to mailers.Bad Idea for too many reasons to list here. Economically not a sound approach. To cut or eliminate the manpower, infrastucture and network will certainly cut profitability even more. It will discourage business to use the Postal Service. This can be turned around by simply 1. Ending the PAEA mandate (which is NOT a taxpayer bailout), 2. End the "last mile" delivery of UPS and FEDEX packages letting them to fend for themselves. That we all know they can't sustain because they do not go door to door at EVERY address in America, therefore losing package business and then the POSTAL Service can easily pick that up and profit from it. The Postal Service estimates that they deliver over 30% of UPS packages under Parcel Select a deep discount for UPS….its competitor. The Postal Service is a profitable self sustaining agency, let's help it and keep it moving forward…..USPS has poor management. There's a lot of waste within the organization that no one seems to be looking in to. WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!! FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEOur family depends on the job of a postal worker. Ending saturday delivery would greatly impact our family and many others. Its a bad idea. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESave Saturday Delivery Its Just not worth it!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOECongress needs to makes some changes, not stop Saturday deliveriesFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI have mixed feeling. i love the fact of having the weekends with my kids and wife, but then again what is to stop 5 day delivery and make it 4 dayi rely on medicine and doing business on sat.I am a mail carrier, I believe routes need to be restructured. I drive 15 miles for 3 boxes, several times on my route, I drive to much to get to them. We need to make them drive more to get their mail.Congress needs needs to take responsibility for the debt not the postal service and customers!!!!!***********************************************************************I HOPE YOU SEE THAT THIS SURVEY IS CORRUPT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE VOTING HUNDREDS OF TIMES. IF YOU GAVE EACH IP ADDRESS ONE VOTE THE NUMBERS WOULD SHOW THE PUBLIC WANT FIVE DAY DELIVERY, BUT OF COURSE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CONSCIENCE TO SHOW THIS OR YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SET UP THE SURVEY THIS WAY. GOOD LUCK ON POSTING THIS CORRUPT SURVEY. ***************************************************************************************FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALNoneEducate the public on the real facts of the postal situation. Too many lies are being told!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDoesn't sound too goodThe Postal Service needs to learn that cutting service does not increase business.You can't save a service company by cutting service. When service is the only thing you offer, reducing it won't help.Bad ideaREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELI think the Federal stinking Government ought to give them their money back and learn how to budget like we do. it is time for the Government to stop stealing our money. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALL by ending saturday delivery, and slowing down service it will cause more customers to resort to on line bill pay because the mailers ie banks, utilities, credit cards, car payments etc will not be mailing their statements any earlier to compensate for the postal slow down. thus forcing consumers to find a faster method of payment to maintain their credit rating.Don't think that stopping letters on Saturday will have much of a effect either wayi feel the postmaster general should be firedReplace Postmaster General with someone who wants the public servi e to continue.LSAVE OUR POSTAL SERVICE!!!!!-FIRE DONAHOEI am a letter carrier and it would effect me greatly in ways I can only imagine. LFIRE DONAHOEi live in an relatively inaccessible small coastal town; an additional day of non processing/delivery of mail will really slow down our outgoing mail. this is a terrible idea!LFIRE DONAHOEi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignThis is just the beginning of the end of ll things public. This nation began with "We the people…" Q: Whatever happened to the people and the public? A. We once were citizens. Now we're consumers. Citizens can participate in decisions of their elected representatives. Democracy can't be bought with money, but it can be destroyed by it when the moneyed powerful directly influence the people's representatives and the legislation that slowly eviscerate the interests, the quality of public life, and the rights of citizens. i feel the postmaster general should be firedLoss of overtime,personal financial impact maintain 6 day delivery. repeal the prefunding requirement. return the overpayment of the csrs accountREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELMy husband has been a loyal employee of the post office for almost 30 years. I very rarelyh Saw him during the six years previous to Christmas and the last several years with the Saturday delivery issue hanging over our heads I saw him even less than ever. I think poor management is the most responsible or should I say most irresponsible contributing factor. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe $5.56 billion forced contribution to the 75 year prefunding requirement must be rescinded. Period. Then let the Postal Service do its job. Why a quasi-governmental institution that takes no money from the taxpayers (since inception) has to put up with so much congressional intervention is hard to fathom.FIRE DONAHOEEliminating Saturday delivery will not only impact me, it will cause thousands of postal employees to lose their jobs, alone with hundreds of thousands of worker mailing and printing business. There are other ways the postal can reduce it's budget and grow it's business.REMEMBER THIS IS A SERVICE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,!!!!!!!!!!! LFIRE DONAHOEI want my mail to be delivered 6 days a week. What about my prescriptions- they will be delayed. This is America- we deserve 6 days of mail delivery service! Why would the USPS cut service? Isn't that what the Postal Service offers, service?LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLTime for a new Postmaster General: fire PMG Donahoe.I would like 6 day mail delivery..Raise the rates of the presorted crap they should pay there shareFIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIt doesn't make sense to cut back service at a time when you are trying to get more revenue in. Postmaster General should be fired, for how bad he is driving this great american institution into the ground over the past few yearskeep 6 day deliveryKeep Saturday delivery.. Period..!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi work indirectly with the post office and see alot of waste. some of which you would not want to hear because it involves union employees who spend most of their day texting or goofing off and not doing there jobFIRE ALL THE UPPER MANAGEMENT STARTING WITH THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am a regular rural mail carrier. It's not right that our PMG has the right to end Saturday delivery, it doesn't matter that he is saying pkgs. only. So many people will lose their jobs because of this. He needs to start at the top & do away with those jobs that doesn't make any sense to have & cut the pay of those higher up. Leave the middle class people alone that are trying to make a living.get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI want to have mails deliver on Saturday.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLIn addition to the mandate by Congress there is so much waste by management being "detailed" to higher paying positions they are not qualified for AND have a hotel paid for the week, drive a company car and get per diem. Cut out upper management. Carriers will be overloaded with mail on Mondays. Overtime to get the mail out. What will we cut out next????? Service is at an all time low. Processing of the mail will not stop on Saturday's. Collections will not stop. Blah blah blah. i feel the postmaster general should be firedwe love getting our letter mail its from our kids who cant afford computers like many LSave the post office! Stop this right-wing ploy to privatize the post office and make big $$ for insiders – – the post office is about the nation, about people. Bring back Saturday delivery!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALPostal management has run the USPS into the ground! It's time to get a fresh look on the same old problems. It's not rocket science or brain surgery … it's just a post office!LMost of what you question has nothing to do with Sat. Delivery. Just think of the less fuel used if there the elimination of Sat delivery. A large number of business are close on Sat. A little planning and leveling out of heavier delivery days(Mon.Tues) will keep overtime the same if not less, and the new contract hiring at less money…will help a great deal with reducing cost. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOE5 days is the wrong wayWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFDI still depend on mail on saturdays. I need my checks to pay my suppliers on a timely manner. With a day less delivery this would be a travesty for not only me as a small business owner, but the country as a whole.As always, two or three sides to an issue. Knowledge is scarce at times.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSave saturday deliveryim, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysAny company that competes with the USPS should have to follow the sames "rules".LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESave Saturday Delivery my Job depends on itIt doesn't matter if it impacts me or not. I have enough time in to retire. It impacts several thousands of others who do not. The public doesn't want to lose Saturday delivery and neither do we the workers..If the USPS goes yo 5 day what would stop them from going to 4 or 3 day deliveryOur government has stolen from the USPS by taking monies belonging to USPS and diverting it elsewhere. Our government is killing our once worldwide envy and making US a laughing stock. Name one thing the bureaucrats ever did that worked for the people of the republic. Treasonous traitors the lot of them.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI would rather not have packages delivered on Saturday if no other mail will be.LLLNot only will it destroy a program of service almost all the general public is well satisfied with, it will eliminate thousands of well pay jobs.Is this part of the program the goverment wants for increasing jobs?Postmaster General should be fired.this will have a deep impact on everyone, business and individuals alike. Cutting back delivery will hurt everyone. USPS is a Constitutionally mandated service that is intended to serve all addresses in the country six days per week. Politics should not have any influence on this service. The retirement and retiree health plans are overstuffed with money that should have been used to support the service; where would those extra billions go if the privateers get there hands on the USPS? Right in their corporate pockets. Postal customers who paid for stamps would never see a refund, and thousands of postal workers and allied employees would be out of work. Who gets the profit from the sale of all that real estate? The privatizers are just profiteers out to steal from the American public. From whom do the private companies buy a piece of the USPS – who gets paid? Does the payment go into the US Treasury? Does that reduce the US deficit even though the USPS is off-book?FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe must save the post office from the right-wing plan to privatize it. The right wants to reduce much-needed services and jobs, as well as give up our tax-funded postal buildings, paid for by our parent, grandparents and great-grandparents, to the private sectorthe pmg, has got to go before he destroys the post office.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEcfbvfdafgbI understand that HR 1351, a resolution co-sponsored by over 200 members of the House was made 2 years ago that would return many billions to the Postal Service and thereby save it. But the House Oversight Committee did not allow it to the floor for a vote. How can a simple decision by a few be able to possibly dismantle 237 years of postal services to our country? This is ridiculous! HR 1351 should be allowed for a vote. The U.S. Government should not be claiming the pre-funding as its own finances.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLLI don't think the Post Office should be changing anything without Congress's approval. It's a plain case of fiscal mismanagement. What profit we could be turning, we spend on re-shipping missent packages to the destination it was supposed to go. This is just one of many blatantly money wasting ideas they have.SIX DAYFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe need to preserve the Postal Service especially for rural areas. In my area our routes are only serviced three days a week Those that receive mail Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays will definitely have a very negative impact. They have already cut our post office hours now so we will take another hit with no Saturday deliveries.fire donahoei think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignI need my medicine and mail on Saturday . I also sell on the Internet and need to mail on weekends . PMG Donohoe must be relieved of his position by the PresidentI believe that there are folks out there that want to dismantle the post office to line their own pockets for their own gain. PMG Donahoe should be taking the post office in the direction of building in up not tearing it down. i also think Congress should do the job that they were elected to do and stand up for the people. They need to reduce the amount that they are required to fund for retirees healthcare. They are funding for workers that are not even born yet. Express Mail of lives will sufferI am against the reduction of delivery days.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALhow many postal emplyees will be layed off by ending saturday deliveryIt is not a requirement for everyone to own a computer or smart phone (although some banks may seem to differ). My 86 year old mother just about could operate a touch tone phone. Some people depend on mailing their ultility bills, picked up by the letter carrier, even on saturdays when most people are home, and receive prescriptions as well. Most businesses are closed I agree on saturday but a lot of retail stores depend on time sensitive advertising through the mail delivered for friday, saturday, sunday. The American people do have other choices but at what cost? If they want affordable univeral service they had better tell their reps in Washington or pay the difference in price.It seems to me that the problems the Postal Service is having is directly caused by the Federal Government. I have been following this for many years and know more than the average citizen.I think Saturday delivery is something that is necessary to ensure prompt serviceI vehemently oppose any cuts, cutbacks or closures at the USPS.There is no reason to end Saturday delivery and take assignment away from carriers.LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALGreat informationREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI believe the impact to mail delivery will be detrimental causing the post office to not be able to compete and in an area like alaska where UPS and Fedex are cost prohibitive it is simply unacceptable. Lthe government needs to leave the postal service alone! no tax dollars support this agency! where are the monies that have been paid into this system? where are the overfunded monies? get the folks in Washington out of the postal business!REMEMBER THIS IS A SERVICE , THE POSTMASTER GENERAL SHOULD RESIGN We need our Post Office!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think this is a horrible idea and I am totally against it!the board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalI strongly oppose the elimination of Saturday deliveryI live in a rural area. We depend on the postal service to deliver our newspapers. Many in this area-due to their religious beliefs-do not have televisions or the internet. They need to get their newspapers. This plan to stop Saturday mail delivery is unfair to rural America.postal management are idiotsThe surveys and information given to the puplic are manipulated and are a misrepresentation of the facts and the truth. Changing the delivery structure changes the original intent of what the post office was meant to be. Government officials in general the post office management specifically are just not truthful in their actions. Blame much of the financial mess on Republicans. They wanted the pre-funding of the future retirees healthcare. WHY? So the could rob the funds for their own issues. Congress already sucks at getting anything done 'for the people'; I can't remember the last time any action was taken that didn't involve PACs, lobbyists, or outright corruption. I can't belive incumbents last so long.LCongress needs to act now pass the Sanders and DeFazio bills!SAVE MIDDLE CLASS JOBS!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALooooSave 6 Day DeliveryEliminating Saturday delivery only confirms Donahoes plan to sell offLGet rid of the bonehead PMG!Ended a day of delivery…might as well invite UPS and Fedex to carry the mail for the USPS. How much will it really cost the USPS? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+With package delivery on Saturdays, it keeps USPS's competitive advantage and makes sure people get mail.LLI am a letter carrier and this is the first survey I have seen that finally tells the truth.I rely on receiving important mail in a timely manner and a huge percentage of Americans do, too.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWhere were these facts during the psrmaster genrrals testimony?postmaster general should resignIf Saturday delivery ends what's to say another day of the week won't end until the delivery is completely stopped, ending the Postal Service as we know it today. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI look forward to receiving my mail on SaturdaysFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALGo USPS.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAlthough many people e-mail and pay bills online, there are also MANY people that will NEVER pay bills on line. When hackers can hack major investment companies, US Military computers and seemingly any individual they put their mind to, using the USPS is still the safest way to pay bills. A good lock on a mailbox will deter more identity theft than a internet password. The USPS binds ALL americans, especially those that don't use the internet for everything.I love getting mailCongress is the problem.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE DONAHOEEnding Saturday mail delivery would be the kiss of death for the postal service. That is what many GOP want.Save the Postal Service! It's the last of the American Careers left! It's history that's still thriving. Think about the older population who depend on their medication that comes through the mail. I am appalled to see the disregard with which recent members of House & Senate (who even have the benefit of free mail service!) have treated the oldest and most respected federal service. The 2006 PAEA was a deliberate attack on a non tax-payer funded service that is available to all US residents, one which has been a phenomenal success from the very beginning of this country. That 575,000 workers should be facing job insecurity at this particular stage in America's development should alone be a factor worthy of major consideration. Privatization will cut a huge bulk of those personnel, who will then be on the streets with the rest of our unfortunate un or under-employed. The USPS makes a very healthy annual profit. It has been hamstrung by that ridiculous 2006 act which must be repealed as soon as possible. Thank you.Do something to help the Postal service GROW… NOT get smaller:)!!!! and Quit Mandating!!!!!!1) They need to eliminate all the Areas to trim middle management. 2) They need to look into outsourcing certain departments (i.e. parts of HR, Operations, Retail and Finance). All forms of media that I have read or listen to has never mentioned any of these cost cutting measures. 3) If the Postal Service is so hell bent on eliminating labor costs, they need to look into moving forward w/ the aforementioned ways to cut costs. They won't need Congressional approval (possibly the Board of Governors), just OPM's approval to offer a RIF or RIF Avoidance. The PMG is clueless.I do not want my mail delayed even more!I strongly believe that the U.S. Postal Service should not be privately run, but should be a fully-funded government service!The only ones being affected by Saturday closings would be those that get mail delivery. Everything else is in operation as usual. Savings would be minimal, but the cost would far exceed that which is saved, as people will find alternates to the deliveryIt's not just postal jobs that will be hurt, but all of the mailing industry will be affected!Mail delivery is an essential service. At this point there is no alternative.the board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalWe need more middle class jobs. We should not be doing things that needlessly reduce jobs.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSave our POSuggestion to put out–if your postal service ends or post office closes contact your congressman and tell him don't plan on being relected.LThe Post Office is still the most reliable Government Service we have….they should let the workers run it, cut down all the "fat" at the top. The workers know what their job is, especially the carriers…they don't need all that supervision.Save the USPSI like Saturday deliveries because its awesome5 day delivery all the way. No need for 6 day anymore.LNopeI believe the US Postal Service is an extremely efficient institution and a vital postal service is still necessary for a thriving democracy.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI get medicines and I'm a small business and this will delay my mail. tired of being forced in on days off with 5 days no more worryFIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEprotect the Postal Service at all cost.Impeach the PMG, PRC and BOG. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAs a rate payer I like the low rates that the USPS provides me for excelent delivery servicer. I do not want some excon handling my mail. I want to know that my mail is secure.eliminating a day of delivery will cause unemployment impact senior citizens , small businesses and all of the american people in general eliminating a day of delivery is financially stupid pay the usps their money do not dismantle the uspshuhDo not end Saturday delivery. Not everyone lives in the city or has internet service. The Postal Service should be for everyone no matter where they live or have a computer.Eliminating Saturday delivery is short-sighted and will drive away customers, thereby reducing profits, not increasing them.It's important to keep Sat.5 day dekivery is wrongFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI have to admit my lack of the full facts of the postal operation eventhough, I am a postal employee. Sham on me. Shame on me. The post master seems to believe he's above the Law, and appears to want to destroy the USPS. He should be told to leave the PMG Office. The world has had enough Caesar's and Hitler's.this is a very bad idea, lots of employees will lose jobs and if they cut out one day then more will happen and our Post Office will no longer be around at all. The PO is an American icon and should not be done away with.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFDREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEThank you for the surveyL Keep six days deliveryREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDid you know that 95 % of postal workers fell ending sat. mail will make the PO stronger. There is NO Mail !FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALkeep 5 day delivery I DONT SUPPORT PEOPLE LOSSING THEIR JOBSLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALWow.Really. Who caresFIRE DONAHOEWe the middle class stand stong besides the postal service. Polaticians that would like to privitize the post office only want it for their own personal gain and the gain of their rich contributing republican friends.Mailing a letter still a great deal. Why throw away jobs. Deliver my mail 6 days a week.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE DONAHOENeed a leader with good common and business sensenone I had no idea that congress was trying to push out the USPS in effect. To me it seems like they have an underlying agenda, perhaps prizatizing so they can get more tax dollars? Something feels shady here. I sell on eBay and use the USPS exclusively for the past 12 years without one single negative incident due to them. My local branch has the best, cheeriest, speediest, happiest employees, and it saddens me when people make jokes and take cheap shots at postal employees. I feel for the retired postal workers who have their pensions in jeapardy.LLPostal Service must be allowed to downsize due to the loss of first class mail and shortage of cash on hand. They stopped growing since 2006 and never saw the future nor the power of the internet. I support the Postal Service and it must now be allowed to make critical decisions in order for it to survive. LSDL i need my mail on saturdaysGet rid of it…finallythe Postmaster General is intentionally IMPLODING the USPS.. I saw the Cspan meeting and the Senators were GRILLING him asking him why he feels he has the Authority to over ride the Congress and to end Saturday Delivery without the Congressional votes.. This PMG needs to be put out of office. The Retirement pre-pay needs to end and the USPS needs to be given back the OVERAGE… They should seriously investigate the Collusive efforts of certain KEY Congressmen and their loyalty to ALEC and the other delivery carriers.. They claim they do not want a part of the USPS nor the mailing industry but they know they can weaken it furthering their own businesses and make a BIG profit.. This is a Venture Capitalist style destruction of the unions and the employees and it should be stopped immediately.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhere is the savings if the logistics of collecting, transporting, breaking down and dispatching mail and parcels is the same? Does that mean that saturdays mail is is just held for delivery on Mondays. Parcels are going to be delivered on Saturday and Sunday? BUT no mail? The reason why the USPS can deliver parcels so cheap is because the mailman is allready there.. UPS and Fed ex are the biggest customer of the USPS!!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOELthe USPS needs to thin MANAGEMENT ranks and stop prefunding its retiree benefits in order to stay solventReally you can't live without mail on Saturday. What do you really think the mailman is going to bring you a check every Saturday. Check your mail a couple Saturday's is there anything in there you couldn't have waited on until Monday. How will this effect rural communities and the ederly. They will still get their medicane just not junk mail. Who told you mail wouldn't be picked up or sorted.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think that congress should request the resignation of the General postmaster and put in charge of the organization a person with a vision on how to explode the advantages the postal service have. And congress to give more flexibility to the agency to compete, after all this people do more than deliver the mail, they safe lives. And is part of our constitutionEnding Saturday delivery is estimated to cut 25,000 jobs and in the long run will drive current USPS customers to other delivery services. This will hurt the bottom line not help it.get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itPMG statement to eliminate Saturday delivery has already damaged USPS reputation and may have additional negative revenue effects as a result. Eliminating Saturday delivery will only take away a competitive advantage they have over other competitors. PMG needs to find innovative, new ideas and ways to grow the business, not eliminate 10's of 1000's of jobs that would surely be catastrophic to the fragile economy right now.I support my letter carrier because I see how hard he works everyday. I don't see employees like him any place else I go, so I know he is not the problem causing the huge losses. Saturday delivery is not as important to me anymore..Very eyeopeningFIRE DONAHOE LWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!The people who SEND the mail are the ones paying for the service not those who are receiving the mail. The PO charges you nothing to deliver the mail others send to you.If the postal service would talk to the people who actually do the job we have it of money making ideas!I rely on Saturday delivery.im, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysPostal customers who get prescriptions my mail will not get them on Saturdays. Most prescriptions come in large envelopes that are SPRs and counted as flats. Either the PMG has no idea or he flat lied to the American public.Just undoing the bill that caused this problem seems to be the easiest way to fix it.Ending Saturday delivery is a poor idea, the system is running as smooth as it ever has as an end user. Ending Saturday delivery is to costly to jobs in America and I strongly oppose ending Saturday Delivery!I work for the Post Office in Goodyear, AZ.LIt is time for the general public to contact their congressmen. They need to back off the bill passed in 2006 that required the post office to prefund the retirement for 7( years of future employees that have not been born yetNeed Saturday mail period!It's not a good financial idea & I totally DISAGREE with this decision & feel the public was and is not well-informed. FIRE DONAHOEpostmaster general is breaking law of congress that said no saturday loss of delivery for two yearsAnyone knows you can't make money ina business by driving customers away. A very bad idea to stop Saturday delivery.Cut upper management insteadAlthough elimination of Sat. delivery would only impact me "somewhat", the larger issue is that each reduction in mail service that has either already been implemented or been proposed will, taken in the aggregate, weaken the United States Postal Service. This must not be allowed to happen. Universal delivery at uniform postage rates is a mission that the private sector cannot fulfill.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEnFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFive Day delivery will lead to 4 day delivery to 3 day delivery to 2 day delivery will lead to one day delivery to none!The cost cutting measures that are being looked at will not fix the problems within the Postal Service. The Postal Service delivers packages for UPS and possibly Fed Ex for lower rates than those companies charge customers. They collect the higher rates then contract with the USPS to deliver the packages that are being sent to locations that they do not wish to serve. This is only one example of problems within the USPS. The USPS is also closing rural post offices which will have a negative impact on people who live and work in rural communities. The USPS also (in some offices) are convincing one or two carriers to go home then paying overtime to other employees to carry the mail that would be carried by those who used their leave time. This is poor management by the administration of the USPS.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWe depend on the mail and really like the 6 day service!