Aripeka FL post office closes, no mail delivery either


On Friday the 13th, the post office in Aripeka, Florida, closed, just as the Postal Service said it would.  The cause?  A lease dispute with the landlord. 

As reported in this previous post, the elderly landlady has been connected to the post office for decades — her grandfather was the postmaster from 1921 to 1945, and after that, his daughter served as well.  The landlady says the Postal Service wanted her to sign off on a pocketful of forms, when previously it was just a short lease, and she wasn’t signing.

But now the folks in Aripeka have not only seen their post office close, they aren’t getting mail delivery at all.  As this angry blog post explains, the Postal Service has been jerking the people in Aripeka around for over a year, going to back to last summer, when there was a meeting about reducing the hours under POStPlan.  Now everyone in Aripeka has to travel 14 miles round trip to get their mail in Hudson, and the Postal Service shows no signs of implementing carrier delivery or a cluster box.  Read more.