Changes could be coming to USPS processing center in in Fort Wayne, workers upset

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WPTA. 21alivenews: FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Some workers with the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Fort Wayne, like Bradley Burridge, are frustrated.

Officials with the postal service are considering making some changes to the city’s Processing and Distribution Center, including turning the facility into just a Processing Center and moving some operations from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis.

“There’s a lot of people like me that just wonder what their future looks like and want to know where they’re going to end up and why,” Burridge said.

USPS officials held a public meeting Wednesday to discuss potentially restructuring the center.

But they didn’t answer any questions.

“I was disappointed, I was really hoping for more information than what we got,” Burridge said. “It was sad the lack of transparency that’s going on right now.”

Workers like Burridge are worried about potential layoffs or being relocated to another facility.

Tim Bracht, who worked at the Fort Wayne facility for 21 years, feels the changes will cause delays in service.

“To think that it’s going to streamline and help the speeding up and the delivery time, it’s not,” Bracht said.

Bracht says his frustrations could be eased with one thing.

“More specifics,” Bracht said. “I mean, talking about they’re going to modernize stuff, well what? What are you talking about? What specifically?”

Officials with USPS refused an interview and gave 21Alive a sheet of frequently asked questions instead.

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