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL25000 jobs would be lost.I am a retired letter carrier.this is an outrage!! the PMG has NO power to insist on elimination of saturday delivery!! FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease keep Saturday deliveryIt will be like having a Holiday every week and going three days when we do have a Holiday will be awful, especially so since that is how I get my daily paper delivered now/I believe stopping Saturday delivery will really hurt the workers, who are already greatly over-worked. It's hard to know to what extent it will affect delivery of first class mail. I see business interests as playing a major role in facilitating the ending Saturday of delivery. LLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI as a full time carrier know for a fact that Saturday delivery is a huge waste of money. There isn't even enough mail volume for an 8-hour day. Only 5 hours max. of work but we get paid 8 hours anyway. If Saturday is your scheduled day off but work due to someone wanting off then thats 8-hours Overtime for a 5 hour day…..waste of money! Only employees that think it should be open on Saturdays is part-time people and the union. Ask any full-time carrier and they will be honest. This should have been done 20 years ago. So go out there and save the Post Offices and not just a few hours on Saturdays. Shut down Saturday Delivery and save our Post Offices.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itLong Live The USPS! FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALOLI would like to see the USPS be a self run business like it's competitors, UPS and Fed-X. If the USPS could run it's self and would not be run by the Congress (which by the way, doesn't seem to be doing a very good job of running our government.) Just maybe the Postal Service would turn things around. And by removing the $5.5 billion payment to the Retiree Health Benefit Fund it would certainly put the USPS back in the right direction.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe major problem to me is first class mail ,the mail I use has been paying the bills allowing bulk rate to ride almost free. No more free rides for advertisers ,FIRE DONAHOEThe powers that be, obviously have not thought this action through…Typical! Once again customer service suffers.I'm worried about my mail being delayed over the weekend and my bills being late. Would there be any job loss?FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI LIKE MY MAIL SERVICEProtect the Postal Service. It's one thing we all are entitled to, for free, that doesn't cost us as taxpayers. Do away with the requirement for the Postal Service to prefund pensions for people who have not even been hired yet which is the main reason the USPS is in the red. What statue is the Postmaster relying on to make him think that it is his decision only to mandate 5 day aweek delivery and bypass Congress?I am retired and any mail that I receive, such as magazines or checks or bills would be delayed. This is especially true if a holdiay occurs on the following Monday.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL i need my mail on saturdaysREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEGet rid of Donahue hire someone with some new ideasWhen the PMG originally wanted to end Saturday delivery he claimed that the post office would save $2 billion. But his original plan had all post offices closed and it had no deliveries at all, not even package delivery. His numbers are absolutely false, the postal regulatory commission will tell you he is wrong. His efforts to eliminate Saturday delivery is the result of his close relationship with Darrell Issa, I believe his plan to end Saturday delivery was in cahoots and private phone conversations with Mr. Issa. PMG Donahoe consulted with Issa on these issues without anyone's knowledge. The PMG knows that the reason for the dramatic loses are to do to the payments of $5.5 billion that the post office was forced to pay each year for future benefits of retired workers who in some cases aren't even born yet. What is the PMG's motives, why didn't address the problem of those payments first. Is that the most common sense thing to do first, why would anyone working here want a cut in mail delivery days. Always remember the postal service is about service, service to the American people, that is the second word in the company name. It's supposed to provide a service, of course its not supposed to lose money, its supposed to break even. But how many well known companies could provide a service to 300 million Americans and at the same time be required to give away 5.5 billion dollars and still keep their head above water. Congress must do what's best for the.post office, that is stop the pre payments, not get rid of Saturday, just because the PMG says so, he isn't above the law. Why would he want to continue with this plan, when he knows that instantly almost 30,000 positions will be eliminated? I know why because it won't be his position lost. I have been a letter carrier for 20 years, and in my office alone we will lose 10 positions, I am not one of them, but some have asked me, what are they going to do, I don't have any answers for them. This morning I heard the presidents weekly morning message, he talks about jobs,jobs,jobs, we need to create jobs, well Mr. President do you know that you have a postmaster general eliminating jobs, so far through this time when the news came out about five day delivery, you havent had one comment on the matter. Well Mr President while you say you will create jobs, the PMG will be eliminating jobs. Well Mr Obama in the best interest of all employees of the post office and all Americans, Donahoe's time has run out, please remove the PMG ASAP! Conservative politicos are sabatoging the post office in order to privatize it. End the 5.5 billion dollar pension pre-funding now! Pursuant to Title 39, United States Code, Section 401(5), ONLY those properties/buildings acquired AFTER 1970 can be lawfully sold. Meaning (for Instance), that the Berkeley Main Post Office (built in 1914), CANNOT be lawfully sold. Any such "sale" would be ACTIONABLE!Eliminating Saturday delivery is a bad idea!End Sat delivery soonerREMEMBER THIS IS A SERVICE , THE POSTMASTER GENERAL SHOULD RESIGN This is wrong. Congress has handcuffed the Postal Service and I would have no problem subsidizing USPS so it can get back on its feet after years of this poor oversight.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI NEED MY MAIL DELIVERY ON SATURDAY ..This is an illegal action by the PMG. Congress has stipulated for the past 30 years that delivery will remain at 1983 levels (6 days). The PMG does not have the legal authority to change delivery, it must be approved by Congress. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALRURAL COMMUNITIES WOULD SUFFERFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALi feel the postmaster general should be firedREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIt's very sad that the privatization efforts are slowly eroding so many wonderful services. Thank you for trying to stop this travesty against USPS.WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!LFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALOur Constitution calls for it to be a "Service" and NOT a "Business"I am perfectly happy to have one less day where my mailbox is stuffed with junk mail. I would support the U.S. mail service much more strongly if I was able to chose to receive only the mail that I want (and no, signing up with groups who propose to help reduce junk mail delivery is not a solution; junk mailers are extremely effective at finding ways around it). I also think that the mail service, while being privately funded (i.e. through the sale of stamps) is not as accountable as other private corporations. Nothing at this timeAdd service don't delete itREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWe need Saturday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLWith limited evening service locations and times Saturday is the best time for those who work 8am – 5 pm or later. Without that I can't use the post office. I know we are just talking about delivery right now but I can tell it's just the first step. Don't start down this road. Fix the problems USPS has with the government.cutting service and eliminating jos is not the way to increase bussiness and will hurt the economy and drive up the costs. Congress got the USPS into this mess, Congress must get the USPS out of this mess!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOETo congress, if the post office is not providing excellent delivery service, then why does UPS and FEDEX contract the U.S. postal service for local delivery of parcels??? Typical government bullshitEverything the Postal Service is doing to supposedly save money, is costing it way more money than it would to just leave things alone. six daySome questions aren't completely true. Truth is mail volume, mail volume, get it, letter volume. That means the amount of letters and magazines have dropped so much in the past few years. Yes I'm a letter carrier. It's rediculous some days, but 8 hours guaranteed, some do come back early. 5 days is a start and they should increase number of deliveries, last few route I sections also a joke.keep Saturday delivery!!!tell them no ,ore pre funding your pensionsbooSupport 6 day delivery!I strongly support using the USPS for packages, like DVDs from Netflix, and medicines by mail. I don't drive and the Postal Service is a value to me. No more Saturday delivery of letters, magazines, and catalogs is more than fine with me. I realize it won't stop the bleeding. I do believe sorting of mail should continue on Saturdays.Need my medicine delivries even on sat REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI have written letters to the PO dept. They wanted to close our rural PO – Now they want to cut services to 2 hrs a day. Then stop Sat delivery! I say cut the wages and benefits of the Big Guys like the PO General and others. That would be the best for the American People. We don't need a dictatorship!!!!!!! that is open to the whim of the BIG GUYS!!!!!!!!replace PMG Donahoe NOW!This survey should be on Facebook and other social media. Why and how Congress gets away with this is beyond my comprehension.This drastic measure will be the end of sanctity of the mail.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIf this is the only action the Postmaster General can come up with then he ought to resign. Cutting service at a point when more revenue is needed is reckless.sometimes I depend on a check coming in or billsWhy wreck the best Postal Service in the world?Reduce the 25% in management and then we can talk.I oppose ending saturday delivery. In fact, I believe you should offer parcel delivery on Sunday or in the evenings. I like my Saturday mail, my movies for the week-end come on Saturday and some of my prescriptions come on Saturday If you wonder why the Cato Institute favors shutting down the USPS, it's because the CEO of FedEx is on its board. And FedEx financially supports the Cato Institute.LXI rely on the Postal Service to deliver my mail 6 days a week. I am a senior citizen and think the Postal Service is doing an excellent job and deserve our supportfive day is the wrong wayThere has to be a better solution. It is idiocy! Get Congress off their growing butts and stop the pension payment planFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI know a lot of seniors who depend on Saturday delivery and who look forward to it. It would be a mistake for the postal service to end Saturday delivery of mail.i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE DONAHOEHey, hey, ho, ho Donahoe has got to go! Please do right by america especially rural america who will suffer greatly and continue with Saturday delivery. Also I wish Congress would step up and pass legislation that allows the post office to expand services. LLJUST HAVE 3 DAY DELIVERYFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDo not end Saturday deliveries this is an attempt to privitize to post office. PMG needs to go.This is a plan caused by the republicant's, and the lead criminal Darrell Issa. Their plan is to bankrupt the Postal service so there buddies in the private sector can take over. All are bought and paid for by the private sector bums.1 Current law requires the USPS to deliver mail 6 days/wk. 2 PMG Donahue has no legal standing to cease Saturday's. 3 The PMG should be removed from his position. THE POSTAL SERVICE IS A SERVICE TO ALL AMERICAN, I GUESS WE NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THIS Remove PMG for ignoring the lawThe nations economy is not good although it is improving in my opinion and putting tens of thousands of people out of a job will only make things worse. Keep the USPS working and manage it properly and start by ending the prefunding that is killing the postal budget.DO NOT CUT SERVICE TILL THE LAST RESORTFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalI think it's a shame that again the american people have not been given "the rest of the story". At what point do we become so fed up with believing everything our government is feeding us and finally start fighting back and standing up for the truth! I reall didn't feel against the loss of Saturday delivery until I read all the facts, I feel differently now.LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALkeep saturdayBig deal, so there's no mail delivery or sorting on Saturday. I don't see where that is going to be a problem. Just plan accordingly and everything will be ok.Privatization will kill universal deliveryI think the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 should be revisited by Congress. This all sounds like another manufactured crisis.mail should be delivered as is STOP these greedy money grubbers from trying to dissolve the Postal Service(Privatize) Its about money alright…not the fictitious amount they say is being lost but more about the money that these crooks believe they will make if they succeed in selling it off piece by piece! They continue to undermine every effort being made by the actual workers! With their fingers crossed they want to say' we tried everything' BS!i feel the postmaster general should be firedFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL FOR NOT TELLING THE TRUTH , AND APPOINT A NEW BOARD OF GOVENORSFIRE DONAHOELUS Government needs to own up and pay up, and put people back to work!Keep 6 day delivery!!!!!Typical of Washington to misdirect.FIRE DONAHOEno goverment agency has a plan to do less greater good for the united states the post office is a trusted by all americans KEEP SATURDAY L The Postal Service needs to start saving money by trimming from the top, Upper Management, not from the people doing the work and not by cutting service.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEWe have idiots in charge who have no clue how to run a businessFIRE DONAHOELFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSaturday Deliveries is a Must!I think the revenue numbers on what the postal service would lose going to 5 days are way low. If we raise postage by 1/2 cent the postal service would solve it's cash flow problem. Raise it 1 cent the postal service would be in the black. US postage is more than 50 % cheaper than the rest of the world.Looking for cuts in the wrong places!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALTime to bring the post office into the 21st century. No one cares about sat delivery except due fattened union big wig hypocrites.Stop prefunding instead !!Once again decisions are made that are not good for rural America. At some point the cities will get hungry and wonder what happened to all the people that used to raise their food. As a 25 plus year rural carrier I would welcome a Saturday off. There is so much to this plan that is not being told.When it talks about Sturday package delivery does that say the rural route is going to be run with packages only no other mail/ Or does it mean for those post offices that have open window hours on Saturday(very few rural offices). Many companies schedule Saturday delivery because that is the day their customer is home to accept delivery. I don't believe there was enough emphasis (to the public) about ending Saturday delivery & the fact that the mail will not "move" on Saturday, nor will it be processed. This factor is HUGE–for someone, especially mailing a payment on a Friday afternoon & perhaps the mail for that day has already been dispatched. Thus, the letter will be sitting in the Post Office until Monday & probably won't reach its destination on time (as many times people wait until "last-minute" to mail their bills). ALSO…whatever happened to not curtailing the mail…no first-class mail sits in our offices overnight? I believe that ending Saturday delivery also has another "side" that is not being addressed (or mentioned). What it COULD mean (reading between the lines) is that there are no window (retail) services other than a small timeframe allotted for parcel pickup only. After all, if there is no mail being dispatched to the plants, and there is no mail processing, then why would the service window be open to accept parcels, etc., for mailing? Something is wrong with this picture, and the fact that the average individual doesn't really understand how the mail system "works"..or how the terminology relates to what is actually happening (mail processing, etc.), is how people are being duped into believing that 5-day delivery is "OK"…took the feb 1st buyout and now i just sit back and watch this go inot the toilet….FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhen I will be waiting on checks, eliminating one day will only make me wait an extra day. Who thought this was fair and who has the right to make that call for me.Why aren't all federal agencies required to use the USPS for mailing purposes? Why support an agency in competition with the federal govt? We need Saturday Delivery.Fire the postmasterREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI was in New Jersey in the county that had the Anthrax scare and watched those brave men and women keep up mail delivery wearing gloves, and all. I'm sure the part time- low wage private mail companies would never have been brave enough to do that Great poll. Hope you've sent it out on all of the social networking sites.Terrible idea.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI think that the USPS should continue Saturday delivery!!!I am a service-connected disabled veteran who depends exclusively on the USPS for business, personal, and health reasons. Please don't increase my isolation by eliminating Saturday mail service. Thank you.LHate that it si happening but don't use mail much because of the service we get in our areaLI hope they get a different postmaster!! Ltired of being forced in on days off with 5 days no more worryAs stated above, the real culprit here is the republican congress of 2006. Fix the pre-funding mandate and let them add new services while keeping the old services, especially Saturday delivery. Would like to have Sat offWe need saturday delivery to protect our job n the economy in this country. More over Congress should allow the post office to buy the planes to save our 2 Billion dollars which we give to transport our mail n packages to UPS and Fed ex . This way we can give more jobs to this economy n be on top of all the companies doing our transport. Congress should not keep our money for future employees we need the money now in this future not for the future. The postal service has always been very stupid from upper level,middle,and front line management. As for congress..well one only has to look at what is running this country. Management is only one step above the invention of the wheelFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi feel the postmaster general should be firedThe delay of four or five days on mail delivery does not sit with me well, as I do a lot of business through the mailKeep Saturday delivery as it stands.We only receive junk mail by the Postal Service.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALno commentsFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALStupid decision by stupid management. They should try innovation instead of deconstructing!Save the Postal Service1Congress needs to step up & do their job of stopping Saturday delivery. If you don't…you boobs better understand that you WILL NOT be re-elected. It's a segway for carrier early out!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFDIf ending Sat delivery of mail may help the US Post Office stay working then I support that… FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease close on Saturday.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster general FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALBEST DEAL OUT THEREFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIf you add Sat. delivery to Mon. delivery you will get your mail after dark on Mon. It will delay mail. The carriers will end up getting overtime-which will save money how?The USPS has been so badly mismanaged that it is running out of money. The way to save the USPS is to make cuts from the top, replacing the people who have tried to ruin the USPS with people that actually know how to run a business. In order to keep their positions and their money, the current postal officials are trying to make cuts from the bottom, where the USPS is actually shorthanded. Those people should consider themselves fortunate if Congress doesn't really investigate the source of the USPS problems, because Congress would realize that there is an easy solution and they would all lose their jobs. They are blaming their incompetence on the workers.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSounnds like we are just cut the throat of the Postal Service. In these days when we are trying to employee people in usuable jobs wy would we eliminate so many jobs.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEwake up they need to do this to surviveEliminating Saturday delivery would take away the one competitive advantage the USPS has. Maybe that's the plan,take down the postal service and privatize it. Fedex and UPS already charge 2x what the PO does for packages,do we want the same for our mail?LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE ALL THE UPPER MANAGEMENT STARTING WITH THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LFIRE DONAHOEFormer postal employeejfkdjFIRE HIMI strongly oppose ending Saturday delivery REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDon't understand comment requirement .why does it say "a short comment is required to fake responses"?I understand some changes need to be made, but there's a feeling in the air that someone is selling USPS downstream to privatize it, someone to benefit from it on the "other side". USPS needs to take back it's UPS/FEDEX business and grow from that side, and put the Postal employees back to work. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALHFIRE DONAHOELFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALare you crazy end Sat. delivery, really just look around you, you and the unions must be stupid Do not reduce delivery daysget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLI personally feel the present crisis with the Postal Service has been brought about by 2006 legislation influenced by ALEC whose corporate members, Fed Ex and UPS in particular, are working to ulitmately dismantle the Postal Service.LFIRE DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALmake sure who spent money to buy flat sorting machine get firedLNo not a this timeI don't expect our Government to tell us the truth!A bad business model,Congress has the solution to correct this and repeal the pension health benefit reqirements.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEwhen a company that is in the red as much as the USPS is, I don't understand why anyone in the upper management would be getting bonuses. they should be taking pay cutsFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhy not eliminate Wednesday delivery then we won.t have two days in a row without delivery.As a vet. i hate the fact that my meds from the VA are delivered by UPS and Fedx. The postal service offers the best postage rate compair to any postal service in the worldPlease save the Post Office. get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itThis Postmaster General does a great disservice to the American people, to the Congress and to the men and women who work diligently, despite mangement's ineptitude, to make this a viable institution for the nation. The incompetancy resonates from the top and these people should be removed and replaced by people with the vision to adapt to changing circumstances, not to dismantle the "Service" and drive business away.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEzMoving the mail on the weekend ensures faster delivery of important items such as medications and medical equipment. FIRE DONAHOEIt's a shame what Congress is doing to this great service of ours!! Please find a way to save the Postal Service!!USPS needs to prioritize properly to stop losing revenue and gain more business from those who would be affected. I know I would use them more often if they were more competitive with UPS as far as package shipments.LEnding saturday delivery is a big mistake. I order medicine through the mail and need the Saturday delivery in order to sometimes receive my medicationsThis postmaster is only looking out for himself and his friends. And his golden parachute retirement .The postal service is a mainstay of American Life. Our country can not take too many more changes. Please keep the postal Service just the way it is!! Saturday mail is just as important as every other day of the week.my prescription meds and dividend checks often arrive on a saturdayREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEpostmaster general should resignWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIt is incumbent on this Congress to make decisions which insure a viable future for a modern postal service. Bad decisions will have consequences.From what I understand Congress is the one that imposed the law for the mandated pension over payments. Congress should step up and pay it back if it is over paid. With that great of a lose to a business, they must do what they can to get out of the red or go out of business so if cutting a day of service is what it takes then cut the day of service and tell congress to get off their rear and stop standing in the way. This business is to important to let it go under and so far congress doesnt seem concerned.If the postal service doesn't have to follow the laws, then why should anyone else have to follow the laws!LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESave Saturday letter delivery !This entire problem was caused by a lame duck Republican congress in 2006. Those idiots (only nice name I can think of) decided to rape the Postal Service to make it more attractive to privatize. Take away that $5.5 billion yearly payment. Return the overpayment to the Postal Service. And to Congress, keep your friggin hands off what the American public has continuously said, was the most trustworthy government agency.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALsave the po – get rid of the do nothing congress!At a time when the government is supposed to be creating more jobs. I cannot understand how they would even consider eliminating so many jobs. when a company that is in the red as much as the USPS is, I don't understand why anyone in the upper management would be getting bonuses. they should be taking pay cutsPlease do not end Saturday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAfter following Congress' actions regarding the Postal Service, and those of the Postmaster General, it's very clear that Congress is trying to dismantle it, and that the Postmaster General is not interested in leading the Postal Service to a business model of increasing revenues. It appears that the Postmaster General doesn't have the authority to end Saturday delivery but by announcing that his plan, he'll anger Congress and further bias it (or at least the Republican half) to the determent of the USPS. Banks were given a bailout after profiteering in bad loans yet the USPS can't get overpayments returned from a pre-funding scheme unique instituted by Congress. I feel sorry for its non-management employees.LThe flow of mail must be for 6 days, any disruption to this will set off a recession in USA!FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIts not fair that the common peoplr always has to paid for goverment mistakesREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLneed to reimburse post office for overpaymentAre you people on drugs. Not only will this hurt the economy with job losses we don't need now, but affect my businees greatly with out the oppurtunity to do postal businees on saturday.Eliminating Saturday deliveries has no advantage and many disadvantages for US citizens. Changes to USPS should not be made based on support gathered through manipulation and lies of and to the American public. These proposed changes would be harmful to our way of life in the US. And it is just one more advance down a slippery slope in the degragation of our country.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALF DWake up. Its not needed in todays world.keep saturdayFIRE DONAHOEwill effect peoples meds and such adverslyget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI don't feel stopping Saturday delivery is the answer to the post offices problemspostmaster general should resignUSPS needs to act like any other business. All Americans have taken pay cuts and pay for their benefits. Government employees need to do this too. Why is USPS funding pensions? How about government employees pay social security like all other Americans and have a 401K, and why are they funding 50 to 75 years in the future? Do you really think you will have more employees?? The pay scale is to high for the job of a mail carrier.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALBSREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIn your article referring to the Postal Services' survey you wrote, "the survey includes questions that are framed in ways that inevitably affect how people responded." This could also describe how your survey was perceived by me, Why doesn't your information share that many countries whose postal systems only deliver mail 5 days a week and use more innovative technologies and provide additional services are operating in the black? Why doesn't your information share that additional services can and probably will be offered at post offices so that there is potential for new revenue? Why doesn't your information share that if you rent a PO box for approximately $1 a week that all of your mail will still come on Saturdays and retail services will remain in place on Saturdays, or that routes will be shortened to be able to manage the increased volume per day and that will lead to substitutes that have been working 5-10 years to gain permanent employment as well as benefits that they do not currently receive? If you really want an accurate poll, why don't you inform the public with all the relative facts rather that just the ones that support your agenda?Decision will drive away business. The public has not been given all of the information in order to make an informed decision to complete any survey, especially regarding how the retirement fund was overpaid, in most estimates by $100 billion. Every citizen that I have spoken to has no idea about the pre-funding of the USPS retirement at $5 billion per year and why they were forced to do that and that no other business in this country is required to do that. And why the PMG has overstepped his bounds in eliminating six-day mail delivery because the USPS is mandated by law in the Constitution, etc etc etc.it appears the savings are not accurate due to the intangibles. lost revenue, etc. in addition the surveys (yeah i know this is one) are not reaching the folks that rely on mail delivery the most. rural, elderly, and just plain old 9 to 5ers that look forward to saturday post office trips. since when does cutting service lead to increased profit?FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALirresponsibleAs a 33yr letter carrier nothing surprises me with this company. The USPS will hire you today and try to fire you starting tomorrow. The people that get promoted into management are some of the worst performing employees on the rolls. Lazy, tardy, accident prone, illiterate, have no people skills….but let's make them a boss.i as a american citizen approve the removal of patrick donahoe as postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I live in a rural area, that means my mailed payroll checks will be several days later. that effects me economically.LEnding Saturday delivery will slow down payment of bills on time and will costs letter carriers their jobs.