Ben rolls over in his grave: B Free Franklin post office, on the chopping block


Is nothing remotely sacred to the people in L'Efant Plaza? is reporting that the B Free Franklin post office, one of the icons of American postal history, is on today's closure list:

"The post office is at Franklin Square in Philadelphia's Independence Mall area and is adjacent to the U.S. Postal Service Museum. It is on the location of Ben Franklin's house and it is the only post office that doesn't fly a U.S. flag — because the area pre-dates the Revolution.

"And in a double insult, Franklin's push to get the Post Office established as an entity was enacted on July 26, 1775, and the current museum and neighboring post office were unveiled on July 26, 1975.

"So on July 26, 2011, the facility got word it will likely be shutdown unless a company takes over running the small post office."

(Photo credit: B Free Franklin p.o.; sign)