Bad weather closes three NYC post offices


According to the Postal Service website, three New York City post offices are closed today as a result of the “heavy snowfall in the region.”  Service has been temporarily suspended for the Bronx Stadium Station (10452); the Esplanade Station (10469); and the Einstein Loop Station (10475).

The weather in New York City today isn’t great, but it’s not awful. On Sunday, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a Winter Storm Warning, and the Mayor issued a hazardous travel advisory, but the warning had been lifted by 10 a.m. on Monday.  In anticipation of the bad weather, there were lots of school closings in NYC, but many schools just opened two hours late. 

The special weather statement from the NWS on Monday morning said that the snow, freezing rain, and sleet had resulted in slushy roads that make travel "treacherous."

The weather in NYC is certainly not as bad as when Juno hit the northeast at the end of January.   Many post offices in New York and New England closed early on January 26 and all day on January 27, but so did just about everything else — schools, government offices, and all kinds of businesses.

These three NYC post offices are small stations staffed by two or three employees (perhaps just one at a time), so it’s possible workers were unable to get to the office today. 

But if that’s the explanation, why didn’t the Postal Service send over another employee to cover? 

Today's weather in NYC may make driving dangerous, but slippery roads don’t normally close post offices.

Why these three post offices are closed today is something of a mystery. 

Photo credit: Bronx StadiumEsplanade, and Einstein post offices (Evan Kalish)