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress should stop this LI would like to see what the total reasonable expense would be to enact the PMG's plan to transition to the new delivery schedule as proposed. All items I have read say that the USPS expects to save $2 billion *once the delivery schedule has been implemented*. How much of that (potentially overestimated) savings will be unrealized as the cost of implementing and adjusting delivery schedules. Please DON'T end Saturday delivery!!FIRE DONAHOEthe postmaster general should be terminated and replaced by someone that can lead and have a better understanding as to what direction the postal services should go. Fresh ideas on groth is what is need not withdrawning for the public.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThere should be others solutions perhaps related to the pension plan issueREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELI think if the postal service could quit pre funding would save more than 5 day deliveryLhiAs a carrier of 20+ years, that actually works in the system everyday, 5 days delivery is a no-brainer. You say "Save the Post Office" but have no idea what you are talking about. Let me guess, the union supports your cause, what a suprise!!!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLI am selling a lot of stuffs online thus I need Saturday deliveries to receive my mails. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress has clearly put an unfair burden on the backs of postal workers by using the USPS as a piggy bank. No other business or government agency has to prepay 75 years worth of retirees health benefits in 10 years. That and the governments refusal to acknowledge the USPS overpayment in pension funds are the main reasons for the USPS financial woes. The USPS also has to absorb gross mismanagement.KEEP ITREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe need delivery on SaturdayI find it funny that the ones running the business has no clue as to what is involved and how much ppl depend on the mail.I for one depend on the mail.I personally mail all my bills,letters etc .just to keep the postal service going.Ppl need ti understand that computers are a wonderful thing but they do fail us at times and when those times strike,we all go back to manual because automation has failed..As in power outages ,the net just goes down in our ares for whatever reason.So yes I feel ending Saturday delivery would be a huge mistake for the USPS.So I feel if USPS is in such bad shape maybe the POSTMASTER GENERAL should consider giving back some of his salary to the company cause I see for my own eyes that mail carriers go out of their way to get the job done.as for one I seen a carrier help a elderly lady off ice one winter cause she walked to her mailbox and was stuck on nothing but ice.I am sure that carrier wasnt paid to do that deed for the lady.So I feel everyone in the USPS is giving something for nothing EXCEPT the ones making the decision up on "THE HILL." and making one helluve a salary and has no clue what RURAL areas consist of.Like not even having the option to get Internet service.So back to an old saying "dont cut the hand off that feeds you"..Maybe someone up on the HILL needs to send those words around a little..Makes me wonder what the postmaster generals true motives are.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALBecause of my working hours, I am unable to get to the Post Office during the week. Why not eliminate a Wednesday and leave it open all day on Saturday?This constant attack on labor and the internal manmade strife to privitize the USPS must stop! Adding eventually thousands of workers into the unemployment line along with many other private sector jobs that count on the PO is nothing more than ludicrous greed by Mr. Issa and his supporter PMG donahoe these two have spat in the face of the middle class and congress! END THEIR TYRANNY NOW!I require Saturday deliver y for my business.I am shocked that there is even a thought of ending Saturday delivery .We have always had 6 day delivery and I think this is about the most stupid idea I have heard in the past 50 years.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEHow sad that such a major service provider/employer is ruined by the Congressional idiots. Oh wait, maybe that's a big part of all our problems. The media needs to report the real reasons Congress is pushing to eliminate Saturday deliveries. The general public is not aware of the revenues being lost to other companies rather than direct business to the USPS.Saturday delivery is very important to me and my family. We have a home based business that relies totally on the mail.LHoping to save Saturday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALcuting service is not the answer. creating revenue is the key ti the success in any business. give bak the money owee to this company and stop the prefunding that is the #1 cause in its defieceitI think that the Postmaster, Congress, and others are playing politics with a vital service, which is foolish and dangerous. Meanwhile, despite the hysteria about losing jobs in this country, decisions are being made which will have a real impact on thousands of families around the United States, to no one's benefit.I admit I am a postal worker, a city letter carrier, but I will be retiring very soon, so this will not affect me personally at all. I have long maintained that even if businesses are open on Saturday, most of the people that handle the mail are off, and it will sit in a mail room, on a desk, etc, until Monday, anyway. Most Social Security checks, and most payroll is by direct deposit, so the tactic to scare seniors is not right. It is also not right to scare people who get medications by mail. Medicine is shipped in plenty of time before a person runs out of the last shipment, and if not, it is usually the customer's fault for failure to reorder on time. A life or death medication will very rarely be allowed to expire before reordering! I do have the problem with the slippery slope of eliminating services…next will be the post office boxes, or package delivery. I say deliver overnight mail and person-to-person priority mail only on Saturdays. The biggest problem will be the carriers being harassed by management to not use overtime in the delivery of Saturday's mail on Monday, Tuesday, etc. You know it will be the case.LKeep saturday deliveryKEEP THE USPS AS ISI depend on the postal service delivering my advertisin mail on Saturday'sget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itAn NALC derived survey? Much of this is simply not true! Why not have these parasites ask their own membership what they support, without coercion? A NALC memberI count on my mail six days a week to mail out my bills I do not want ot have to wait extra days to recuve my packages FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLi work for the postal service for 10 yrs now! IF YOUR SO BROKE START BY TURNING SOME OF THE BILLION BOSSES BACK TO CARRIERS WE DONT NEED THAT MANY BOSSES! AND LET ALL CARRIERS CASE FSS FLATS IT WILL SAVE ALOT OF GAS! REALLY TRY IT FOR A MONTH AND SEE. BUT ONCE AGAIN THE POSTAL SERVICE DOES NOTHING THAT MAKES ANY SORT OF SENSEThe ploys are transparent. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALjust let them end it, no one even gets that much mail any way… LI oppose an end to Sat delivery.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe Postal Service desperately needs a Postmaster General whose best interests are with the Postal Service. Most of my family still depends a great deal on the Postal Service and Saturday delivery. My 85-year old mother lives alone – my siblings and I all live between 30 and 70 miles away. We can't get there every day and we know for a fact that her mail carrier will check on her if a day or two goes by and she does not get her mail. It's a small thing, but it is a MAJOR comfort to us. Please re-consider Saturday delivery. Cuff him Dano!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALkeep the mailFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI want Saturady deliveryREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEGI am a city carrier in Burlington Vermont. Our work force has shrunk since I transferred here in 2000. Our Management has grown during this time. It is time to look at who is producing for the USPS and who is costing and causing "bleeding". Any organization that has not turned itself around in five years needs new talent at the upper levels.We need a Postmaster General that has visions of growth in the Postal Service and a Congress to cut the leash on controls the Postal Service has in its wayCutting service has never proven to be a path to profitability. The USPS has to recognize that their customers are the mailers that pay to have mail delivered. Those customers want to have Saturday delivery. I believe Postmaster Donohoe is misleading the public, congress, and even his own USPS staff by claiming that the savings will be $2billion. The loss in revenue from ending Saturday delivery will outweigh any savings and just expedite the demise of the USPS.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI AM A LETTER CARRIER Postmaster Donahoe is trying to kill the postal service and needs to be removed!LWe do not need more unemployment,we need better people running it at the top.Congress can fix this mess by fixing the pre funding of future retiree health benefit requirementEnd Saturday delivery yesterday!!!!The postmaster general should be fired for what he is doing. Lwhy doesn't the NALC/AFL-CIO and even postal management work together to bring banking services back….or have their own bank? where is real changes that can have an impact?FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI am a letter carrier…end the mandate NOW!!P.o need a new pmg The current Postmaster General should be removed for misleading the public. And as John Q. Public I'm getting angry how some of the media is trashing the Postal Service. If you travel abroad like do, you know from personal experience, the U.S. has the best mail system in the world. I rely on our mail system, my family relies on our mail system & my friends rely on our mail system.5 day delivery makes sense. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEhelloLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLSDREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELPMG+Issa=CorruptionStop prefunding instead !!FIRE DONAHOEI am a letter carrier and the postal service and main stream media has buffaloed the general public into thinking that reducing services and days of delivery is going to save money. They have people believing that the postal service is hemorhaging money, losing millions of dollars a day w/out telling them the real reason behind the losses, the 2006 lame duck session PAEA! Spread the truth and then take a poll!Saturday delivery is too important and it will affect millions of people ,specially small businesses that depend on sending out mail and on the postal service picking it up. And if they do some other competitor like ups or FedEx will take that much needed income for the postal service.This is terrible for expats too.I get my medication by mail. On a holiday weekend that could mean 3 days withoutA friend of mine works for the USPS so I got alot of this information from her. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLcut management jobsSaturdays are the only times I can get certified letters.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEGe rid of the higher management in the postal Service. Higher new management.LFire the PMGSaturday deliever is important but will not affect my life if that changes. I am a 34yr employee of USPS CLOSE down on Sat.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLThere is nothing wrong with the post office that getting rid of the mandate to have so many funds set aside for future insurance, etc. would not cure.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFive day delivery 100%Save the Postal ServiceFIRE DONAHOEno additional comments……thank youFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSATURDAY MAIL STILL A LOT OF AMERICAN COUNT ON ITI was a mail carrier for 28 years, loved my job, would go back and continue, too old and retired tho. I look forward to Saturday delivery. I did not always like working Saturdays, but people were always happy to see me on Saturday with their mail. Keep Saturday delivery. Do not let the Postmaster General dictate to us like we are his property. We want to keep our jobs and our Saturday delivery Mary DawsonDo not end Saturday mail delivery….fire the post master general instead.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAs long as the government is involved the postal service will at some point no longer exist LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWe need to save Saturday delivery. The elimination would be devistating to a fragile economy!When America loses the Postal Service, America will suffer.The Postal Service should consider other cost-saving ideas instead of cutting 6-day delivreyKeep saturday delivery. It is not worth losing so many jobsI use the postal service to provide goods and services via the internet. The shutdown of Saturday delivery will greatly impact my business.LLI am a Disabled Retired City Letter Carrier and I know the truth. The U.S.P.S. is unlawfully being dismantled by ruthless Privateer\Politicians.I want all my mail on saturday!FIRE DONAHOEPlease save 6 day deliveryLLFake responses? No fakes here,,,,,,,,,,, I'm strongly opposed to ending the 6-day delivery!LET'S KEEP SAT DELIVERYSaturday is the God's Sabbath, in which we are to do no work, nor have others work for us.The Federal govt.needs work with The workers to find a solution over the pension moneyi feel the postmaster general should be firedEnding Saturday delivery would be terribleWrite your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to keep Saturday delivery!It is unthinkable that a country as great as the United States of America does not support the Postal Service. This is a problem created by Congress. Let the Postal Service run itself without Congressional interference.I don't care if I have to wait a few extra days for my mail.I can only sign for certified mail on Saturdays.Show me how cutting service makes good business practice. I can't seem to think of other successful business that cut service to grow their operation.LRemove Donahoe and his team.today is Presidents Day no mail service if their had been no mail since friday that would be 3 to almost 4 days with no mail. i don't accept the idea of no saturday delivery saving anything. the PMG should work for the people who pay his wages the public. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThank youThe same government that claims to want to create middle class jobs is responsible for attempting to destroy 25 to 35 thousand jobs by eliminating Saturday delivery. The economy needs these jobs as much as the people need their mail.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALthankyou for this information……please don't close our mail prossing plant in Bend ORSupport HR 630 and S 316It seems like the post office is mismanaged in every which way.Lno commentFIRE DONAHOERepublicans are hell bent on destroying the Postal Service and federal unions, period.I strongly oppose the end of Saturday delivery.SDTe ending of saturday delivery is a horrible idea! Keep 6 days deliveryREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESend the PMG to jail. FDFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIs the Postal Service in trouble? Yes. Can it be fixed? Yes — by the right people. Are they there now?Grow the business, don't reduce it!LFIRE DONAHOEnot a good ideaFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALmaybe cut some pay. Paying somebody 28 dollars an hour to clean bathrooms is a bit much. Your problem is you pay people to much and waste money..And service is bad..FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLWhat would Ben Franklin say?End Saturday delivery now!I live in a rural area. If my local post office closes it will have a detrimental ripple effect to the local economy. As the United States of America largest export is "agricultural products", I believe any policy that negatively effects the rural areas of the USA should be a prime concern to bureaucrats in Washington DC. FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEA stupid idea. Any business knows to grow is to expand, not downsize.I suppoprt the Postal Unions.save saterday deliveryIn order to stay complete with ups and FedEx. Usps must have six days delivery service. Let Washington start paying for their postal services like the rest of the taxpayers do, that alone would raise more money than closing Saturdays will save. Just because 50% of the US is on-line and doesn't utilize the Post Office, what about the other half? If there has to be large cuts to the Post Office then retire and cut salaries from the top down, not from the bottom up..Post Office is a service and not a business. If it were a business you would not be hiring people in the upper tier of making decisions on how to "save" the USPS from "in house employees" – i.e., Postal management.Why eliminate an organization that is older than the constitution and this country, uses no taxpayer funds, is owed $50 – $75 BILLION dollars by the Federal Government and would have been able to weather the financial recession if not for an act of Congress during the Bush 43 '06 lame duck session?Losing Saturday delivery constitutes another rate hike that has not be authorized by anyone. PMG Donahoe should be fired for his lack of business acumen.LDo not end Saturday delivery FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI have been a postal worker for more than 20 years. I know the issues but unfortunately the American public is being misled by the media and congress about the real reasons for the perils the USPS faces.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFire DonohoeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThis is silly! Congress should allow the Post Office to use the over funded payments to streamline their business model instead of reducing service. LDump the PMG DonohueCould someone explain to me why the Post Office is hiring people to work. If the Post Office cut out Saturday delivery how many people would lose their jobs. People have families to support.Mail should be delivered 7 days!Important mail such as timely periodicals with important information and checks would be delayed.Fix the pre-funding mandate that is responsible for over 80% of the current shortfall. That seems to be confusing the Postmaster General.LUSPS is an important part of the American infrastructure, we need it.Saturday delivery is very important for my business LFIRE DONAHOEMany carrriers would/could lose their jobs and be on unemployment.pre-funding is the major cause of the Postal monetary shortfall!I want 6 ay deliveryFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI want Saturday deliveryI'm a letter carrier and I think sat. delivery is a scam perpetrated by the pmg to motivate congress.FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOETreat this as a private buisness, if you need to reduce benifits to retired carriers then do it.DO NOT END SATURDAY DELIVERY, I RELY ON MAIL SERVICE 6 DAYS A WEEK, I WOULD LIKE SERVICE 7 DAYS A WEEKFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, THE POSTMASTER GENERAL SHOULD RESIGN 5 day is the only wayLTeach management personnel managing and leadership and stop the scare/intimidation tacticts designed to reduce craft worker's work time without actually reducing their workload.End Saturday delivery. Save gas. The planet is at peak oil production right now. We don't need more junk mail at our door. 4 days Mon Tue Thur Fri is good enough.I"m a city carrier and all you hear is inflated numbers of how bad we are doing .i think they are trying to kill us off so they can privatize everything that makes money and leave us with all the garbage that is left. Saturday delivery is our advantage over UPS and FEDEX and now they want to destroy that. our customers depend on SATURDAY delivery and want to keep it. we need to get rid of postal management and get some new ideas in here . LLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe PMG is an idioti feel the postmaster general should be firedFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALi don't support the ending of saturday delivery.No Saturday service I receive volumes of mail from the PA Courts. Often, Court Orders are sent out on Friday with a response time, set by statute, of 10 calendar days. The PA Courts will have to find alternate delivery methods in order to provide the time citizens need to respond to Court Orders….or, our laws will need to change allowing for longer response times. Either situation will be more costly to taxpayers than using the USPS.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSOUNDS LIKE WE NEED A NEW POSTMASTER GENERALI don't support the postal services plansFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLGod Bless the USPSFIRE DONAHOEPeople who work in glass office buildings should not throw stones. Also, where does the PMG get off breaking the law by announcing the end of Saturday delivery which is a Congressional mandate. He serves at the pleasure of Congress, he is not a CEO of a privately owned company, therefore, he has no control over Congressional mandates AT ALL!!Save 6 day deliveryI do not care if delivery is delayed, however if processing shuts down for two days instead of one, what is the point of using the system after Thursdays?Keep sat delivery and restore usps prefunding. LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI am often home on Saturdays when the mail is delivered and I have A lot of parcels that require my signature. This saves me a great deal of time not having to go to the post office itself and retrieve my packages . thank youREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEVery against ending sat deliveryLDiane Feinstein's husband got an exclusive deal to sell all abandoned postal facilities.Lkeep Saturday delivery If the Postal Service really wants to survive, it needs to break the ridiculous labor contracts. No business has ever survived the hardships these contracts impose. Employees should be paid based on the work they perform and not just paid for the amount of time they rack up on the time clock.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDo not end Saturday delivery. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSave Saturday Delivery!End Sat deliverythis is bsget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDump Donahoe!Price of fuel out of control. All those vehicles off the road sat should save a lot!!!!!!Funny how Conservatives quote constitutional rights on gun control, but don't quote constitutional rights on the US Mail. (funny that Liberals feel the opposite on both issues as well) FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe downfall of the Postal Service will be the slow deteriorization of it's primary function i.e. SERVICE.As a Postal worker, I currently have enough senority that if Saturday delivery came to pass I would be effected slightly. Shifting of routes and such. However, if Saturday delivery would end; it's my belief that the Postal Sevice would not stop with ONLY one day. This would be terrible!! I think the Postal Service has lost it's pride in what it does-their WORKERS sure haven't! As an consumer, we are already the most inexpensive shipper for parcels. PMG has said that we have lost our First Class mailing. This would slow it down even further and kill it even more! It's not rocket science! Ending Saturday delivery would also kill the monopoly on the mail box.Priority Mail, especially to Texas, will become a 5 to 7 day product. How sad to mess with one of the few advantages you have over your competiors.We sometimes get Netflix and medicines on saturday I recieve mail order medication from the VA. The way it's processed it sometimes arrives on a Saturday. When my last dose I took was friday. If the mail is delayed 2 days. I could be without my medication till Tuesday. This is DANGEROUS and UNACCEPTABLE. Congress needs to get their act together and eliminate the prefunding requierment. Then correct the structur of the post office and slim down the managerial and up positions, and clean up some of their outdated policies that hinder the day to day operations. Don't blame the bottom line worker as they are the backbone of the whole operation. If you cannot deliver it..people will not send it.Saturday delivery is part of America's traditions. It is wrong to destroy this practice. Businesses which have relied on Saturday delivery will suffer on Monday when double the volume needs attending to. I do not want to receive late mail for which first class service.was paid for. PLEASE RETAIN SATURDAY DELIVERY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhat about the loss of tens of thousands of good paying postal jobs? When they talk about "cost cutting" (or saving) they are really talking about "people cutting"! I have never been for postal service on Saturday ! Im fully aware that bulk mailers are subsidised by the people ! And it should stop ! Im fully aware the current state of the post office has been manufactured !Two wrongs (the pre-funding mandate and elimination of Saturday delivery as a partial solution) do not make a right!We need Saturday delivery to continue.Save Saturday delivery.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEneed to save moneyI would love to spend Saturdays with my family, however, I do believe that if we end delivery then it is the beginning of the downfall of the PO. I also did not know that all processing would stop too. That will cause more people to use the internet to pay bills so that they will not be late. They have to keep processing on Saturdays. I'm good, as the amount of first-class mail has dropped for years and packages will not be affected (where the USPS shines through). I pay no bills through the mail and wouldn't even if I did not have broadband Internet access.The question here on worded as to make one think that the Postal Service is direr need and that not the case. The Postmaster General has done everything he can to try to cause the Post office to fail, I don't know who is paying him to ruin the life of all Americans with his fly by night ideas but he sure doing it.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLBad idea hope it never happen!!!!!!Postmaster General needs to be replaced by a responsible CEO…..Fire himEnding Saturday Delivery is a premature "Last Resort" measure as the PMG still has not reduced delivery expenses cited in the 2002 USPS Transformation Plan; Specifically, converting door deliveries to neighborhood delivery box units (not a single door delivery route in the country makes money), converting single curbside boxes to two curbside boxes (reducing fuel consumption and labor expenses), dealing with blocked curbside boxes (which cost three to six times what a curbside delivery should cost- of the 46 cent stamp, one to two cents goes to this unnecessary and avoidable expense that we all pay for). The USPS needs to implement and manage rather than slash/ burn and take off-budget by awarding Billions to subcontractors- egregious "outsourcing" needs to be audited before we are asked to subsidize those acts.Let's have a GAO/CBO (not Postal OIG) investigation first.LService is the only thing keeping usps in business, cutting services makes absolutely no sense.Deliver the mailPlease give this careful consideration.I NEED MAIL SERVICE ON SATURDAYWhy don't they tell us the whole truth? This should not be politics- it is an AMERICAN service to the people. Fix the mess properly- not cuts in serviceREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEdoes anybody out there realize if you live on a rural route that you will nottttt get packages deliverd on saturdayThe PO is an anachronism. Very little legitimate mail goes through it…just junk & crap. Dismantle it and then the private sector will fill the subsequent needs.absolute worst business plan I've ever heard of!America,especially rural America can not survive with out the Postal Service it is imperative the Postal Service remains a strong viable organization, changes need to be made but cutting service is the wrong change.We need our reps in congress need to get busy and start asking questions to the workers and retired employees. They would find out most of the higher ups are not quilified to be in their positions. I feel everyone in management should have at the least one year as a clerk and one year as a carrier. We would not be having this survey. I worked over 32 years for the post office. I was a rural carrier, city carrier, clerk, and 1412 clerk and was a 204B. I do know about the post office. I would be glad to tell my side of the issue.The PMG's latest testimony included: “Please do not force us back into six day delivery. We will make sure we deliver what people want and that is packages,” Obviously he concedes that the ultimate decision lies with congress.Please do not change or impact a phenomenal service that we have in place! FIRE DONAHOEDonahoe should be walked out in handcuffs!!!!We need six day delivery. get rid of donahoeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALif saturday is eliminated, what prevents the usps from eliminating another day or two because their budget still isn't balanced?We need to continue 6-day mail service to the people of the United States of America. It was put in our constitution for a reason and it should remain there.This is crapPlease keep Sat delivery. We do not need to loose more good paying jobs. Cut management jobs before carriers. Use electric vehicles to save money.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLive out in the country. I hear they may close small post offices.LTechnically speaking the 6 day delivery mandate specifies that the post office delivers 6 days per week, but not WHAT to deliver.The U.S.P.S. should be treated with pride for lasting 200 years as a service for the people. Instead It is fodder for fights on Capital Hill! Congress doesn't allow the Postal service the ability to fairly compete, yet demands they show a profit. It is a financially independent entity, and should be treated as such. Before eliminating service please answer these questions, 1) Why does the USPS have 38 Vice-presidents? 2) Why does the USPS budget over $300,000,000.00 for contractual violations? 3) Maybe it is time do a complete audit and look where every penny goes. 4) If you do not affect the flow and movement of the mail how vital are you to the USPS?REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFDDO NOT CUT SERVICE TILL THE LAST RESORTLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI think it will be a huge mistake not only for the PO but for our country as a whole!I really don't care.;Only a few greedy people will benefit from this action. The majority will be greatly hurt. One of the worst decisions of all time. Follow the money! May potentially lead to the walmartization of the post office.The republican congress has undermined the USPS to benefit corporations. Not necessarily even American Corporations. The USPS serves as one of the most basic and long term services that are supposed to be furnished by the federal government.I believe in order to save jobs and the future of the USPS we should allow them to change there busines model and untie there hands. