Building a powerful nationwide grass-roots movement to Save the People’s Post Office


Dave Welsh, a retired letter carrier and an organizer with Save the People’s Post Office, has written a lucid and informative summary of the grass-roots movement to stop the dismantling of the Postal Service for private profit.  It starts like this:

"Without question, the big-business class – and their agents in USPS headquarters, the executive branch and Congress – are on a path to dismantle the Postal Service, privatize the profitable parts of it, and neutralize or destroy the postal unions.

"Their whole economic system is in crisis. It’s not working. So the 1% are trying to pull their own chestnuts out of the fire by a full-bore attack on unions, the workers and the poor – an attack on our union contracts, our jobs, economic security, wages, benefits, conditions, and social services. Their assault on the Post Office is part of this strategy."  Read more.