Boothbay Harbor couple got to know Maine by visiting every post office

Steve HutkinsBlog, News

Portland Press Herald: If Margit Ahlin and Al D’Andrea ask you to join them on a trip to the post office, you might want to pack a bag and get somebody to water your plants.

Beginning in 2010, the Boothbay Harbor couple spent 12 years visiting all of Maine’s post offices – 444 at the time. They took overnight trips to every corner of the state, from remote islands off the Down East coast to the tip of northern Aroostook County. At each post office, they got a stamped envelope canceled and postmarked by hand, as proof they were there. So the physical evidence of their adventures fits neatly into an oversized shoe box.

But for Ahlin and D’Andrea, who moved to Maine in 2009, the knowledge they gained about their adopted state is much more expansive.

“The discovery part was huge. You never knew what you’d find. We walked into some, and they were in a thrift shop or in a convenience store,” said Ahlin, 64, sitting in the couple’s home. “There’s no better way to learn about a town than to find its post office.”

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