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALAmerica will suffer if we lose the post officeLget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itNeed to fix the pre-funding which is now MORE than $5.5 billion per year.xFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLAS Marvin Runyun said when he was postmaster general. "If you don"t touch the mail when working you are not needed." Get rid of all these managment leeches that do nothing.im, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysI think the PMG should be FIRED along with most if not all of his 33 vice presidents that are steadily running the post office into the ground and out of business. The postal service is just exactly that – a service – and one that millions of Americans still rely on.end saturyday delivery pepole can lear to adjustFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI would hate to see lose of so many jobs L What about all the non career employees who will lose their jobs? Not one article has mentioned them.For additional information, please go to nalc.org. Support your local letter carrier. We deliver for you and are the eyes and ears in your communities nationwide, six days a week. You never know what you have until it is gone.i think the cut should be in top management cut i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignVery confusing. LI depend on Saturday mail to get much needed corrospondence. With all the Monday holidays it could be as many as 3 days without mail. I find that unacceptable. I strongly disagree with stopping Saturday delivery. The postmaster needs to go delivery needs to stay.stop paying the pre- fund for health care pay back all of the overpayment would help a lot. stop making vice presidents for un needed positions. clean out the upper enchelons opf the post office very very heavy at the top…..REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEPlease save and keep six days of deliveryending saturday delivery has no impact in saving the post office. no business can scale back and still be successful. we need reform from congress and stop pre-funding retirement. the post office has not hired any employees to justify this outrageous amount.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALTHE POSTMASTER GENERALSHOULD RESIGNwhere does the money come from that sponsers the tour de france bike team??? the NASCAR series car and truck series????FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThere are over 26, 000 CarrierTechnician (T-6) within the Postal Service and I am one of the many. Those jobs/position would be lost along with 9000 other jobs. This will not only impact me, it will impact many more.I WANT SATURDAY DELIVERY TO REMAIN IN EFFECT! What else is the STUPID PARTY going to want to change?We do not need to lose more jobs in this country. the ending of sat. delivery will have a negative impact on more than just recieveing your mail.Please save the post office. Keep 6 day delivery. The public deserves the 6 day delivery. There will be to great deal of an impact for the worst. The public needs their checks, packages and medications 6 days a week. Also in a fragile economy the last thing we need is 100,000's jobs lost. We need jobs for our troops when they come home from overseas and the Postal Service is a big part of veteran employees, our troops deserve middle class jobs and we owe it to them.Donahoe needs to go…… and Congress needs to stop using the Service as their cash cow.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress should not allow it Lthis is a service and provides for a lot of people who dont have a loud voice and will be impacted greatly any service that takes its place will have a far diffeerent rate structure FIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL i need my mail on saturdaysI am a retired rural mail carrier!we the people were not going 5 day its a ploy to get congress to act . its all politics and congress wont allow it . the PMG should resign or be fired . he has done nothing to grow the buisness and continues to make things worse . cut cut cut . the problem with the PO is theres to much management . they dont cut themselves . they do no work and its sad for what they get paid . FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe PMG acted outside of the scope of his authority. It is Congress that determines the days of delivery. I join with many others and call for the resignation of the PMG.Fire the Postmaster General!I'm shocked this information isn't reported by the mainstream media. This is my/our postal service they're destroying. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itPMG sucksI NEED SATURDAY DELIVERY FOR MY PAPER AND PRESCRIPTION.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALgood survey informativepostmaster general needs replacedFIRE DONAHOEget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!The Post Office will lose more business than money saved if they go to 5 days.i ship through the post office it will delay my packages and i will have to change to fed x or something else costing my more money that i cant pass on to my customers. i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resigni think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThe notion that the US Postal Service will save money by shutting down on Saturdays is ridiculous. The amount of revenue lost to competition due to Saturday closures will be tremendous as more and more business is lost because of Saturday closure. Our letter carrier is part of our family. She looks out for our grandmother, makes sure she gets her medicine (via mail) on time. Our grandmother is 92 years old and does not have a computer. Has anyone taken into consideration our senior citizens without computers or internet connections? Or communities without broadband access?Save Saturday DeliveryThere are bailouts for Bank of America, and ING. Unemployment benefits extended to 99 weeks. But the postal workers, the ones who trudged through the 3 feet of snow in New England, and walked the routes in New Orleans after Katrina, dedicated people who spend their entire lives doing a largely thankless job should be thrown out of work because Congress doesn't understand that they are the problem and not the solution?Donahoe should re-think his wreckless course of action. The mailing customers deserve it and the American people deserve it.and don't forget their benefits package FIRE DONAHOEsixdayPlease keep Saturday deliveriesAll for ending mail deliivery who needs junk mail on saturdays . We already have 5 day deliveries when there is a holiday. Might as well cancel all holidays too,net flex can come on fridays in time for the weekend. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI depend on my saturday mailfire donahoeI feel the Postal Service should have closed or consolidated some of the smaller Post Offices and offered early retirement to those making the most money. This would have saved alot of money in the long run.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLL i need my mail on saturdaysFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALCut upper management. Cut bonuses for management. Give the workers the hours they need to be efficient.FIRE DONAHOEI did not know that the post office's crisis was caused by all these other factors. Knowing now what the "real reasons" are, I strongly oppose ending Saturday delivery. Stop prefunding at such a catastrophic rate the retirement fund!i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignI love mail on Saturday !!!!!!!LThe PMG must be the only CEO in American history to not have control over the corporation in which he is supposed to be in charge of. Ending Saturday letter delivery does not affect parcel, package or medicine deliveries on Saturdays, But that doesn't stop the lies that attempt to "scare" people into opposing it. Let it go forward! If the plan fails, it can be undone by the PMG with an order. How often do the dimwits in congress enact stupid policies and never fix them. Ending Saturday letter delivery is LONG overdue. Keep Satrurday delivery!Every letter carrier in my office supports five-day delivery. The Postmaster General needs to present a business model that would expand the Postal Service and make it better…… not one that guts service and will destroy it. SHRINK TO SURVIVE IS NOT A PLAN !!!!!!!!! We need Management that want to win…. not a Management willing to let us slip into oblivion.Two wrongs (the pre-funding mandate and elimination of Saturday delivery as a partial solution) do not make a right!as a postal employee it would impact me but if it save the usps i'm all for it.NoneREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIn my opinion this is an attack on postal, letter carriers and mail handlers unions by the republican party, specifically Rep. Darrell Issa. Every attempt must be made to see to it these anti-American radicals don't succeed in eliminating such an important service to the American people. If the Postal Service needs upgrading and modernizing then let's do that. In other words, mend it don't end it!!! David Sicklerthe post office needs to take a strong look at how much money is spent annually on upper management that is no longer need.FIRE DONAHOEdoes anyone in congress have the BALLS to say enough! stop the prepayment of health care and start from that point to help the postal service regain and obtain new revenue rather than go with the "elephant is in the house so let's get a new house for more room" syndrome!!the board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalEnding Saturday delivery will not chase cusromers away, they are already leaving because of new technology and it will only get worse.Why can't there be 7 day delivery? Instead of doubling the mail after a day or days off, mail flow would be constant and even. I imagine that would greatly reduce the USPS overtime expenses.lkmLPLLEnding Saturday delivery is not the way to save the USPSno commentsFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALi think it will hurt the post office in the long run.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThe postmaster general should be fired.6 day all the wayL6 Day Deliverystupid stupid stupidWE are going to lose more revenue, by not processing mail on Saturday, than the projected savings($2Billion). We could lose $3Billion! In addition to that, the overtime cost to deliver 7 days mail in 5 days, will be significant! So add up the $1billion loss and the overtime cost, it is a bad deal!It will have a huge negative impact on my small business which depends on timely receipt of mailed payments.There are better ways to save money FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI have a son that works for post office more than likely he will lose his job he has worked 8 years delivery rural mail. I think the plan is to get rid of al benefits and lower pay. someone is wanting to privitaze the post office. Just think about who's behind this it is pretty obvious.Make the businesses pay more and give us more cute stamps. I love writing letters,sending cards and giving mailI receive packages on Saturday and ship packages on SaturdayFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALTHANK YOU FOR A FAIR SURVEY!The problem is Congress, they need to stop and consider the employees' of the postal service, how would they feel if their pensions and jobs were cut, Bush took the money in 2006 to fund the War,(this is my opinion, not fact) now congress wants the PS to come up with other ways to correct their (Congress) wrong to force the PS to come up with new ways to make money!!I am against ending Saturday delivery. I know businesses that depend on it and I personally depend on Saturday delivery as I use the USPS on a regular basis, and my wife receives medication through the mail. Ending Saturday delivery is an underhanded way to dismantle our outstanding delivery network that has been created in our country.FIRE DONAHOELFIRE DONAHOESIXFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALif every carrier has the 6th day of mail rolled into their original 5 day delivery ex.6000 pieces for 6 days 1000 piece average a day to 5 days 1200 piece average a day. the carriers will work overtime more regularly to complete their preadjusted 8 hour routes. 4-5 hours of overtime at time and a half equals the 8 hrs straight time on sat. Sick leave will also be on the rise because rotating days off cover most dr appt. carriers usually schedule on days off. can't if working mon thru fri schedule. Temp employees without benefits and job security will have a higher involvement in handling peoples personal info and mail which could reflect in the trust most people have in the safety of the mail.Pls do not stop Saturday delivey of mail—I depend on it.LFIRE DONAHOEKFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhy is it that Republicans in Congress want to eliminate regulations for big business. Yet, they will do everything in their power to hobble The growth and longevity of an institution that has far more favorable ratings than the United States Congress! Emmett J MahoneyFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALyes i know this will hurt the poI am very strongly opposed to stopping Saturday deliveryI have felt that saturday service should have ended a long time ago, but would like for there to be postal acceptance at the Post Office still available on saturday. just end delivery on saturday.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignPmg needs to be fired his plans is a recipe for failure you cannot cut service like he is doing and expect to stay in businessWhy not consolidate upper management first and see how much this will save the postal service. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLLPostal service director should be fired…..FIRE DONAHOELFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEOutraged1LI can't mail stuff out on Saturday to be delivered for mon Saturday is when I go to the Post Office to do my mailing, pick up my package, and so on…The idea of delivering parcels but not mail on saturday is absurd! Mail is vital to me personally so I strongly oppose this idiotic plan!!!!The Postmaster General is arrogant and thinks that he is above the lawFIRE DONAHOEI have been with the Postal Service since 1981, It used to be a fun job, but now it is a job that gives no satisfaction because you don't have the time it takes to do your job right. I am a Steward, therefore a strong supporter of 6 day. People before me stood up so I can enjoy what benifits, etc. I have today. We all have to stick together as a Union and defeat that tyrant PMG, and whatever the not in reality, Issa have in store for us. Solidarity!!!Try reducing or cutting back on the high bonuses received from the top down to Post Masters. Stop giving such lower rates to bulk mailers.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDO NOT CUT SERVICE TILL THE LAST RESORTSomething needs to be done. I enjoy mail on Saturdays greatly, but if I need to give it up, so be it. If I need to give up my local post office, so be it. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress has used the postal service as a "cash cow" for years. Congress fails to remember that the current Postal Service was a product of Pres Nixion (a Repulician) and the old post office in the 1970's You can not balance the Fed Budget on the back of the Postal ServiceI am a retired Postal clerk…having invested 33 years in the USPS, I read everything I can and forward whatever I deem is responsible information. I DO NOT believe that the general public knows any of the information in this survey.I like the Postal Serivce being full serviceFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEwhen a company that is in the red as much as the USPS is, I don't understand why anyone in the upper management would be getting bonuses. they should be taking pay cutsAfter all the fighting about the Post Office and people getting angry when the postal rates rise every few years I still believe the rates are very reasonable. I personally use the Post Office for all packages, envelopes etc….Six day delivery needs to continue rural areas need itI love the USPS.Keep the postal service alive and do not open it up any more to privatization. fire the postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!postmaster general should resignFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEThe post office should not try to cut services. It should try to add services and modernize to grow the company.No postal service on Saturday? As a citizen of a small Town we are already concerned about our Post Office Availability being limited due to proposed cuts in hours but, for those Americans who work from home or run businesses on line this will impact everyone. FIRE DONAHOEI have a business and do not want to lose business if I can't mail 6 days a weekWhile I don't normally believe in privatization, France, The Netherlands and other more politically progressive countries have done so, with very positive results. I use France's LaPoste when I am France and it is quite efficient, has long hours and is very profitable. I have read that, while what is presented in this survey is true, it is also true that USPS is bogged down in old thinking and is quite insular, promoting only from within. The volume of mail goes down because of email, online catalogs, etc. but France and other countries have figured out how to make money in spite of these realities. So, I have very mixed feelings about the post office, especially after what I know about France, first hand and from statistics. Why is the media not reporting thisI had no idea the Post office was self-supporting! This needs to be fixed! I want my 6 days a week!Why can't the post office keep the profit they make?FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALTHE POSTMASTER SHOULD RESIGNI THINK THERE IS NO NEED FOR SATURDAY MAIL DELIVERY. I COULD DO WITHOUT MAIL DELIVERY COMPLETELY. MAIL IS OUTDATED.no satREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI do not believe ending Saturday deliver would offer any savings at all. Anything saved would be paid out in extra hours and/or overtime to to process and deliver accumulated mail from two combined days (Sat/Sun) of no delivery. There are so many other areas where the Postal Service could save money.LLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALdon't get rid of saturday deliveries, just fix your problems.The USPS has to many lazy, none productive employees, and needs to down size.the whole place is mismanaged and it utterly falls on the people that make the po happen, their workers!!!!I'm a Postal Letter Carrier for 26 1/2 years and believe it is for the best of USPS to end Saturday Mail delivery.Also i am not alone as most carriers at my station feel the same way as do others i talk to. I'm a member of the NALC and i can tell you it only speaks for a small percentage of its members when it say's we are against no saturday mail delivery. Tired of all the Liberal Democrats saying we can't do it without Congressional approval when as Postal workers we receive 0 tax dollars and are the only branch that has medicare taking out of our checks!!!!! Saturday mail delivery is stupid! there is a reason UPS and other competitors don't run at full force on Saturday. Banks,Law and Medical firms are usually closed Sat. only retail runs on Sat. and all those places Business office's are closed Saturday!!!! So STOP all this crap that cutting Saturday would doom the USPS!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALJHGCKHGCLFeel that Congress needs to help support the Postal Service or not mandate how they do business, less some of the restrictions.I live in one of those tiny communities, approximately 45 miles for a big town and we are already cut off from the rest of the world. If they cut saturday delivery it will drive more business away, and it will add more people to the unemployed which is the wrong direction this country needs to go to get the economy running again.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEcongress needs to wake upthats all folksFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOECongress must give back the $50-75 billion overpayment to the CSRS Fund and also put an end to the pre-funding of health care for future retirees THAT HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN BORN YET!!! I just retired from p.o. and figured the survey was somewhat tainted as the postmaster has a track record of not being very truthful. Although I think that in the future six day delivery maybe 2 or 3 years from now may be a good idea. I do agree that something should be done before the p.o. is allowed to self destruct.I fear that ending Saturday deliver will impact getting credit card bills to their destination on time and possibly causing late fees to occur more often.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI believe the Postal Service is going to destroy the Postal Service completely for rural America. We have already gone thru the DUO process and the POStPlan and it is totally inconvenient due partially to the fact that we only receive mail 3 days per week .We don't need thousands of people out if a job and on the unemployment lines. Congress must ensure that the postal service continues to deliver ALL mail on Saturdays. Congress must give the money back to the postal service or have the postal service STOP paying anything into the retirement fund until the overpayment is gone. The cutback on Saturdays is to open the markets to private business to public work. get real–the post office has been operating on tax dollars for years now with loans totaling billions. Get on with 5 day delivery as a great first step. Prefunding is needed to secure pensions. For once, fix the post office, with unions selfishness to get more dues is no good any more. Get with the times. The unions supported a president pushing change and a 5 day work week-so let it happen you asked for it!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't like the idea that the Postal Service wants to exclude Saturday delivery.LDONT STOP SATURDAY DELIVERY!!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDo the right thingREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI cannot answer question #10, I believe it is a bad question to ask and my response is irrelevent. Already being a career carrier with over 20 years at the PO it will not impact me, but it will impact my brothers and sisters and our customers, which is more important to me. stopping Saturday deliveries is a big mistake.please keep the Saturday delivery!LThis is silly when the real problem seems to be the pension funding. I think you should fix that first, then see what needs to be doneJOBS WOULD BE LOST UNNECESSARILY the postal officials are just looking to put more money in their pocketsmy only concern is for rural mail service and how long it will take mail to be delivered. After reading this article, it seems to me like American postal service is an inefficient and over bloated bureacracy and so perhaps having many of its featured privatized and made more efficient is a good idea. Postal workers should still be highly paid and unionized, but the healthcare initiative fund needs a huge overhaul.If the Postmaster is able to push this deal through, we are in big trouble from now own.LWith no mail delivery on Saturdays, "Monster Mondays" would be a real mess, as all the weekend's mail would be delivered then. This would cause late deliveries and lots of overtime expenses, which would offset the supposed savings! And can you imagine how backed up it will be when there is a Monday holiday? Mail would be delivered on Friday, and then not again until Tuesday, causing major backups and expensive overtime on Tuesdays! Not smart business…Remove the clueless PMG post haste.I WANT REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEThe pre funding of the health care is necessarily now when you have the work force to pay into in. The TE and CCa do no pay into it and as the post office moves forward there will be less postal workers paying into it. lets talk about Saturdays delivery. If Saturday is so important why does everyone take annual leave that day or call in sick that day? I have over 26 years of govt service I got one Saturday off in December out of the 12 request I turned in for 52 weeks! Now you say starting in August I would have 20 straight Saturdays off awesome!!! No more missing weddings, birthday party's or events with my family. If we need it then everyone should be at work on Saturday and we should get off work at 1600 not past 1800! I support not working Saturday thanks PMG!!Cutting Saturday delivery will NOT help save the postal service, Stop the pre funding of retirement benefits which we have already over paid! How can any one expect a service orientated business to cut service & help in any way? Too many small businesses & people depend on us to bring there mail & packages every day.Ending sat delivery would be a bad move!Post office need to rid it self some of the useless supervisors and managers. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI will "miss" Saturday delivery slightly.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itWorse thing they could do is end Saturday delivery.Don't they have a plan to grow the service instead of downsizing?Keep doing your best work and everything will work out right.This is another manufactured crisis by the 1% to cut services to the middle class and grab some incredible real estate.Rarely do I look toward to what is being delivered in the mail.The survey questions are misleading. The spend 8 questions asking you only, "did you know" type questions. So,even if you disagree, you still have to say "no" as your only option to disagree with the "leading" question". This survey is not to get the opinion, but to improperly sway an opinion and then get a vote. By no means are the facts from the other point of view given so the one taking the survey can make an honest assessment.Postal department has been around for years, congress needs to get off their fannys and do the right thingthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalWhy are the republicans bank repupting the post office?I feel this is more about privatizing the Postal Service and not saving the it. The PMG is out to destroy the Service and lives of thousands of the employees that work for the service. I'm very upset with the PMG.LaMy husband and I both work for the postal service and losing Saturday delivery may cost him his job and the ability to provide for his family. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIt sounds like Congress is stealing from the Post Office.Not suprising as they steal from Social Security as well.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI THINK CONGRESS JUST TOOK THE OVERPAYMENTS AND SPENT IT.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFDCutting saturday deliveries will in fact cause wage losses to delivery personsI favor 5 day as an employee. Quality of life & cash savings are positives. I disagree with your insinuation about rural service.I feel that this is a service we deserve. My checks and medicine come on saturdays also FIRE DONAHOESave Saturday delivery!Remind the nation everyday all these facts but put it simple words educate us. Ask if they would deliver a letter to Alaska for 46 cents and how many hands a package or letter goes through before it reaches it's destination. Short but direct to important point. People are impatient to read long messages. the postal services biggest problem is with to many non essential personelFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALNot fakeit is my understanding that the Post Office is not suppose to make a profit but break even and that congress does not permit them to meet this standard################################################# WHAT HAPPEN TO THE RESULTS!!! I GUESS YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH. THE PUBLIC WANTS FIVE DAY DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Time the Postal Service gets itself back on track..Congress needs to cough up the monies they owe the Postal Service.Please keep Saturday DeliveryUSPS wastes billions of dollars sponsoring events such as Nascar and other sporting events, with no value whatsoever. Closing Saturday service will definitely impact rural and urban working people who depend on Saturday to be able to utilize postal services. I would much prefer that they stop spending billions of dollars on projects such as Lance Armstrong and Nascar, which will result in a far larger "savings" than discontinuing Saturday services.Ending Saturday delivery is not a good idea for anyone.If Congress created the problem, why doesn't Congress fix it?Ending Saturday delivery could cost thousands of jobs at a time when the economy is struggling. Putting people out of middle class jobs just to rehire them at low wages won't help the economy. Hiring under wage workers is the same as hiring a hungry bunny to guard the garden patch. My immediate family receives medicine through the mail and other mail which includes checks, magazines, etc..FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEShould the USPS end Sat. delivery; any private delivery will start delivery to Post Office mailboxes, which will eliminate security of your mail, as anyone will be able to use our mailbox for whatever reasons. Once Sat. delivery is gone, this will be the first step to the destruction of the Post Office, which is the most respected government agency by the American Public. Thousands of jobs including veterans will be lost and eliminating Sat. Delivery will destroy many business interest and private companies including the general public. Can't believe the PMG can be so stupid on what the results will be for the survival of the Postal Service. Hopefully Congress will prevent the stupidity of the PMG decision to eliminate Saturday delivery as he does not have the support of the American Public or the majority of Business interest to enforce this insane proposal by the PMG and someone with better business sense and a higher I.Q should replace him.The GOP and postmaster general need to obey the law and leave Saturday mail delivery alone.The current postmaster and his policies aim to destroy the Postal Service.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALa lot of infoWe – the public, the postal service and its employees, the unions, and the Congress, and President Obama, should do everything they can to SAVE the Postal Service, and KEEP 6-DAY delivery.good paying jobs that build the middle class are needed in this country, jobs that help minorities and veterans. The jobs to be eliminated will not be returned.The USPS took Congress' "Run like a business" to mean to use its competitive advantage to keep bad business practices for too long.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELFIRE DONAHOEI am biased also as I am a rural carrier. Have worked 22 years and even if mail is down is SOME areas it is up in others, such as packages generated by the internet. I do not want to PHYSICALLY be forced to move mail every Monday(Tuesday if we have a Monday holiday) that will be overwhelming…as I said PHYSICALLY it is a difficult task. Not rocket science but very labor intensive, the most labor intensive mail we receive is the mail, such as Red Plums and countless "direct mail" offerings that they pay very little for….do not even cover the cost of us delivering it! And that is not because we are overpaid, most of us if not all of us do care to get it delivered, some of us even waste time to make it look as neat as possible. Red Plums and like mail is NOT delivery friendly, compounding the actual delivery to the boxes… someone on minimum wage I doubt would even deliver this type of mail EVERY week, they would become overwhelmed and just not bother. I have seen literally HUNDREDS train to be a rural carrier and never make it, once they actually see what we do and what is required…they quit….we do not just "ride around in a vehicle" and open and close mailboxes…..take countless breaks….if only the public knew…but ignorance stops them every time.keep 6 day mail deliveryI work there and see that these changes do need to be made.. I also know their will be some problems for some people, but they need to plan ahead. Congress needs to get out their old ways and thoughts! And into today's world not what has been. To many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.I am disabled and it is sometimes difficult to get around when I want or need to. I depend on Saturday delivery and collection not only for medication and supplies that may be ordered mid-week but also to get cards and gifts to and from my children and grandchildren who are spread throughout the country and, in the case of my Air Force daughter and her family, around the world. Also, when I was overseas in the Air Force, we had no Saturday or Sunday delivery on base. This made for very long and lonely weekends. I don't want this to happen to me or other elderly citizens here at home. PRESERVE SATURDAY DELIVERY!Paying bills via the mail is safer than paying online.I'm a mailman, I'm quite aware of the situation.I have been hearing that 35,000 jobs will be lost within the postal service and an even far greater # in the public sector , if this plan goes throughLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEA bad business model,Congress has the solution to correct this and repeal the pension health benefit reqirements.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOE Ending Saturday delivery will lead to the demise of the Postal Service!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPMG need to be replace. Him and they Invested millions if not billions on FSS machines that the USPS now admits is losing money. Did they say how much the new contract will save by hiring new carriers at $6.00 dollars an hour less, then prior to the new Contract? Know the definition of hostile take over? I will be impacted because I am a letter carrier, someone needs to help us! My congressman sends almost blatantly obvious political mail by franking; this should be halted.That's the safest day to leave packages for me since I work during the week.USPS based RAOI closure decisions on skewed questionnaires and data from responses received. USPS is trying to do the same thing with Saturday Delivery questionnaires. We, the people of the United States, must not tolerate inappropriate assessment and evaluation from USPS or those empowered to make decisions for USPS. If polling the American population is desired, then let responsible and fair well trained researchers prepare the questions and evaluation tools, tablulate and assemble responses in an unskewed manner, and develop evaluations based on sound research which represents the standard of care for such research.It would be really bad for the economy and postal service to end Saturday delivery.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLLLeave our Saturday delivery ALONE!LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think they need a change in command in stead of trying to chop the postal service They should be out there looking for new ways to bring in income theres a whole bunch of opportunities out there they just need to go after them . FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL This information needs to be shared on television news and in printed news to educate the public.L I believe that the Post Office is a much needed thing in the lives of businesses and everyday people. Alot is taken for granted about the mail deliveries…they are essential for the well being of each of us. Computer mailings can not do all that the Post Office deliveries do. The postal service goes to every house everyday. fedx and ups does not. Postal service also delivers a lot packages for both fedx and ups ,what they call " the last mile". Most people do not know this. They are one of leading employers for disable veterans and minority workers.Ending Saturday delivery will cut more jobs.I thought this administration in Washinton was going to create jobs, not get rid of them. What is so hard about stopping the prefunded retirement. Most problems would be fixed just by this alone.No one else does this. To the workers of the Postal Service , keep up the good work.This mess was not caused by you.Save the Postal Service.LStopping Saturday delivery is wrong.Keep delivery on Saturdays!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI love America, I love democracy, I love the Post Office which is integral to both and necessary for our quality of life. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLUSPS would not need to suspend Saturday (or any day) delivery if it could get at least some of that money back that it doesn't need for future retirement use. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLAll I have to say is, I Still Do Need To Get My Mail on Saturday. I have important mail and documents coming in and it's important to me to keep six day and saturday mail delivery.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEThis the Presidents fault.congress created this problem in 2006 the republicians passed this bill behind the democrates back like gutless bastards. the rich get richer ceos are destroying this country god bless america. will miss saturday delivery-netflix especially.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI strongly oppose the plan to end Saturday delivery.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI AM A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER AND THIS WOULD IMPACT ME GREATLY.We need the 6 days service, It's about time. This should have been done a long time ago.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEno sat deliveryFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELClosing down any part of the post office to "save money" is a ridiculous deception, and is knowingly aimed toward the uninformed. How outrageous! Who is behind it, and why? We all need to know! It is, and has been, the Board of Governors' intent to privatize the Postal Service and to break the Postal Unions. Moving to 5-day delivery is the first step toward that end. The PMG should be replaced by someone who intends to move the service forward rather than destroy its original mandate to serve the public equallyusps needs to eliminate about 50% of top hreavy management and reduce their pay/bonus system to sVE MONEY I depend on mail delivery almost every day.i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALMy answers may be constued as biasesd since I am USPS letter carrier.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEThe Post Master General needs to step down!FIRE DONAHOELFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLthankyou for this survey to give my feelings about ths matterFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLpostmaster general should resignKEEP S Di would prefer the same guy/gal delivering my mail everday. i know that absentism on saturday and requests for vacation must add to overtime-afterall nobody gets married on a Weds. if i get mail on saturday that is urgent i really can't do anything about it till monday. look at all the gas and vehicle savings. 20% less gas useage and vehicle wear. and goin green! 20% less chance at accidents? I think the package idea on saturday is great idea. I suppose they will be able to offer an early retirment for carriers to avoid lay-offs. clerks have been offered three times to retire early. it seems the postal service is a business where a CCO can't be allowed to make a decision- imagine if donald trump were in this situation! it seems the PMG tried to get help, at least he made a decision….. wouldn't most carriers prefer to have saturday off? why don't you have a survey for that…….. the board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalThe PMG wants to privitized the Postal Service and has no intention of saving it. Why doesn't he cut off all the fat beginning from the top including himself. We do not need management (supervisors and managers) to continue to stop the letter carriers from doing their jobs properly.Please tell congress to stop us from paying this overburdeni think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEHello.Cannot wait to have Saturdays OFF!!!!!!I just got my mail, it is Saturday and it had my medical info. If there was no Saturday delivery I would have had to wait till Tuesday and that may have had an adverse effect on my health.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI resist strongly the push to privatize my heritage, my postal service. I am horrified that my leaders would find this acceptable. Susan PoeFIRE ALL UPPER MANAGEMENTIf a check is expected to be deliver on a Friday and gets missent and if there is a holiday on Monday, how long before them people get there check? On my God!FIRE DONAHOEI wish saturday delivery to continueI believe it is reprehensible to even consider Saturday non delivery. There are so many other ways to save and create money for the USPS system. I support the Letter Carriers and use the Postal Service for all my bill paying and package deliveries.I don't think Americans are really aware that the PO isn't funded by Gov't. They think of PO jobs as "government" jobs. The pre-funding issues are much more complicated than people understand. I think this is all just a big squeeze to privatize the PO. And I think privatizing the PO (i.e. big business) is NOT in Americans best interst.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep Saturday mailI am a postal employee and eliminating saturday(s) would effect my job.PMG Donohoe has to grow the business not shrink it. It is unfortunate that he and his subordinate managerial staff do not know how to promote customer service and come up with ideas that GENERATE money. The proposed end to Saturday delivery would not result in any savings to the American public and it would actually result in a loss of revenue when mailers leave the USPS for other delivery services. Here's one way to save money, why not offer an early out to the nations' Letter Carriers, with a cash incentive, and then hire new employees since the hourly rate for new hires is approximately $10 less an hour. Lget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itWhy doesn't Congress also look into the 30+VP at postal headquarters that get high 6 figure salaries and paid benefits. What need for so many? Flat sorting machine also does not live up to its expectations. Millions wasted on it when they knew volume was going down. Who got to line their pockets? All postal surveys skewed to get the outcome they want.One thousand people out of a country with how manymillion people. If they really want to know about ending Saturday then survey every citizen or a national vote. Postal service is a SERVICE.It connects every citizen of US otherwise only a certain few(namely the rich) would control what the people get to know. Sounds like a dictatorship. Definitely going back to the 1920s- greed, workers are slaves and rich get richer.WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!A Post Master with a big EGO and no skills ,please check this guys back ground. He's a humph foe Issa!!Congress must act quickly to arrive at a plan to save the USPS or the country will suffer.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALsave the poPlease do not stop Saturday delivery. I am strongly in support of our Country's Postal workers and worried about the impact their reduced hours or layoffs will affect our economy!I believe most of us would prefer to see catalog retailers and junk mailers pay MORE to the postal service, since we end up subsidizing a business practice that we HATE through our own shipping costs (and of course, loss of service on Saturdays). FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDecreasing service to the public is a sure-fire way to get them to rely on USPS even less and ensure its demise. keep me informed and I'll volunteer to fight further cuts in service steveFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIt should be mentioned that most of the employees affected by a "no saturday" plan are under social security and therefore eligible for unemployment. How does that help budget concerns when 20,000 to 30,000 people become new applicants for unemployment benefits?FIRE DONAHOEIf you were given a multi-billion dollar company and you were required to make sure its hundreds of thousands of middle class employees received a paycheck,would you make draconian cuts in an effort to make a dysfunctional congress act? (X) Strongly Agree. What exactly is Donahoe supposed to do?FIRE DONAHOELwho ever ideal this is needs to be fired !!LTime to dump DonahoeBeen following this for awhile now.FIRE DONAHOEThe United States Postal Service has my support. I was horrified to learn of the plan to privatize the USPS. I am sharing the facts with friends so they will know too.The Postmaster is breaking the law. 6 day delivery has always been the responsibility of the legislative branch of government. As far as him checking into the legal authority, Donahoe said it was based on an interpretation from Postal Service lawyers. Remember these are probably the same lawyers that said they thought there was 2 different codes of "Ethical Conduct" a few years back when there was an investigation about one of the upper managment breaking them. Also his reasoning is skewered. The Postmaster said "the document basically pointed out that the continuing resolution expires in March, long before the August date for curtailing Saturday delivery. It also said that there is nothing in the existing prohibition that prevents postal officials from preparing for five-day delivery at a future time." Does this mean that it is legal that although a person who plans on breaking the law, anounces it to the public that plan about breaking the law, and gives them a written copy of that plan. It isn't breaking the law because their reasoning is they are in the hopes of the legislative branch of government will make it legal in the near future before they have commited the acual act!FIRE DONAHOEProud to be a retired letter carrier!!Lpeople need mailFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI dont need sat delThink about how many jobs would be lost, and that's not good in this economy! Why can't they just raise the cost and fees of their products, just like everyone else does? It's already so cheap to mail something; going up a little on the prices wouldn't hurt that bad!Saturday delivery should not be ended. It does not make sense.Donohoe must go! A BIG pile of BS!!!!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALDo not. End Sat delivery.I Value Six Day Delivery I have a small business that depends on pick-up and deliveryFIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about it I get a lot of junk catalogs, so at least charge enough for their delivery. Also 99% of my mail is junk, can we end this waste? FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI do not support eliminating Saturday delivery. I like getting my mail on Saturday!No bussines can survive by eliminating service. Need to replace PMG with someone who will help fix the problem not make it worse. Many people would lose thei jobs due to ending Saturday delivery. Congress must put an end to the pre- funding if retirement benefits. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALIt will also cost jobs…. There are people there that work on routes on the regualr carriers day off… I like my carrier and the one that delivers on his day off….My husband is a very dedicated CCA (had been a TE for 3 years). He works VERY hard six days per week. If this new schedule goes into effect, he will be immediately out of a job. I think there are other opportunities for improve the postal service rather than just eliminating one day of service…which would really only eliminate workers. The post office may want to cut that day, but I don't think they have taken into consideration all of the time that will be needed Monday-Friday to make up for Saturdays….with a reduction of staff also! I think it is a very poor decision and other measures could be taken to help make the post office more efficient. Thanks for sending THOUSANDS of workers to the unemployement line USPS.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALending Saturday delivery is not the answer.LAs an employee, will impact me directly, might lose my job.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALTo save money why not start by getting rid of some upper management employees instead of the people who are actually doing the work, processing the mail and delivering for the customers. 5 day delivery all the way. No need for 6 day anymore.postmaster general should resignFive day all the way.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWhy is the Postmast General not telling the entire truth?? Why won't Congress return the funds to the Postal Service?? If the postal service is self-sufficient, this money is for them..not the Federal Government. Why would the Federal Government outsource their mailings to outside companies instead of sustaining the Postal Service?? Which members of Congress are making these decisions and giving the public an askewed point of view??I love the USPSFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALRarely do I look toward to what is being delivered in the mail. This is a travesty. Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Many of these are just flat out wrong. I answered the only ones That aren't ridiculous.It seems quite ironic that the public doesn't realize that the USPS actually gives $$$ to Congress to balance the national budget. The USPS makes Millions in profit last quarter, and Congress takes over a billion dollars in the same quarter. Congress should be getting the profit, if any.FIRE DONAHOEDonahoe needs to be firedI work for and can't stand USPS (except the paycheck), but your survey is worse then theirs. Saturday delivery should have ended 20+ years ago, and most people on my Rural Route agree.WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDo not use USPS.I live on the east coast and my son lives on the west coast. Sending mail and packages to each other already takes several days and I am opposed to it taking longer than it already does. Saturday is the most convenient day for both of us to go to the post office if we need to because we both work during the week. Customers need convenience and eliminating Saturday delivery is not convenient for us.tell the goverment to keep their nose out of it….Congress should act immediately and the representatives rally to protect the postal service which has been in uninterrupted existence for over 100 years. There are still People (elderly including those less privleged) in the Nation who don't have the resources or the means to acquire technmology or neccessary communication any other way. Action plans such as mail delivery of anticipated medication or vaccinations for emergency plans are still equally important to protect the US in case of National THREATS. The postal service can survive only if the congressional mandate to pay the 5.5. billion was either eliminated or significantly reduced. As of now it is used as a indirect vehicle for (Darlyl Issa and PMG) to privatized or reduce service to the detriment or demise of the instituition.that has served and even effectively voted for those in public office for decades..I ALREADY HATE HAVING TO WAIT FOR MAIL DELIVERY AND DONT THINK THAT WAITING PERIOD NEEDS TO BE EXTENDED. AND IF OUR TAXES ARENT SUPPORTING THE POST OFFICE ALREADY, WHY ARE OTHER ORGANIZATIONS SUPPORTED?when you have a service business, you can't cut service to improve income.sixWe need to tell congress that they need to be on board in support of HRes 30 for six day delivery and too oppose the postmasters attempt to sell our jobs to other carriers FedEx ups etc.postmaster general should resignRemove Donahoe!!!Eliminating Saturday delivery is not a good idea.FIRE DONAHOELI think only priority parcels and express mail should be delivered on Saturdays, NO PARCEL POST in this new plani feel the postmaster general should be firedi feel the postmaster general should be firedIt will delay mail by more than 3 days with no processing on weekends and also Monday holidays. The USPS will also lose the trust from our customers to provide service we have come to expect. This puts the USPS on the line for the public to start looking for other companies/internet to replace the USPS thus losing more revenue. The employees that touch the mail are the losers with this decision, the cutbacks should always start at the top (HQ, Areas, & Districts) vs.manual laborers. I was a dedicated and proud USPS employee for over 30 yrs, wonder how many employees can say they are proud to work for USPS today?LNow is not the time to cut servicesI am a postal worker. Did you know postal management has a slogan: "We have the right to mismanage!"LLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL i need my mail on saturdaysI'd like to see the Postmaster General step down and be replaced by someone who realizes how vital the postal service is to our country and our economy!get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itThe PO does not want a "bailout". It just wants to use its own money. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALDon't like the idea of ending Saturday deliveryIn order to receive more benefit from no Saturday delivery I believe there should be no package deliveries or no deliveries to PO boxes. In other words, no Postal Employees working on Saturdays.We need and deserve six day delivery It will affect a lot of jobs !!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLearned alotLPostal service needs Saturday deliverydont stop saturday mail!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLThere are a lot of information that we did not know and media is not telling us! I would hate to lose the option to send and receive mail on Saturdays!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThe United States Postal Service….and the first thing we do is cut service. Lets become more efficient, shouldnt that be our first choice and cutting service our last resort. Save all Post Offices. Congress has been trying to privatize the postal services for years and their onerous rules are part of that effort. give back the $$ paid so far in advance for health and pension costs that no other agency has to pay. The post office is a public service and should remain that way. I am happy to give taxpayer dollars to save the post office.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI am a 25 year letter carrier.NOBODY on the outside has a clue to the mess we as postal employees have to deal with daily.Closing mail processing centers is the GRAND SCHEME FROM IDIOT CENTRAL to drive people to the net. If it takes longer to get the mail to these MPC then mail will be delayed.With the closing of no Saturday delivery 36,000 will lose their jobs.But, the top exec get bonuses! In any other company, if the company is doing THIS BADLY AXE THOSE AT THE TOP. Then, when that's done….let's start with the IDIOTS IN CONGRESS THAT CREATED THIS F'N MESS, those Republicans under George Bush in 2006 with the PAEA ACT! We really need to keep six-day delivery. If anyone is really interested in 'saving' the Postal Service, we need to repeal the rediculous legislation that requires pre-funding of pensions into the future for Workers who have not yet been born! Seems to this outsider that for several years, there has been a concerted effort to destroy the Postal Service. This effort is NOT because the Postal Service is not able to produce enough revenue to be self-sustaining. LThe Postal Service's greatest asset is the personal connection that it has with the American people at the Post Office and in neighborhoods and at every doorstep in the country. They need to protect that, not dissolve it. Cutting Saturday service will be the first step towards destroying that connection, and the ultimate demise of the entire organazation. President Obama should fire the Postmaster General.asdfghjjkkkkThe PMG and Congress are the biggest problem. Wake up it's 2013…i think the cut should be in top management cut I am a ptf carrier. I have been stuck working 55 hrs a week for the past 6 years. I am tired. I am a single mother with teenage boys.I want to work 5 days a week. Since I wont make regular for maybe 4 more years, if the new agreement holds, I would rather take the Saturday cut now!!!! I got out of the union because they allowed the clerks to take our possibility of ever becoming regular carriers from us. I think this is the only way. Besides, all they have been doing is overspending. Congress should either have more control or less control over the USPS.The Board of Governors should be made up of volunteers. The USPS has too many "spokepersons"-everytime one is quoted, it is a different person. How much is each one paid? How much did the USPS pay for the 1,002 respondant survey? Everytime the USPS wants to spend say, $100,000 on a project or a salary, it should receive approval from Congress.i feel the postmaster general should be firedI thought the Postal Service is suppose to deliver to every American 6 days a week, no matter what. They are really the only Government service that is pretty reliable. Its pretty amazing , that we can go to our mail box 6 days a week and it doesn't cost us a cent. We only pay when we mail out something. To me, its still the best deal around. Maybe the leaders who are running the Post Office, should look to cutting out some of the un-nessary personal at the top-level, and leave the ones who are out doing the grunt work alone.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEL LLLfire PMG save saturdayThey need to get rid of all the extra managers and positions they created for people to save money. Also buying postmasters homes for them when they relocate. Stop giving supervisors and management huge bonuses when they do nothing. Letter carriers deserve bonuses more for what conditions we work in.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI live in a rural area and already have a post office that has closed window service on Sat. and closes early Thrusdays…do I really need to wait any longer for mail and packages. And the rural carriers do not come up canyons to deliver packages so you are putting more restrictions on my ability to receive mail and packagesKeeping 6 day delivery is very important. So many of us need our medicine, packages and important mail delivered 6 days a week.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe BOG and PMG need to be removed and replaced, they are not above the laws that are in place.The plan to end Saturday delivery, collection, processing and distribution is economic suicide and will adversley affect all US citizens.I like the U.S.P.S., but it's being run by a buch of reactionaries who want to privatize all government functions for the benefit of their wealthy friends.LNo Comment.The USPS and congress should work with the different stakeholders in a constructive way to help the postal service provide better service to the American people.FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSaturday delivery served a good purpose before the telephone and motor vehicles were invented Serves no purpose now except to provide jobs, which is a complete waste of money and energy resources to the general public. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThe postal service has no plans to expand service and rebuild the company. want to continue saturday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThis plan has been in effect since 2006 with the Bush Administration. The Postmaster General has been in the pocket with Issa and are working together to abolish the Post Office. They would like to get their buddies together and privatize so they could have their own trillion dollar business. It is all political and corrupt. The 75 billion in CSRS and the 12.5 billion in the FERS should be in the bank. It belongs to the employees. They stole the money which is close to the Ricco Act when the mobsters would steal from companies and unions. They don't want to give this money back. It may lead to a class action lawsuit from the employees. The Post master general needs to be fired. He makes about $400,000 a year and recently got a $350,000 bonus for doing nothing but destroying the USPS. If we are doing so bad, why did he accept the bonus let alone his pay.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!No Saturday delivery will result in a domino effect resulting in many job losses not only with the USPS, but many others. We do not need higher unemployment in this country.The PMG is an idiot and intends to destroy the US Postal Service. Congress needs to step up and end the 5.5 billion yearly prefunding retiree benefits and ensure that Saturday delivery is kept intact, as Saturday is a big edge for the USPS, no one else does Saturday and America depends on the USPS!!!! Donahue should be fired FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep Saturday delivery.Restructure the future retirees health plan funding.LThe people still believe that taxpayers are supporting the USPS. The people are not informed as to PAEA causing the major brunt of the problem. The people need to be informed more.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALOur legislators should be taking this poll – and make the results public!They need to save 6 day deliveryyou are wrong on the 75 boiilion overpayment the omb says that we owe 20 billion.if sat is not ended tge only savings will come from the employeesREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAs a business owner I ship out a lot. I rely on Saturday delivery through the postal service and will miss it tremendously. The Postal Service is being ran by a bunch of idiots!LI want to continue getting my mail 6 days a week.Let the USPS open their books so Congress can see the waste.Senior like me need my mail and medicine on Saturday . I am from a old school.I am a 13 year RCA this cut will take money from my family, I have been relying on Saturday delivery to pay my bills.Did you know that this survey is severely skewed? Did you know that a union representative probably wrote this survey to support their view. Not a scientific poll.LSimple. Fire Congress and Obama and elect government that can do what is right for our country. I would start with a new President.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe PMG needs to resing REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI depend on my daily newspaper and shop on the internet. I also do not like putting my private bank info on the internet services . Does the Federal Government still owe the Postal Service for past revenue regarding non profit mailings?We need our mail six days a week! i need my mail on saturdaysThe temporary work force is going to take a 26 percent pay cut starting April 10th. With the elimination Saturday delivery most of us lose our jobs. But the impact is far greater on the rest of the United States also. by ending Saturday delivery approximately 1,000,000 people will lose their jobs. If you want to look for savings Ask why the Postal Service paid out for 1,000,000,000 dollars in bonuses this year I'm not allowed to call them bonuses So they call them pay incentives . Including the 600,000 dollar bonus to the Postmaster General.. There's a place to start looking for savings.. POSTMASTER GENERAL IS A MEDIA HOUNDSomething's got to be done, the USPS can't continue to lose millions of dollars. If ending Saturday service is what's being recommended, why shouldn't we follow the recommendation. In fact I think it would fall more in line with other Federal agencies.I believe six day delivery is the law. So what about that? If Fed-Ex or uPS pick up the slack they will charge HUGE amounts to deliver on that 6th day. People don't realize what a deal postage rates are in the US.Congress created this mess, and Congress needs to fix it. The Postal "Service" is a public asset, for the benefit of "We the people" and is not funded by tax dollars. It continues to be a great equalizer for those who live in rural areas and those who can't afford computers. We should never privatize or dismantle the Postal Service. Rich corporate share holders should not be allowed to benefit from this, our most trusted and valuable Federal Agency.No other agency has been asked to pay 75 years in advance!I receive some much needed checks EVERYDAY of the week.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALNONE LFIRE DONAHOEI'm a carrier and I miss a lot of my kids stuff on Sat. So I saport cutting Sat delivery.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEWe need new leaders. Ending Saturday delivery is a huge mistake.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCONGRESS NEEDS TO ACTseniors and small businesses need saturday delivery!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEElimanation of Saturday delivery will not solve the problem, it is a temporary fix to a permanent problem that needs a better solution.Congress has to stop forcing the Postal Service to prefund their employee retiree health care. Additionally, the Postal Service should be able to offer new services. I am a rural retiree , and rely on the Postal Service for my meds. and info from family and friends. The PMG and the media do not tell the true story. FIRE DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease stop the illegal discounts given to bulk mailers. Please end the pre-funding mandate. Maintain 6 delivery days per week. Stop the consolidation plans. Maintain rural service without cuts in hours or days of service. full disclosure, i am a 25 post office employee(letter carrier). i have been hearing this talk of going broke since i started. how about trying less managers, fully staffed offices and properly adjusted routes? keep the great service, 6 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!It would also eliminate many jobs.Keep 6 daysSave the post office! Eliminate congress for 6 month of the year and give the money to the post office. The post office provides an excellent service to all people of the U.S.Save 6 day delivery.Keep Saturday delivery so that the postal will remain a reliable sorce of delivery for public goods.It appears that the Post Office has worked on cutting out personnel with the exception of supervisors, management. They should start cutting out personnel in the middle and upper management, and keep the people that handle the mail. The letter carriers can't get the mail all delivered without going into overtime daily now, how are they going to do it in five days. They could save money when I walk into a Post Office and see management working instead of doing nothing. Li think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFor the BOG to claim that the Postal Service should be run like a business and yet not fight the Congressional ruling for the Postal Service to pay health benefits years in advance is an obvious disparity of goals and an equally obvious intentional path for the demise of the Postal Service. FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOERemind the nation everyday all these facts but put it simple words educate us. Ask if they would deliver a letter to Alaska for 46 cents and how many hands a package or letter goes through before it reaches it's destination. Short but direct to important point. People are impatient to read long messages. get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itCongress needs to drop the prefunding requirement and let the Postal Service do what it does best…..serve the public -unlike Congress who only thinks about themselvesLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALHI can not get certified letters on SaturdayEliminating Saturday mail delivery with not affect me in any way.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIf Congress is doing the mandates and does not want the USPS to be competitive what can anyone do. It is like fighting with God. You don't have them on your side. Seems like they want USPS to die. Let's pretend someone owes me a lot of money if I die then they don't have to pay me back. So it would be in Congress' best interest if the USPS would die. The USPS does not stand a chance. Then you have your Postmaster General working against you too. God help the US Postal Service. I am the wife of a mail carrier helping raise 3 grandchildren in our household and caring for a 35 year old son who is Schizophrenic. I am really scared. God help us all. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLive and learn…..Congressman Issa's top campaign donor is UPS.Keep small rural Post Offices open for 8 hours per week day with a fulltime "POSTMASTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congress created the problem, congress can fix it.Fire the PMG Dont end Saturday delivery. Big Mistake!LEnding Saturday delivery will cause a recession in USA!LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSaturday is the day that most people have off work to deliver mail. This would cause a create a huge loss.fire the postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!LStop the prefinding and give the postal service it's money back. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALYOU CAN KEEP VOTING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER BUT THE PUBLIC WANTS THIS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ask the Postalmaster general To step down.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFarm it out to a private company. Get rid of the union. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLSend the PMG and his staff to Jail. They must follow the laws. They are not above the law…FIRE DONAHOEi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFDI'm a letter carrier. If six day delivery is ended than it will be just a matter of time when our incompetent PMG will attempt four day delivery then three day delivery, and then privatization and then the destruction of the Postal Service.Why does the public never read or hear about postal untruths. I'm sure thousands of Americans believe the BS put out by postal PR people. They have been manipulating us for years.13 year postal veteranMakes me wonder what the postmaster generals true motives are.The Postal Service needs to realize things can't stay the same forever. Going to 5 day delivery makes sense.LSave America's Postal Service.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALIt makes no sense to eliminate a day of delivery as a way to save money, because there will be little or no savings from such a move and it will in fact cost jobs and delay mail.Saturday delivery is essential to the survival of the post office. Also the jobs lost due to ending Saturday delivery would be detrimental to the country i need my mail on saturdaysI want ALL my mail 6 days a week!!!Closing approx 200 P & D Centers will definitely hurt delivery time frames in those zip code locations! Lose of jobs in those areas will hurt their communities further. Eliminating the 5.5 billion dollar p refunding clause will help the USPS get back in the black! Washington needs to get its act together! Act now save America and save the USPS!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding Saturday delivery will be the beginning of the end of the United States Postal Service as we know it. No business of any kind can cut 17% of their services and expect to survive. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLIf it won't benefit the public, why stop it. The government doesn't need to stop it to bank the money that it would save the post office.FIRE DONAHOEL6 day mail delivery and sun package delivery!!!Why are there still so many supervisors …… This is not where rate payer money should be spent.FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALkeep 6 day deliveryI believe eliminating Saturday delivery will impact the public more then we realizeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think USPS should work with Congress to get their overfunded money back. I feel like it is not a wise idea to eliminate Saturday delivery. It will be the downfall of the Post Office if they do.I rely on my Saturday delivery, especially when Monday is a holiday. How long will my mail be delayed if there is only 5 days of delivery?UNIONS TRYING TO SAVE THERE JOBS. TO MANY UNION STEWARTS AND PRESIDENTS.It is ridiculous; Postmaster General Patrick Donahue says he will continue Saturday delivery of packages…does he not realize that the carrier will be making the same route as usual to do this..SO.. why not carry out the first-class letter mail along with the packages. There is no saving..if he had any idea how the mail system works, he would know this !!LThere's other ways, kept looking, this is not it.FIRE DONAHOEFive Day, All the Way!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEDonahoe needs to go. No true leader in their right mind would try to "fix" a business by tearing it apart. The post office has the largest delivery network in the world, and could perform much more efficiently if people like Donahoe and his cronies would get out of there and have people who know what needs to be done do the job. Our money is going to support their lavish lifestyles, and I'm sure Issa has a job waiting in the background for Donahoe when the post office goes under.lbusinesses want their mail delivered on saturdayssome customers need delivery 6 days for buisness,checks meds.etc.we can't keep cutting jobs.the postal service is a place for many who served in the military to find work when there service is done and continue to serve the community.i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignthank you for the surveyLLLIT IS A DISGRACE BEFORE GOD FOR THE CONGRESS TO CONTINUE TO DENY THE AMERICAN PROPLE "DEMOCRACY". MY OPINION IS THAT WE SHOULD BOMBARD THEIR TELEPHONES DAILY WITH PHONE CALLS TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. THIS IS NOT RIGHT IN THE EYESIGHT OF GOD. Ldont end sat delivery Congress needs to own their share in this "crisis" and end the obligation of the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Furthermore, in a service business, you just don't cut service.LLpostmaster general should resignLHave already noticed mail through the local office is taking longer to reach its destination than it used to. LThe Postmaster General does not tell the truth. Congress owes the po billions, but will never repay. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEno commentFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLThe government needs to get out of other businesses runnings.5 day is the wrong way to Save the Postal Service!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCongress …..A JOKEFire management at all sorting facilities. They protect there own jobs and dont care about employees. The Postal service gets plenty of tax breaks. There is a lot of corruption going on from postal contracts related to administative officials. Privatize these facilities. I get mail only 3 days a week. Bust the unions as well. Another band-aid, another 25 million per day loss FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALH.R 630 and S. 316 will fix the problem. Please keep Saturday delivery. i need my mail on saturdaysFIRE DONAHOE5 day is the wrong way!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELLSupport 6 day mail delivery. Demand that congress give back the overpayment and provide new legislation to end the prefunding and ways that the post office can compete in the 21st century market. Require Managers to take classes to learn how to manage employees and money. It is the last mile communications link for all.DFI count on my mail six days a week to mail out my bills I do not want ot have to wait extra days to recuve my packages Lousey deal.The USPS is driving away customers, paying billions in overtime and is grossly missmanaged by the Postmaster General. Local offices must again gain the ability to manage, hire, promote fire poor employees. Injuryto day oy compensation costs have gone wild. Some offices are so short staffed that they can not deliver the mail in a timely manner. Postal Headquaters is so removed form the day operations of plants and Post Offices. Get rid of the PMG and the people that work for him at Postal Headquaters.LLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALAnd raisint stamps to over $1? They are comitting postal suicide. Post office has the best mailing service for packages at least within the mainland, and I trust them more than other carriers. I just hate to see this coming to an end.It sounds like the Post Office is grossly mismanaged.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALAs long as they deliver packages and priority mail and keep window open all day then I am for eliminating saturday delivery. Bills could wait an extra day.Can't wait for Saturday OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEI want Saturday delivery to continue.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLBecause of my working hours i am only able to get to the post office on saturdays. I mail gifts, packages, letters, and handle all other postal purchases on SATURDAY!!!!! If you take away Saturday, i'll have no way to get anything done. Cards, photographs, and packages cannot be sent thur "email". LI NEED MAIL SERVICE ON SATURDAYFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep The Postal Service alive!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLI'm opposed, pure and simple, to the dismantling of the USPS.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEIts abad deal to the public and business Cut federal spending will save tax payer money. LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE PMG AND POSTAL BOARDLet's keep Saturday deliveryIn addition to providing a needed service, postal workers provide a lifeline to many rural and elderly and handicapped citizens. The postal service provides the most reliable means of tracking people, including illegals and potential terrorists. Contrary to what many think, we are not a cyber-society, we are living, breathing physical beings, and the postal service fills a national need.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALMany of us need and rely on Saturday mail delivery. Please reconsider this action.Want to preserve the right to mail service for everyone. I have family in rural communities that will be devastated my no Saturday delivery.I had no idea of any of this! I want my mail on SaturdayWaa no more OT on day 6. No one will lose their job. Get over it.Congress needs to fix the annual 5.5 billion dollar payment first, then adjust the contributions to the retirement plans.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALEnjoy the weekends.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itLPeople like me need mails oversea and medicines everyday .The Postal Service would not be in this "dire" financial situation if it did not have to prefund retirement as is currently mandated. Congress should either remove this mandate or allow the Postal Service to do what it needs to do to survive!LFIRE DONAHOECongress should allow the PO to manage there program by charging market rates for the services that are provided. If the public feels the cost is too high they will move to other means to get their mail delivered. The post office Ix in the U.S. Constitution. This action propagated ht the Republicans is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Also, it has always paid its own way. Don't let the Republicans get by with this. They are the ones who should be illegal! the unemployment rate in this country is very high and eliminating Saturday will result in approximately 1/ 6 of all current postal employees to fired. The Postal Service is a service not a money making business. Our military men and women especially depend on the delivery of mail 6 days a week, and the mail service is secure and safe.The p.m.g's shortsightedness will only cause the destruction of a 200 year old institution. He should be fired/step down.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALWe're with you! A retired public school teacher Mary Patee Arvada, cOFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEthis is the wrong thing to do there are better way, all invole need to set down and talk about this before action is takenWe need to tell congress that they need to be on board in support of HRes 30 for six day delivery and too oppose the postmasters attempt to sell our jobs to other carriers FedEx ups etc.FIRE DONAHOEkeep saturday deliveryKeep it open on satI am an active letter carrier and know about the post offices main problems I hope the general public get on board with keeping 6 day delivery.I live in a rural area, and a small pension. I have slow internet connection. I feel I would be isolated from the outside world if the Postal Service offers less service, as well as more costly service if it is slowly destroyed.The lack of a legitimate business plan calls to question the postmasters ability to do his job and the board of governors indifference to the company.After following Congress' actions regarding the Postal Service, and those of the Postmaster General, it's very clear that Congress is trying to dismantle it, and that the Postmaster General is not interested in leading the Postal Service to a business model of increasing revenues. It appears that the Postmaster General doesn't have the authority to end Saturday delivery but by announcing that his plan, he'll anger Congress and further bias it (or at least the Republican half) to the determent of the USPS. Banks were given a bailout after profiteering in bad loans yet the USPS can't get overpayments returned from a pre-funding scheme unique instituted by Congress. I feel sorry for its non-management employees. LLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALMI think the Postal Service is one of the few remaining national services that is, to my knowledge, highly effective and still functioning quite well. I do admit to using UPS sometimes, but there is something magical about receiving a letter or card through the traditional mail. I think it would be a tragic loss for my children to not know what it is like to get a pen and paper letter with a hand picked stamp.Please, I want my mail 6 days, I didn't know the post office was self supporting thru stamp salesFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOELFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI believe the original 2006 mandate to fund 75 years of retirement benefits was a Republican ploy to destroy the largest union of workers in the US.LKeep my mail 6 days a week. Keep good paying middle class jobs!Get rid of all postmasters, they can't make any decisions. This will save millions. I am a letter carrier. I don't believe that Congress wants to return the over payments into retiree healthcare and pension contributions because they have dipped into those funds. It's time we demand it back and make Congress accountable.FIRE DONAHOEPeople tend to fall into the category of not caring about something they may not use- not realizing how important it is to others.FIRE DONAHOEI do not like the fact that this is another government controlled operation hidden from view of many. It would definatly affect small towns and rural areas where I live and many other people live. My bank itself is trying to aid the government in this. They do not want you to send any checks in the mail to be deposited! They want all checks sent to an Oragon Branch.Why is Congree increasing the unemploy by requiring the USPS to fund healthcare for 75 years? Congress in my opinion is trying to destroy the USPS as we know it! FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEHMy parents need their medication delivered 6 days a week. WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI believe the USPS's plan to end Saturday delivery makes as much sense as splinting an arm to treat a broken leg. The issue of overfunding benefits needs to be addressed by Congress now.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOE FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI think It bad decision to stop satureday delivery. Lot of people depend on the mail delivery on satureday. specially, elderly.NoneI live in rural Iowa so the Sat. service is especially important to me.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI want mails 7 day a weekFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL5 day will save the post office so no bail out would be needed. cutting back to 5 day delivery isn't to save the tax payers money, it is to save the post office!!! rural america will still get their mail. your questions are honest. FIRE DONAHOEThis will delay my medications.Why discontinue service for the remaining 5 days…. think of all the money they will save! You cannot save yourself into a profitFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEkeep Saturday delivery and processing of mail; save jobs, too!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEi think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignLWe don't need 6 day delivery…in fact, we could go down to 4 or 5 day delivery…the volume is no longer there, hasn't been there for years and will only continue to drop. Carriers want to keep 6 day delivery so they can milk the overtime…and yes, I am recently retired from USPS so I know what I'm talking about! Saturday delivery must remain in effect. It will hurt small businesses, rural America and the loss of 23,000 letter carrier positions. Do not eliminate Saturday delivery. LThe post office is one of the great institutions of our country that the Republicans want to destroy, probably to privatize it and get rid of the unions. I hope that they can be stopped in their tracks so that our country can preserve universal mail delivery.Ending Saturday delivery is not a resolution to resolve the debt facing the USPS. The root cause of their debt began in 2006 when the Congressional mandate to prefund retirement for 75 years over a 10-year payment plan was put into action. I have many friends and family that rely on Saturday mail delivery of medications along with other letters and packages that are processed on that day. In addition, the loss of countless jobs within the organization will only worsen the economic status of the United States by increasing unemployment and quite possibly those relying on welfare assistance. I am 100% opposed to ending Saturday delivery. You cannot maintain a SERVICING entity when you are cutting service. It is just not economical. This is as biased and one sided as the other survey. Completely pointless and a waste of time on both fronts. WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!Keep the Saturday deliveryI don't like that the USPS does NSA's but No 3 is a bit disparaging saying, "At the same time, the Postal Service gives large workshare discounts to pre-sort companies, and in some cases the discounts are so big that it costs more for the Postal Service to deliver the mail than it receives in postage." As, with the loss of regular First-Class mail volume, it is presort direct mail that has been keeping the USPS afloat. If not for NSA's and postal investments in bad equipment, presort mail work sharing would save the USPS time and money.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALiThe postal service needs to keep six day delivery!America is in decline. Thanks RepublicansEnd Saturday delivery.Sat del is an integral part of American society. To end it would be like canceling Christmas, or only playing 3/4 of a football game. Unlike text messages or E-Mails, the Postal Service is the only institution in America that touches its people six days a week, come rain or shine, in snow or heat, Jan thru Dec. The United States Postal Service new slogan should be "We Make It Personal". In truth, Letter Carriers are extended family members to many, if not all, of American households. To end Sat delivery would be so detrimental to the American way of life, spirit, & soul. The United States Postal Service, "Keeping It Personal, & Touching American Lives " Good that someone is taking the lead on this issueIt seems not well though out. Consider what happens whenever we have a three day weekend, such as this weekend, without Monday delivery – it backs up. I also feel that commercial advertisers should not be jamming our mail boxes with junk at a heavily subsidized price. Eventually, our economy will revert to a 6-day work week, maybe with good long siestas mid day and a short day on Saturdays. We – and the USPS – should plan for that reality. Thank you. im, in rural area i need my mail on saturdaysIf no processing of mail on Saturday's is to help save dollars; BUT come Monday's many hrs of OT will be used to catch up collection mail for processing. So over all how is that saving dollars? Retired Clerk. JimIt is a very BAD idea.PMG Donahue needs to be removed and jailedWe need to do everything we can to save our postal service from being privatized. Thanks for a survey that — unlike others I've seen– gives a clearer picture of what's at stake here.Cutting off Saturday mail (or any one day cut) will be the start of the death of the Postal Service.I believe stopping Saturday mail delivery will be detrimental to our competitive edge competing with other private companies such as UPS and FedEx. It will eliminate over 30,000 more jobs. Also, now that they have finally starting hiring much-needed new etter carriers at a much lower salary they will also lose their jobs when 6-day delivery ends. They are not covered by the 6 year no lay clause in the new contract. This will just add to our declining economy and middle class jobs. President Obama says he is trying to create new middle class jobs. USPS employees hired now are going to take a huge cut in pay. There will be more jobs loses for those of with us with middle class jobs (and lower class jobs). One out of every six carriers will have to find a new position. I believe the USPS has committed Waste, Fraud and Abuse by offering early out to clerks. At our station we are short on clerks every day we sometimes have more letter carriers doing clerk work than clerks. Some carriers are working more than 70s a week doing clerk and carrier work (OSHA law violation?) The only thing the $15,000 early out offered to clerks was to encourage the clerks to postpone already planned retirements for more money and leave a huge loss of needed clerks. As a letter carrier close to retirement if offered an early out with a bonus I might take the same offer. Why don’t they ever ask the real employee performing the work if there is a better way to do the work and improve service? Decisions are made by upper management without a clue what the real workers do and could do better if asked. Management makes bad decisions and the workers try save the USPS. 5-Day delivery is the beginning of the END of USPS. Take service out of our name.fire donahoeFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIt will hurt over 100k employees as well…it will affect the economy…small businesses will be affected..the elderly as well…it's a huge mistakei think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignSaturday delivery should not be stopped without exhausting all other options….HONESTLY! There are ways to save money with the postal service without stopping Saturday delivery….PMG would have you believe that is our only option…simply not true. PMG position should be held by someone that has actually done this job and knows what is needed to make it succeed. Congress can actually finally do something as a whole to HELP this country by saving this service! Rural America depends on it!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about iti think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignThere are better ways to save money by the USPS, first, eliminate the retirement requirement, no other agency or business has ever been required to fund retirements for 75 years in advance, many or most of the future USPS employees haven't even been born yet! Stop the USPS from implementing a plan that will destroy it.mail should be delivered on saturdayMost of the public still wants Saturday delivery. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI rely on mail service to conduct my business. If Saturday service is eliminated it will adversely hurt my business.Postal employees would be laied off if Saturday delivery is stopped. The Postal Service would lose millions of dollars and be forced out of business. Many same businesses would lose money and rural, and seniors would not receive mail and medicine they need. The Postal Service needs to continue delivering this nation's mail six days a weekI believe that Postal Service was created to serve all the citizens, not just the ones living in high populated areas. It was never set up to make money. It's a service provided by the US government. How much money does the armed forces make for the government? Zero. You don't hear the people running the armed services worry about making money. Please don't take this good service away from the people. I hope the USPS problems can be resolved.keep six day deliveryThe Postal Service is the only Government agency that generates revenue. The Treasury Department doesn't, the IRS doesn't, the Defense Department certainly doesn't, ect., ect. Lets check their balance sheets. Also, if the job of the Postal Service is to serve the American public it speaks volumes about their leadership when they commission an intentionally misleading survey. Rather than trying to direct our answers they should be trying to ascertain what we what and then trying to meet that need. Somebody needs too tell the emperor (PMG) that he is not wearing any clothes. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALhow about the 25 to 35 thousand jobs that would be eliminated!!Lsave the uspsLThe post office is a symbol of america it would be a great loss. Maybe they shpuld eliminate the post masterFIRE DONAHOESAVE MIDDLE CLASS JOBS!!LSaturday mail is very important to me because I conduct most of my business thru the mail on Saturdays. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAs a ebay seller i mail numorus packages on Saturday for tuesday deliveryFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLi believe the Republican want to eliminate the post office to eliminate the largest union.Service oriented businesses should not cut service prior to cutting the fat from the business. How do the top positions receive bonuses for last year yet testify on finances? Remove some fat and see where the finances are… FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think they should cut service even more. goto a every other day del. 1/2 the trucks and people. deliver 1/2 of town one day and other half the next day. its a business make money or die. Thats what i do at mine every day.LLKeep the postal service around we need itMI believe that this will destroy the Postal Service. We need the mail to run like it has for decades.WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!FIRE DONAHOEStop the privatization of the Postal Service.FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEMany of my family and close friends work for the postal service and ending Saturday delivery would add even more ridiculous expecatations of them during the week. I already know they are overloaded with work during the week. Plus I don't want to lose Saturday delivery for my own selfish reasons.SIX DFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLThe PMG actions are reckless and irresponsible. He has obviously overstepped his jurisdiction of authority which only affirms the sloppiness of the USPS. As opposed to comprehensive reform, bully congress into action. There is no true net gain from reduced delivery to five days. Shame on you. saturday delivery is a huge waste of moneySave 6 day delivery.I NEED MAIL SERVICE ON SATURDAYWhen will it stop? 5 day 4 day.?????LLLthe USPS made $200,000,000 last quarter did you have about that NO Why doesn't USPS look into ways to cut costs like streamlining its business like going from 7 areas down to 4 thus eliminating duplicate internal services. Too many "Chiefs" and not enough "Indians" When the only thing you have is service for a business it isn't wise to offer poorer service!Six day delivery should not be eliminate the postal office was not created to be a profitable company. The PMG is going totally political here. He is putting the ball in Congress' court. There are a lot of balls there. They have needed to do this for a long time!!!Why isn't this information available at congressman Greg Walden's office?FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALnono need for more crap to fill up my mailbox on saturdayTHE POSTMASTER GENERAL NEEDS TO BE FIRED , AND THE POSTAL SERVICE NEEDS TO BE OUT OF THE NEWS!!I don't think the public has any clue as to how detrimental it will be if we don't have Saturday delivery, or if the PO continues to be compromised in any way. LSENIORS WOULD SUFFERSAVE THE POSTAL SERVICEI just retired from the postal service after almost 32 years. I was a programmer/analyst at the Information Technology/Accounting Service Center. I had nothing to do with the delivery of the mail. Basically, I know little or nothing of what it takes to deliver the mail. I am very disappointed though with Congress and the way they are handling or not handling the situation with the USPS. The biggest thing to me though is the fact the general public does not realize that USPS is not tax payer funded. One more thing, the pre-funding of health care benefits for 75 yrs and the fact the USPS cannot get the overpayment to CSRS back just befuddles me.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOE All this crap because of Postal deform legislation passed in 2006. Called by me The Postal Destruction And Dismantlement Act. I notice the Postal Service just hired their 33rd vice president .I hope that the Postal executives enjoy their executives only gym. What Pigs they are.LThis 'crisis' seems like fallout from a grand theft by privatizers and their allies in the government that has taken place through a campaign of deliberate lies.Stop the astronomical overpayment!DONAHOE has to go,he's the one making more than the president! LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI believe Saturday delivery should be maine tained.please do not end Saturday delivery. donahoe needs to resign.FIRE DONAHOELFIRE DONAHOEI do business on Saturday so I need delivery on Saturday I strongly disagree to end saturday deliverykeep it coming!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALClients mail payments on Friday, we deposit them on Saturday. gives us access to our money two days sooner.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALEnd Saturday delivery will impact communities throughout the United States and poorer communities will see the post offices close down immediately. We need HRes 30 passed in a big way throughout the United States by both the house and the senate too save our jobs. Please do not end Saturday delivery!Eliminating Saturday delivery will delay all mail not only by one day but two since there is no deliveries on Sundays. Affected will be not only individuals but also businesses and private organizations.This proposal to end Saturday delivery a bad, bad idea that will negatively impact small communities in particular. Also, to attempt to save money by cutting services is in itself a poor business decision that will result in even more loss of revenue for the USPS. Perhaps the single biggest money-saving initiative that would result in huge and immediate savings to the USPS would be to not require pre-funding of retirement benefits (really??? 75 years in advance???), and take a look at bringing into line with the public sector the benefits and wages currently provided to postal workers.LLThere are better ways to improve the fiscal health of the USPS. Starting with a modification of the pre-funding requirement.Postmaster sucks!!Congress should save the Postal service.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI do know that ending Saturday delivery will cause a lot of people the loss of there jobs.It will delay a newspaper that I receive on Saturday. It will greatly affect the timely delivery of both the mail I receive, and the mail I send out.The loss would be much greater than the gainFIRE DONAHOEThe post master general has no good plans for us we're the one who work hard.xFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think they should go a step further and eliminate porch delivery, a mailbox accessible at the street or a cluster mail box would save more hours than not having Sat,. delivery.i think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignThis is just the beginning of the end of ll things public. This nation began with "We the people…" Q: Whatever happened to the people and the public? A. We once were citizens. Now we're consumers. Citizens can participate in decisions of their elected representatives. Democracy can't be bought with money, but it can be destroyed by it when the moneyed powerful directly influence the people's representatives and the legislation that slowly eviscerate the interests, the quality of public life, and the rights of citizens. We need to keep Saturday delivery They need to get rid of all the extjra managers and positions they created for people to save money. Also buying postmasters homes for them when they relocate. Stop giving supervisors and management huge bonuses when they do nothing. Letter carriers deserve bonuses more for what conditions we work in.They need to run it like a business and follow the rules of the land.If congress gets off their butts and takes care of the postal reform this will never take place. But like all other business the congress conducts we are likely to see the demise of Saturday delivery. And once it is gone then the shit will hit the fan….Help us get our mail on Saturday!!!!¡¡!¡I like our carrierI feel this is a bad solution to a "problem" the USPS did not create. Once again the CONGRESS should be the solution to this, not the problem!Don't end Saturday delivery.LLeave Saturday Mail Delivery alone, in fact open up Sunday mail delivery that will speed things up a bit more.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLeave our Saturday delivery ALONE!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI think Congress needs to get its act together, and stop the pre-funding!!keep Saturday delivery!!!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI think as along as we don't prefund future retiree and receive are overpayments back we will be back in the black.. also 5 day delivery is a great idea as long as we keep it as 5 day n not 4 or 3 day in the future..FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFire the PMG. Why would any one wantt to cut more jobs in this economy. Many of us need Saturday delivery.Save Saturday delivery and save jobs!!!Not sure it's a big deal at all. I can wait til Tuesday.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI wish all this information was available in the mediaFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSaturday mail delivery should continue. It does not make sense to deliver parcels but not letters and magazines on saturdays.As a small business owner and also a senior citizen, I need to get my mail and my medicines on SaturdaysI strongly urge Congress to stop the destruction of the USPS and stop the closing of processing plants, and keep 6 day delivery. Stop the USPS from becoming the United States Postal Disservice!don't end saturday delivery!!!!!!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALjust end it NO Saturday mail delivery'sget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI they close saturday, what other days will they close as well? Why do they have to help the federal budget when they do not receive tax money from the federal budget? Why do they have to pay for retirees that are not even born yet? Is it true the post office is the only one that does this? Is there anything else that the post office does that no one else of business does? Is this part of the voodoo economics and budgets that we have? If the congress stays and does it job, maybe we can get the post office and the rest of this nation on the right track and direction.little by little the the postmaster gen who is really working for big buiness,will destroy the post office.if anyone cant see that, its time to wake up!Saturday delivery is very important to me and the viability of the USPS.FIRE DONAHOEEnding Saturday delivery will be the beginning of the end of the USPS as we know it. I strongly oppose ANY elimination of ANY days of delivery, PERIOD! SIX DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!, FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALcongress must act nowI like getting my mail SaturdayLCongress needs to do the right thing and address new revenue streams, not cuts in service that will surely begin the demise of the Postal ServiceFIRE DONAHOETaking away service seem a poor way to draw customers. Using Postal service to provide money to federal coffers is an injustice to the postal customers and cop out by congress who are unwilling to bail their way out of a financial crisis of their own making.To end Saturday delivery would be the end of the Postal Service as we know it. The most TRUSTED government agency will be gone.I am a full time regular mail carrier and strongly oppose the end of 6 day deliveryThe Postal service is in trouble and needs help. If elimenating Saturday delivery is the way to save the PO, so be it.Saturday delivery is essential to mePlease keep 6 day universal serviceA number of years back a new PMG was brought in to the Postal Service and his name was Marvin Runyon. Known as "CARVIN MARVIN". People thought that would be a big mistake for the Postal Service. His first remark was that he was going to cut out the FAT of the Postal Service starting with Headquarters first. His mindset was that some of the people that were working did nothing at all and some of the work done was being done several times over and over to give some people a job. A lot of the FAT was cut out leaving the USPS with added with some added revenue. After PMG Marvin left all of the jobs that were cut were put back and then some more. "IN MY ESTIMATION THAT IS WHAT MUST HAPPEN AGAIN WITH THE USPS. THEN CONGRESS NEEDS TO FACE THE FACTS THAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS THE USPS 6 DAYS A WEEK. HAVE THEY THOUGHT THAT WITH NO SATURDAY DELIVERY THAT IT WILL HURT BUSINESS'S A FULL DAY BECAUSE ORDERS FOR THEIR PRODUCTS WILL NOT GET TO THEM UNTILL SOME TIME ON MONDAY AND THEN MAY NOT BE PROCESSED THRU THE BUSINESS UNTIL TUESDAY THUS THE BUSINESS WILL BE LOSING A DAY AND MAY HAVE TO LAY OFF SOME OF THEIR WORKERS. THIS WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF A NUMBER OF WORK HOURS ON DOWN THE LINE, RESULTING IN A GREATER NUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED AND THEN A HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT RATE AND HIGHER AMMOUNT OF UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION BEING PAID OUT RESULTING IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD GOING BACK INTO A DEPRESSION LIKE WE HAVE JUST WORKED OUR SELVES OUT OF". Our government does not think far enough down the line to look at what will happen if step A is not taken and how that will effect step B and how that will effect step C and on down the line. The USPS was the same way when I was in because some of our LEADERS had no real idea with how the mail flowed and the workload at the Postoffices that were paying their wages. Everyone needs to look at how every decision that is made will effect on down the line each and every time. "THE PROSPERITY OF THIS NATION EFFECTS THE WHOLE WORLD EACH SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OF EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALwhy don't they think about hiding more people instead of force people to do the overtime and pay 1and 1/2. And for some who should DO their job and not fooling around. WE are a TEAM, we should work together, help and look after each other (including other department).FIRE DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALpay bill online customers have to pay fees each payment as a stamp fee because skyline service spent money from US taxpayers. LPLEASE do not take away or privatize the USPS!!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEOver 7 million civilian jobs (outside of the Post Office) are in the mailing industry. Imagine the impact if employers cut one million jobs because the Post Office gave up 1/6 (one day) of it's working week. We need Saturday delivery in our part of Vermont.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIf this isn't saving any money, why inconvenience business and the public. The government is trying to control everything. Why don't they leave it up to congress instead of dictating what we need. Thanks, Mary MullinFIRE DONAHOEFind a compromise re: Saturday service and fix the overpayments to the pension.LFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThis is absolutely ridiculous ! i will be very upset if the Postal Service stops delivering mail on Sundays.I think the postal service should be delivering mail 7 days a week I work from my home all week long, not just monday through friday.I think they they have to do it to save the postal service, it makes sense to meREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEKEEP SATURDAY aVETS coming home will not have the opportunity to apply for jobs at the Postal Service, creating a bigger unemployment line. We need to have jobs available for our VETS and make them feel welcome and able to take care of their families.THE POSTMASTER GENERAL NEEDS TO BE FIRED , NEWS!!LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALSave Saturday delivery!! The PMG must go. How about Donahoe take a pay cut?! He makes $800,000 a year and says he makes four times what a letter carrier makes. Mr. Donahoe I don't make $200,000 a year, but its nice to know that the post master general cant do simple math!Why not just cut the 'fat' from the top…let's end high level bonuses!!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLWhy would we do something to eliminate jobs when the economy is still in the tank?NALC supported 2006 reform that caused this messThe Postal Service is entirely self-supporting and receives no tax dollars. So this means that stopping Saturday delivery not only puts Americans out of work, it also delays mail service. So in the long run it will cost more for delivery service do to overtime or delays to complete mail delivery. Cutting Saturday delivery service is a very bad idea.FIRE DONAHOELFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding the postal service's obligation to prefund retiree's health benefits at $5.5 billion per year would help the USPS's situation, AND what's more, ending Saturday delivery is a job killer which we do not need in our country's economic recovery. It amazes me how politicians don't seem to understand (or care) how important keeping the postal service solvent is.Congress' goal is to privatize the usps. This must not happen.I live in a rural area.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEThis decision will impact my lifestyle greatly. I am a City Letter Carrier and I am greatly concerned about the loss of more revenue by eliminating one day of service and the impact it will have on our mailers expectation of timely delivery.FIVE DAY IS THE WRONG way!The PMG needs to work for the Postal Service, not against it.I am sorry to say that I am probably one of the many citizens who feel we can no longer trust what we are being told by our government in Washington D.C.LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALCutting service is not going to help.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOESave the Post Office; stop the privatizers; protect the public commonsFIRE THE POSTMASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE PMG does not have a right to do this. Congress must stop this and put an end to the prefunding and allow the postal service to operate as a businessxI don't want my mail delayed.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWith the union okaying TEs and CCAs the sixth day overtime will be gone. so no sat delivery makes sense.LCutting service in order to save money does not make sense. When service suffers so does the profit. Congress needs to stop using the postal service as a cash cow and allow it to make smaller payments into the healthcare fund and provide a wider range of services that the customer wants. Cutting service drives customers away. I want to receive all my mail 6 (or even 7 days!) a week. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhy would the the government require any business to prefund FUTURE retiree health benefits at the cost of jobs and services today??? CONGRESS LIFT THE PREFUNDING MANDATE! If not for the prefunding mandate the postal service would have made over $200 million net operational profit. get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itCustomer service is already declining because of longer lines due to less clerks on window service and later delivery due to elimination of routes and now cutting a day of delivery would add to this further decline. Any business would go under if it had to pre-fund 75yrs worth of future retiree benefits/pensions so I think repealing that mandate could save the postal service more $ than eliminating Sat delivery. A recession & digitalization have challenged the postal service but Congressional mandates are sabatoging innovative solutions to it's problems and in fact, dooming it to failure.Shame on PMG Donuhoe his selfish direction will effect so many. After following Congress' actions regarding the Postal Service, and those of the Postmaster General, it's very clear that Congress is trying to dismantle it, and that the Postmaster General is not interested in leading the Postal Service to a business model of increasing revenues. It appears that the Postmaster General doesn't have the authority to end Saturday delivery but by announcing that his plan, he'll anger Congress and further bias it (or at least the Republican half) to the determent of the USPS. Banks were given a bailout after profiteering in bad loans yet the USPS can't get overpayments returned from a pre-funding scheme unique instituted by Congress. I feel sorry for its non-management employees. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELNoLI am a us postal widow whose spouse recieved orders for non replacement of attrition or retirments in his office due to the paea in march/may of 2006, due to overpayment of retirment systems and then worked that way for over 10 months fighting for staff, and finally recieving them only to be denied illigally one last supreme court memoradum and had illigal removal of newly trained casual, he died after deliering food drive short handed off routes, a cover up report that states he was never understaffed, never had overtime and never called his union exist but has not been corrected , since his passing there is still understaffing in the usps at the craft levels for letter carriers and clerks, meanwhile the usps continues to give ppp bonuess at the top and hire more upper managment then craft level , this in turn had increased stress for the workers, and more deaths are taking place . This is all due to the manfactured crisis by congress via the paea , the USPS is the only federal agency and business in america that is made to pay in out of the profits for a 3rd retirment system for workers not even born or working for the usps for the next 75 years, and this is the so called fault of the usps for not taking care of retirmeent matters by having 2 federal systems of retirment overpaid and now a 3rd, amounting to about 204 billion dollars, and yet they still understaff and now plan to cut short a day of delivery for postal letter carriers, how much more of an impact is needed then a death of a letter carrier for overpayment in to retirment plans in the first place.I need my medication delivered!!!!!!!!!Not fakenoLamerica need saturday deliveryFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL!The country needs Saturday delivery!The delay of mail will reach it's highest peak if we end Saturday delivery.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALIf cutting a sixth of the work week would save that much money, just imagine how much we could save by cutting the entire work week. Why, we wouldnt be in the red at all, would we?FIRE THEPOSTMASTER DONAHOELREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELthe board of gov, should be replaced , if they don,t fire the postmaster generalDO NOT CUT SERVICE TILL THE LAST RESORTLFIRE THE POSTMASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALTerrible survey with an agenda…shame on you Jamison..I worked for the post office for 22yrs and I believe that the new post master general is trying to take the post office private for personl gain.Seems to be a purely political crisis. Take off the retiree pre-funding and return the money to the Postal Service….unless Issa has a secret plan to sell the Post Office and its assets to his donors!LokIt would be very detrimental to the American public to lose this unmatchable service. No one else can provide this affordable service, nor do it as well, to suit everyones needs in all areas provided for, as it is done now! The Postal Service crisis is manfactured.The pre-funding rate was based on projected employee numbers in 2006 before the financial crash on Wall Street. Like many other businesses, USPS cut the number of employees & ending Saturday delivery will cut employment even further. Where will the surplus for the non-existent projected employees go? If Congress cripples the USPS beyond repair, what happens to all those billions? I fear that the USPS is the cash cow that will be milked for all the cash that can be stolen, then it will be butchered, with the choicest cuts going to private businesses. The pre-funding needs to end NOW so the USPS can fix their problems without ruining their business. NALC=JOKEFucking gunmen, so what's the real reason for doing this? Oh ya, its not logical so that is why its being done.Not all of us are online or pay bills online. Mail is slowly processed enough–please don't delay it further!Does the PMG realize that all the people who wish to have their 'product', read 'mail' delivered on Saturdays, will take their business ELSEWHERE, thus causing the USPS to lose the REVENUE from that 'product'? Can the PMG see the ENTIRE PICTURE, or only the interior lining of his own colon? FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEPostal service needs to have 100% of governments business. It also needs to be treated like a business and not another government bureaucracy!I receive checks and other important correspondence on Saturdays.would like to see a early out offering to the letter carrier craft but just to the people that are in the civil service retirement system,buy doing this the unions will save jobs from the T-6 positions,letting them take the place of the retirees from each office nationwide,seeing that mail delivery will be only 5 days a week,and then take the unions new cca"s people and have them deliver packages on Saturdays and possible Sunday parcel and express delivery's.and then use the cca"s for vacation relief,sick calls and to keep all regular carriers to a 8 hr day each and every day,this will and can save a lot of money and jobsLthe postal service is still a viable service to the publicCongress created the financial hardship on the usps, Congress needs to fix itFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAn informal survey of neighboirs reveals they support ending Sat delviery also.Why has the Congress lied to us, with this economy why do they wish to cut jobs that we need? I want my Saturday delivery. You people up there on the Hill need to keep the Postal Service for us all. I see what goes on in other countries, and I do not want to have to pay some out of this world price to mail a letter. I do not pay my bills on line.I work for the Post Office and people on my route do not care if they have Saturday delivery. There are way to many people in management and up to the top with hugh paychecks that need to be cut. No one is talking about that which could save a lot of money.It sounds like to me that postal management needs to be overhauled. I can't believe the lies they are telling their customers. Maybe not out right lies but great distortions of the truth. You save 2 billion while losing 1.3 billion, not to mention the OT you are going to have to pay to cover the day of delivery lost. LOSE LOSE situation FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL NOWwhat about my netflix and lands end packages, also online RX'S?Saturday delivery is not only important to myself, family and friends but directly would affect our economy by the loss of jobs across the country. Many of these jobs belong to veterans. Our seniors depend on their Letter Carriers to bring medication and also to watch over them 6 days a week. We need to keep our universal service to our rural communities too! Often times these smaller cities are bound together by their Post Office. This move to 5 day delivery is short-sighted and will begin the demise of the Postal Service!LWe need our six day delivery especially for us seniors that need our medications Can you make this a little more fair as to the questions? It's misleading the way they are wordedLFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALLF DFor a million reasons we need to keep the Saturday delivery. STOP … The nonsense! You should put this out for more people to find. The postmaster general is trying to break the union when there are other ways to keep these good paying jobs with good benefits from dissapearing. There should be a good look at the top heavy management ranks where there is a disproportionate and unaccountable drain occuring!LFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEliminating 17% of service for a 2% savings is fuzzy logic, at best. Ending the Congressional mandate to 5.5 BILLION DOLLARS per year for (currently unborn) future retiree health benefits is the problem; the amount of service provided by the US Postal Service is not!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI want Saturday mail serviceLFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPMG Donahoe should resign his position he has no long term plan.. 5days,4,3,2,1 were gone .. the post office …the Only thing I care about Mail delivery is 1 friend who works as a delivery person… her pay is all I care about… I cant stand the USPS or it's service… I think it is overated and most of the carriers dont care about your mail or their customers… especially the one we have at my apartments… he has broke several of my stuff and doesnt even bother to bring it to my apartment like the UPS guy does…. just leaves it on the floor behind the boxes … I'm on a first name basis with the UPS guy he at least is friendly …. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI live on a fixed income in a rural area. I depend on cheap service delivered from and to my door. I do not drive.LI need my meds and netlix on saturday!Fire the PMGThat is horrible I need my mailIf carriers are delivering parcels on Saturday & Sunday. Why not deliver mail since they're out there?Save the USPSSave the post office from privatization! ending sat delivery will mean overtime every Mon for the carriers that means they will deliver 2 days of mail every Mon. does that make any sense i don't think so and the post office answer is to hirer temp workers to fill in the carrier ranks because they will not be able to handle the overload of mail every Mon. and lets not talk about whats going to happen the day after a Mon. holiday!!Saturday delivery benefits the postal workers and benefits the people, end of story. Me personally, I think ill be working longer hours delivering the mail. I bet you money we will have a lot of sick calls more than ever before an Holiday and after. Harrasment is gonna go thru the roof the worst I have ever seen and getting worse. I strongly think that NALC should go after every memeber of Congress who votes to end Saturday delivery as a person who wants to kill jobs and is pro business and get them out of office…………. America want stand for that !!!! RWGWe need to tell congress that they need to be on board in support of HRes 30 for six day delivery and too oppose the postmasters attempt to sell our jobs to other carriers FedEx ups etc.LLThanksSave the post office! Keep Saturday delivery in place PLEASE!!!!THE POSTAL SERVICE IS A SERVICE TO ALL AMERICANS SIX DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!, FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEF DFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI depend on the USPS for correspondence from several business and individuals. If the bulk mailer feel sending me mailings is profitable, let them sen it. But the USPS need to charge appropriate rates to them. The public should not be subsidizing business. POST OFFICE HAS TO MANY MID MANGERS THAT DO NOTHING. POST OFFICE HAS JANITORS/MAINTENANCE PERSONAL NOT WORKING 8 HOURS WORK DAILY. MORE LIKE 2-3. MAIL IS MISMANAGED DAILY. OVERTIME ONE DAY TO TAKE OUT JUNK MAIL. NEXT DAY CARRIERS DON'T HAVE 8 HOURS WORK. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALKeep Saturday delivery.. Period..!FIRE DONAHOEI also believe that if the Post Office is to survive there must be a massive overhaul of Postal management, from top to bottom. This is the greatest single area of overstaffing, redundancy and waste. My small business relies on Saturday delivery!Living in a Lubbock TX we depend on the post office and they do a great job to delivering our sent mail on time and undamaged. That's more than I can say about some other delivery compaies. Also, in our area the postman/women have be come friends of seniors. Some of the seniors wait out side to see the mail man and buy stamps etc. The Mailman is a 7 day a week keeper if we had a choice. It should be mandatary for all goverment to use the postoffice for all mail to support our people with our dollars!LI don't want the USPS privatized which is where I think this is all leading. Postage in other countries is outrageously expensive and our congress refusing the right of the USPS to raise rates so they can break even is POLITICAL and I believe funded by FedEx and UPS. It's just another nail in the middle class coffin.I think the "elephant in the closet" is what will happen to the supplemental work force that now gets at least minimal employment due to a six day work week? If the USPS cuts back to 5 days, there will be no "subs" available to carry the load for normal vacations and sick calls, etc. It is extremely hard to attract and retail these workers as is, and it will become even more so if this plan goes through.FIRE DONAHOEI am a Postal Worker that is interested in the ideals of public service, and 5-day delivery as outlined by the USPS does not serve today's public.cWhen in the heck do you plan on hold 2 days of nondelivered mail? this is a beginning of trying to dystroy the Postal service and they know it.They want the one thing that is set up to stop tyranny once that is gone its a free fall to control the USA.They know what the Post office was set up to stop it and they have down grade the employes so much they have no true idea of what the post office was original designed to do.No to mention all the rew stuff we are inventing daily,. but they forget 1 thing . The people who work there. who will do what they have to do to keep this country safe, and their towns.Congress needs to end the prefunding and then cut from the top down not the other way around. Craft positions have been under attack since 2006 while managment continues to beloat more and more. Offer a substantial carrier incentive to retire and watch several thousands older carriers retire. Six day all the way.LI need medicine delivered on SaturdaySounds as of what the postmaster general said on the news will not help the postal service's problems, only cause more. FIRE DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLegislate a fix for pension and health insurance overpayment of premiums in the future.Lkeep saturday deliveryget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI depend on Saturday delivery!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI strongly oppose ending Saturday delivery. It not only affects the post office, it also affects the mailers who depend on Saturday delivery. Ending Saturday delivery is not the answer. Management should not react to the loss, but have a plan to reduce the losses with a win-win situation for both the employees and customers.LStill top heavy in management, need to get rid of layers of management fat. Reduce Area and District offices to a minimum. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe info provided was very helpful. I probably should have been aware of this information before. Thanks.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALIts just a political way to weaken or destroy one of the last great unions in this country and privatize as much of government as it can for corporate greed and not what's best for the nation. President Obama should be ashamed for not backing this issue to save six day delivery!!!!Ending Saturday delivery would be terribleFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEI believe the current postmaster deserves a vote of no confidence and should be replaced by someone who wants to preserve the US postal service and move it into the next phase of prosperity through improved management and a genuine belief in the company.WHEN A CEO OF A BIG COMPANY DOES A TERRIBLE JOB, HE IS FIRED !!!Replace Mr Donahoe and the incompetent of his staff.Save the Post Office!FIRE DONAHOEI'd like to see six day delivery continued for BUSINESSES, but have residential delivery cut to 3 days. 1/2 the houses would get mail m-w-f and the other 1/2, t-t-s.Save saturday deliveryREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI strongly oppose ending Saturday delivery.It appears that Congress has done a lot to manufacture this crisis.The PMG is screwing the public!Fuck the Republicanswe need saturday delivery it will take longer to get med's threw the mail.I am a letter carrier…end the mandate NOW!!They need to get rid of all the extra managers and positions they created for people to save money. Also buying postmasters homes for them when they relocate. Stop giving supervisors and management huge bonuses when they do nothing. Letter carriers deserve bonuses more for what conditions we work in.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe U.S. Postal Service is an essential infrastructure and needs to be fully supported by Congressget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itWhy does the media only report one side of the story. Is this another attempt to do away with good paying middle class jobs? Whoever is in charge of hiring and firing the Postmastrer General should fire the current one and hire someone that can properly run the Post Officetalk about a skewed surey, stop trying to lead the person to answer like u want them to asnwer. totally useless surey the way it is set up.I am a Letter Carrier. As much as I would like to have Saturdays off, I do no believe eliminating Saturday delivery will solve the Postal Service's problems.The P.O. doesnt attack the real problem of pre-funding. Cutting services is the stupid "knee jerk" response they have chosen. i need my mail on saturdaysFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEBecause of a heart attack on Sept.2, 2012 which caused me to die I learned that I would be required to take more medications than I did as a diabetic. With that requirement I would require a consistent supply of medications to be available due to my condition. I realize that I'm not the only facing this problem, but that still doesn't lessen the impact upon my life that I got back. All veterans that have served in the defense of this country deserve to be taken care of and not pushed to the back when it comes to receiving their treatments when required. save saturday deliveryI have a friend who works for the usps.Just from him/her talking the work force is all for it! They will have there weekends back and can make plans for vacations and such. There going to save on sick leave also. Most of the people that work for the usps say that most people call off on saturdays anyway. All congress has to do is ask the WORK FORCE. Not the UNIONS. He says/she says they look forward to August the 5th!The senior postal managers continue to receive bonuses of one sort or another. They have lost money constantly by making bad decisions such as the FSS sorters that are not able to be cost effective, losing money every minute they run. There are hundreds of examples of incompetent management that makes decisions based on status that are corrupted from the very lowest levels. Is there no one in Management that has a gut instinct about what is going on or why they are in this mess? When are the geniuses going to be held accountable instead of getting bonuses. PMG cuts back our delivery days the goes to work for one of Issa's companies. I have nothing to add, I do oppose the planned ending of postal service on Saturday.28 year union carrier who wants out!! Wake up and look around. Quit spreading falsehoods!!!Maybe Save the Post Office should pay the salaries and benefits of the City Carriers, we'll see how long you stay in business with the new carrier slogan "go slow for more dough"I get my mail on a route so I appreciate it coming to the house 6 days a week! I think we got rid of enough jobs this needs to stop now.priority parcels and express should actually be delivered 7 days. Rates for any non-standard size mail, circulars and such that can't be machined should cost more not less.LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLI think other it's need to be addressed prior to ending Saturday serviceFIRE DONAHOEit's really meI don't like doing all my financial business on a computer. I live in a rural area and can't depend solely on whether or not my electricity will always work. I'm on a fixed income and when my computer breaks down I have to wait until I have funds to fix or replace it. I also have to depend on a wireless connection through ATT. In addition, e-cards can't be saved as momentos of someone caring enough to go out a purchase that "special" card". I believe the federal RICO law should be invoked and pursued in the case of the 75-year pre-pay and its instigators and promoters. I am concerned that PMG Donohoe is acting in anticipation of a "delayed bribe" (future payment) for the destructive initiatives he has pursued. The failure of American journalism to cover the facts concerning a publicly-owned entity, from Time Magazine to National Public Radio, illustrates the need for both professional news-gathering and independent news platforms. LPMG Donahoe is telling the public information that is incomplete to accomplish the results "he" and other special interest groups want. FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERAL Eliminating service has never resulted in positive results. The Postal Service needs to offer more services to the public by expanding hours and hiring more employees to move the mail and assist patrons with their individual needs.Supervisors, managers and those in operations have no idea what is going on in the individual offices, nor does the PMG!Congress must act on Postal reform and continue Saturday delivery.get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itAnother fine mess congress has helped to make.you need to get this information out there! I love my post office, It help me with my work and would hate to see saturday delivery go away. the PMG is DUM and has no right to hurt the USA with this bad plan!!!!!!!FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFor one.. I am a postal employee…It will be like working after a holiday EVERY WEEK to attempt to get the mail caught up on Sunday night/Monday morning and the carriers will have a double load every Monday…There is no way possible that they can do so without handing out overtime to most night shift employees and all carriers who volunteer for the overtime. This will put us deeper into the red due to necessary overtime costs. Idiotic and stupid is what this is. Also, with the mail being deliberately slowed down by all of upper management and them enforcing idiotic things upon us, as a plant that they are currently trying to close, even against the will of the people and our state congressmen, especially since Lansing Mi. is the seat of the state gov't! I could go on… Also, with them continuously hiring employees and not training them properly on anything to do with actually learning how to properly sort the mail, it is getting delayed even more. They are not being hired as career employees, but as glorified scabs. It isnt their fault that upper management and lower management will not teach or train them properly. They don't get paid well enough to really care for all the harrassment they go thru either. It will slow down people's ability even more to get their medicine on time. Their checks on time. Their bills to get paid on time. This is so ridiculous it isnt even worth commenting about any further. Im getting too upset.FIRE DONAHOELFire em all and use Fed ExIf Saturday mail delivery stops then people will adjust and so will businesses to get their mail out earlier. If people want their mail on Saturdays then they can get a PO box..they will still be delivered to.xfire the postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!postal "management"- the MOST deceitful group of inbred scum known to human kind. It is a tragedy.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERAL the mail is a right that Americans deserve. dont change it. not everyone has a computer. AMERICA NEEDS ITS POST OFFICE!We need to keep the postal serviceLThis does not make sense that the Post Master General has the ability to take away Saturday delivery without Congress. This will truly impact rural parts of America who rely on the USPS for timely delivery.I get medications by mail and need the Saturday delivery to get them in a timely fashionIt is MY personal opinion that Saturday delivery for myself is not a necessity, and think it would be nice for the mail men/women to have an extra day off. However, their salary needs to be adjusted so that this day would not affect them before it ever happens. What will the post office do about the backlog of Saturday mail that will not be delivered? Mondays are already the busiest day of the week, they will have to pay overtime to get it delivered on Monday or it will held back another day.The snowball effect on small businesses and the economy if Postal jobs are eliminated will be huge and will then affect everyone's taxes.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLWe need to save the Postal Service and the jobs it creates.Don't do it! it will destroy the Postal Service. LThe 5.5 billion for retiree health benefits is huge..that has to be addressed . thank you for letting me share my feelingsFIRE DONAHOEFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALEnd the funding mandate, stop PO closures, take back our POs!These are leading questions and there is no evidence presented to back up the claims in the descriptions. Links to the "cited" articles or reports would be welcome.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALWe need are mail six days a week!Postal pensions should continue adequate funding, unlike the situation with Social Security. Keep politicians OUT of the funds. Make Congress open to allow the postal service to otherwise compete & strive for giving better service.Why do you want to end saturday delivery. Won't that cause massive lay offs?Post office is way management heavy. They could get rid of half of the supervisors in most offices and no one would be able to tell.Pathway to privitization, and Issa and Donahoe know it.FIRE DONAHOEI think it will cause a hardship to many many people!!!I personally do not think that i will be affected very much by saturday delivery as i do not recieve much on Saturdays.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALThe postmaster General is just using smoke and mirrors to get congress to pass Postal Reform this year. It is not going to happen any time in the near future. keep 6 day delivery keep america employedFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLSince the USPS is NOT a government ran business, the government should have no say in how it is ran. All the effects are going going to have a negative effect on millions of Americans, who cares about the money when people won't be able to financially survive with this change…i feel the postmaster general should be firedFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE DONAHOEPost office is going to do what they want to do….like always!FIRE DONAHOEEnding Saturday delivery will hurt seniors, veterans, business owners and all Americans. get rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itShrink to survive does not workFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALJust keep it like it is. The one thing they could do is reduce it from75 years to 25 years saving millions Why should just the delivery personal be the ones to bail out the postal service and the other personal such as managers/mail, handlers, sorters, clerks, continue with their pay as usual? I would think the delivery personal has already taken large cuts in pay as they have been and continue to be paid for the amount of mail they handle each day. I would think it is time for cuts to come from the top down and stop the cuts from the bottom up.Possibly a better solution would be less management (bigger salaries) would save more money but six day delivery is important.REPLACE ALL UPPER MANGEMENTneed saturdayLCutting service is not the answer. The USPS needs a growth plan.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOEThe Postal Service needs to quit cutting in rural areas. It interrupts universal service. These are the very areas that depend the most on the Postal Service.This would have a huge impact on the economy, there would be so many jobs lost postal and private.Doing away with 6-day delivery will be the beginning of the end for the Postal Service. Shame on the Postal Service management for not educating the public with ALL the FACTS about why it is financially hurting. Instead, the Postal Service management is "taking the easy way out" by doing away with 6-day delivery, and eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide inevitably resulting in lay-offs. This move will not only hurt the Postal Service, it will also hurt our nation's economic growth,. Doing away with 6-day delivery is a very very bad decision, and EVERYONE, the public, the postal employees, & the Congress should do what they can to save the post officeBY KEEPING 6-day delivery. It would be nice to have an honest,straight forward understanding of the issues driving these drastic changes.Lmy grandson is helping me do this , i a old american and i nedd mail service on saturdayGo to five day. It will work just fine. I would go to four day delivery if it was my call and deliver on Wednesday or Saturday if a holiday was on a Monday,Tuesday,Thursday or Friday.no commentLwould eliminating Sat delivery affect the airlines? cross country mail would have no urgency if it will NOT be delivered on Sat anyway, it could travel by truckLook forward to it. Who checks their box on SaturdayThe USPS is an important piece in the fabric of society. To try to dismantle it an any compacity could mean detrimental consequences in the near future. We are working hard to get out of a recession the loss of jobs could put us right back into itREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALPlease encourage the Postal Service to work on increasing revenue and ending the mandate for prepaid healthcare for employees who aren't even born yet. NO OTHER BUSINESS IN AMERICA has this mandate. Where are 25,000 people going tofind good paying jobs with benefits???Ending Saturday delivery is not the solution. Repeal of the Postal Accountability Act and the freeing up of the billions of dollars that have been overpaid are the answers. I understand that the largest single user of first-class mail is Netflix. As a Netflix DVD subscriber, I expect that the end of Saturday delivery would decrease the value of my subscription (the number of DVDs I can get each month) by 16.7%. I would be astounded if the subscription price were lowered accordingly. This is just one example — a very large one — of the direct costs to postal customers of this proposed policy change.We still have Saturday delivery and I see a delay in the mail. What kind of delays will there be after no Saturday deliveries? Like in Politics, why does the cost of mailing fall on the backs of the middle class, while businesses get a break? LFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI think postmaster general needs to step down, because he's trying ruin the postal service.fire the postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!I am extremely angry that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is taking this action. The United States Postal Service is every bit as important to American citizens as it ever has been in the past. Losing Saturday delivery is only the first step to privatization and the thought of that makes me sick. I LOVE THE USPS.It might not impact me right away but it will as the Republicans continue to push to close the Postal Service all together and then we are at the mercy of a P/L environment with little to no control over pricing much like the gasoline companies.Eliminating 38K postal jobs is wrong for the economy, not to mention such a terrible disservice to small and rural communities.Note that even your ridiculous loaded questions most people favor ending Saturday delivery and don't think it matters to them. That 's a hugely important message. Will you share it?5FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALSince I an a postal employee, I know first hand that Saturday delivery is not going to cause a lot of problems for the US. But continuing to refuse to allow the Post Office to act like any other business in respect to generation of revenue and operation of a profitable business is a devastating result of Congress inability to oversee its structure and how to make it viable.The Postal Service plan to end Saturdays delivery would greatly affect my business. REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOELwe need saturday deliveryi think the cut should be in top management cut Return the overfunded money!! The Government should use the Government Post office not FedX! How do you plan on creating more jobs when you are dead set on eliminating processing centers and postal employees….If the Post Office is part of the government why doesn't the government step up and support it!This is going to have a huge impact on people who can not afford a computer or internet access. Do the math! How many households in America do not have the internet? They rely on paying their bills and receiving them from the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE.FIRE DONAHOEObey the law.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding Saturday Delivery is a bad idea. Other means should be explored.OkPlease stop this effort to break the USP)S and leave us without communications on Sat's.the real solution to the postal service problems is to reduce the level upon level of management structure. this is the true cause of postal deficits and inefficiencies.REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEpostmaster general should resignHow will this affect mail order prescriptions?As I'm an RCA, I will most likely lose my job. And the economy in this very rural area is bad and I will not be able to acquire another job. My income this past year was $12,000 and there are 3 of us at home. No I'm not on food stamps or any other source. It's VERY tight now, how much more if Saturday is deleted?LLAs a retired carrier and retired with CSRS the congress is so stupid about what they think is best. ********Already didFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding Saturday delivery is not only a bad business decision, it will cost thousands of jobs – at a time when the country can ill afford to have more people unemployed. The solution is not to down-size, but to expand and bring in more revenue from new products. SDFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI only check my mailbox 1 or 2 times a week and never on Saturday so honestly this really won't affect me much. Most of the mail we receive is "junk" mail and get recycled right away. LWe need the Postal service if for no other reason to keep Fed ex and UPS from forming a price fixing monoply. The Postal Serviice delivers to places competitors would never go for 46 cents. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALLI pay my bills on line this would delay payments a great deal…If your body is not feeling well, you do not cut off a leg to make it feel better.KEEP ITREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEThe USPS has too many worthless supervisors. It is the most over-managed entity in the US. FIRE DONAHOEI like Saturday deliveryL6 Day delivery is a part of America!!! Don't let it be stopped by a nut who thinks he has the power to defy Congress.congress must fix the overpayment problem. FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWhy is the Post Office forced into pre funding when no other government agency is?More jobs would be lost!!!!!!!!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALAs a T-6 mail carrier this ill-sighted plan will eliminate my job!It is a very strange decision.If I were postmaster general that would be the last thing that I would do. It is one of the things that gives the postal service an advantage over other delivery companies. VERY STRANGE FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALWe would be fired for doing what the postmaster is doingThanks for setting the record straight and exposing the mendacity of the current Postmaster General and the privatizers in Congress. You need to get rid of the PMG he is trying to bring down the post office along with the Republicans.Although doing away with Saturday delivery will allow me as a father to watch my kids that are involved in sports, school, and other functions, it will be a chip into a rock that will eventually dissolve this job.need to ask carriers what they want the ones that work every saturday not the big union dogs, because they want more money in union dues, and they don't work on saturday . I know because i work for the post office, and one that has not been ask what i want , i been told what i need .FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI strongly oppose the end of Saturday mail deliverykeep delivering 6 days a weekthis is the shameless attempt to eliminate the post office.Congress can fix this! I want want mail 6 days The PMG seems like a bad guy.This will also cut jobsFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFire that Postmaster General And anyone in his staff that agrees with his philosophyI am totally against stopping Saturday delivery.I think Congress has to end the prefunding and find a way to grow the postal serviceREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEPlease keep Saturday Delivery!FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe postal service is part of America and ending a day of service is not the answer.Lthe PMG is an idiot!!.. he is just a puppet for Dan Issa of California and nothing more!! both should be removed from the positionsCongress needs to act and prevent the Postmaster General from thinking he's bigger than the law.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEiI thought that collection and processing plants would still be open. It wouldn't be any different than UPS and or FEDEX being closed on Saturday except for their next day and/or critical mail delivery. USPS is supposed to deliver mail order prescriptions and express still right? Why not send surveys to the so called rural areas with an area for comments? Jobs may be cut but jobs have been cut for last few years by excessing clerks and cutting positions and shutting down plants and postoffices nationwide anyway. Filled this out twice, but if you don't see a short comment is required, there's no way to submit the survey. CommentFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEI wish someone would point out the massive amount of money managements waste.. like not following their own contract, rules, regs, resulting in paid grievances in massive amounts of money, wasted money on FFS machines, bonuses, EEO's, arbitration awards etc….. Also the fact that the PO would rather spend thousands of dollars so they don't have to pay you a dollar and end up paying you anyways, plus more…..Save the Postal ServiceFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALget rid of management. if you don't touch the mail there is no reason why you should have a job. there are to much management. think about itI like Saturday mail. It is the only day I am home to sign for letters.I think the money paid into pensions etc. that cost so much should be really looked into and corrected, not next week but today.LFIRE DONAHOEFIRE DONAHOESaturdays are when I catch up on my correspondence and take the time to go thru my mail. When I am sent a certified letter I have it redelivered on Saturday. Without Saturday delivery I would have to take off work to pick up my mail.Good information. Also, with the end to Saturday delivery, consumers will find that they'll need to take more time out of their work days to follow-up with delivery concerns (eg. telephone inquiries to customer service). Folks are already pressed for time enough. Longer work days means less family time or relaxation in general. They need to get rid of all the extra managers and positions they created for people to save money. Also buying postmasters homes for them when they relocate. Stop giving supervisors and management huge bonuses when they do nothing. Letter carriers deserve bonuses more for what conditions we work in.i feel the postmaster general should be fireddont need itSupport 6 day mail delivery and demand that congress give back the overpayment along with new legislation to end the prefunding. LLREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding Saturday delivery is just another step by USPS Headquarters to further weaken the Postal Service and its ability to be a universal service and an economic benefit to each community.LSave the Postal Service.FIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALover 50,000 jobs will be lostREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEas a usps employee I have some insight into mail volumes and delivery. Saturday mail can be heavy and Monday mail quantities can be a disaster. Combine that with a Monday holiday and many offices would go into overtime or be forced to curtail a large percentage of your mail for a much later delivery, don't forget that the usps plan for SAT does not include newspapers or popular magazines which frequently arrive on Saturdays FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEJamison is a disciple of socialist big government!Private corporation greedy mcgreedheads prevail once again!Please tell the public the truth of all the behind the scene "dirty politics" of the current leadership in the USPS. I'm sure that there is more than 2 billion dollars yearly savings if the GOA and the OIG would just look at all the mismanagement that is ongoing at the PO.Ending Saturday delivery is NOT the answer!REMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEFIVE DAY DELIVERY 100%this is not a fake responseSave Saturday deliveryFIRE DONAHOEAs a retired postmaster, you may be surprised to learn I support postal unions on many issues. It is sad so many hard working employees and many customers are adversley affected by the decline of the Postal Service. Congress should restore the retiree contributions and matching USPS contributions for pre-1971 retirees; and they should reduce the retiree health benefit contributions. That will eliminate the current financial problem. The one problem that remains is "how does the Postal Service deal with a 25% volume loss and future volume losses that will increase that percentage? Congress and the Administration cannot solve their own problems and it is unlikely they will even try to solve the postal situation.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALThe USPS needs to continue 6 day delivery. Thousands of jobs within and outside the USPS depend on six day delivery. It seems to me there are a lot of other ways they could cut costs vs ending a delivery day. Once again, they are just looking for an easy way out. Get rid of the postmaster and at least a half of upper management would be a good start.FIRE POSTMASTER GENERALEnding Saturday delivery wil not only loose business but will give our competitors more easy gain to our customers and eveually drive away our busniess with some and maybe ball of our business customers that make us more vulnerable become out of business.. Let's not go backward. Save Saturday delivery!I would support only having mail delivered one day a week. Every day is excessive.LREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOEAs a postal employee and looking at this survey some of these questions that are asked should have not been asked in the manner in which you asked them. The post office it self would not be closed only mail delivery would be stopped you could still mail a letter at the post office on Saturday. It would still go out on Saturday for delivery when it arrived to the delivery office. And did you know that the mailers that get a discount their product generates more mail for the PO. Many times these surveys are skewed by the questions they ask.fire the postmaster general!!!!!!!!!!30 year letter carrier. This site is ran by a bunch of idiotsREMOVE POSTMASTER GENERAL DONAHOETHE POSTMASTER GENERAL NEEDS TO BE FIRED , AND THE POSTAL SERVICE NEEDS TO BE OUT OF THE NEWS!!Save Saturday Delivery=Save the Postal Service!5 day is the wrong way to save the postal service!!!!!As much as I want it, it will never happen. So much about nothing… It's just sad the the PO doesn't appreciate it's employees enough to be treated so poorly. They spend thousands to save pennies and blame it on non-important items. WOW!!!Li think the cut should be in top management first and the last thing you do is cut service, donahoe should resignFIRE POSTMASTER GENERALI want my mail on Saturdays!!No other government agency is ask to pay 75 years in advance for healthcare.LFIRE THE POSTMASTER GENERALI think it is absolutely stupid that they are considering ending the Saturday delivery to "cut costs".Keep Saturday delivery!The actions both by the Postmaster General and his staff and Congress fail to recognize that the Postal Service was established to be a "Service" not a business. It should be run efficiently but was and is met to be a connecting link with all Americans. Stephen HarrisElimination of Saturday delivery will retiree's, rural area, small business etc. that rely on these service. It will also be the demise of the Postal Service that main purpose is to deliver service to the American People. Don't eliminate extend. Fuck the post office. Sturday mail is a waste of timeTake away the pension fund burden from the Postal Service NO other employer has that burden, why is congress making the Postal Service a burden to make sure they fail. what will happen to all the employees, we don't need a longer line at the unemployment office.Mail should be 8 days a weekIf Congress is doing the mandates and does not want the USPS to be competitive what can anyone do. It is like fighting with God. You don't have them on your side. Seems like they want USPS to die. Let's pretend someone owes me a lot of money if I die then they don't have to pay me back. So it would be in Congress' best interest if the USPS would die. The USPS does not stand a chance. Then you have your Postmaster General working against you too. God help the US Postal Service. I am the wife of a mail carrier helping raise 3 grandchildren in our household and caring for a 35 year old son who is Schizophrenic. I am really scared. God help us all.

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