1.             A78-1 Gresham, SC Dismissed: jurisdiction

2.             A79-1 Lone Grove, TX Remanded: close

3.             A79-2 Westville, PA Remanded: close

4.             A79-3 Graves Mill, VA Remanded: close

5.             A79-4 Tippo, MS Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

6.             A79-5 Bay Center, WA Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

7.             A79-6 Gulf, NC Remanded: close

8.             A79-7 Craigsville, PA Remanded: close

9.             A79-8 Overly, NO Remanded; close

10.          A79-9 Suplee, PA Remanded: close

11.          A79-10 La Jose, PA Remanded: close

12.          A79-11 Normanna. T. X Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

13.          A79-12 Clune, PA Remanded: close

14.          A79-13 Souttifield, MA Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

15.          A79-14 Filler, MS Remanded: close

16.          A79-15 Keyapaha, SO Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

17.          A79-16 New Geneva, PA Remanded: close

18.          A79-17 Reed, OK Remanded: close

19.          A7^18 McElhattan. PA Remanded: close

20.          A79-19 Sugar Run, PA Remanded: close

21.          A79-20 Balsam Grove, NC Remanded: close

22.          A79-21 Prairie, AL Remanded: close

23.          A79-22 Bill, WY Remanded: close

24.          A79-23 Clinchport, VA Affirmed: close

25.          A80-1 Glenwood Landing.NY Dismissed: Postal Service: consolidation

26.          A80-2 Alexander, VW Affirmed: close

27.          A80-3 Palm City, FL Remanded: consolidate

28.          A80-4 Mt. Een, CA Affirmed: consolidate (station)

29.          A80-5 Leckrone, PA Dismissed: Postal Service: close

30.          A80-6 Carlisle, MS Dismissed: Petitioners: consolidate

31.          A80-7 Condon, MT Remanded: consolidate (CPO)

32.          A80-8 Painton, MO Dismissed: Postal Service: close

33.          A80-9 Muggins, MO Remanded: close

34.          A80-10 Saratoga, CA Dismissed: Postal Service

35.          A81-1 Dalton, AR Affirmed; close

36.          A81-2 Mayfield, GA Dismissed; jurisdiction; close; relief

37.          A81-3 Oswego, SC Affirmed; close

38.          ASM Seapines Stat., VA Dismissed; premature

39.          A82-1 Arcadia, TX Affirmed; consolidate (station)

40.          A82-2 Station B, NY Wittidrawn; relief given by Postal Service

41.          A82-3 West Barnet, VT Affirmed; close

42.          A82-4 Donnan, lA Affirmed; close

43.          A82-5 Webb City, OK Remanded; close

44.          A82-6 Stonewall, AR Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

45.          A82-7 Woolsey, GA Affirmed; close

46.          A82-8 Snydertown, PA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

47.          A82-9 Sessums, MS ?. Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

48.          A82-10 Oceana Station, VA Dismissed; jurisdiction

49.          A82-11 Siberia, IN Affirmed; close

50.          A82-12 Holy City, CA Affirmed; close

51.          A82-13 Mayfield, OK .-. Remanded; close

52.          A82-14 Glenwood, UT Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

53.          A82-15 Montrose, MS Affirmed; close

54.          A82-16 Tomnolen, MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

55.          A83-1 Ravalli, MT Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

56.          A83-2 Ruby Valley, NV Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

57.          A83-3 Mountville, GA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

58.          A83-4 Ferdig, MT Affirmed; close

59.          A83-5 Clark, OH Affirmed; close

60.          A83-6 Nipton, CA Affirmed; close

61.          A83-7 Beowawe. NV Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

62.          A83-8 Sigurd, UT Dismissed; untimely

63.          A83-9 Colon. NC Affirmed; close

64.          A83-10 Liberty Farms. CA Dismissed: petitioners-, closed

65.          A83-11 DeBorgta, MT Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

66.          A83-12 Bladon Springs, AL Affirmed; close

67.          A83-13 Reed, OK Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

68.          A83-14 Sublime, TX Dismiss; untimely: consolidate (CPO)

69.          A83-15 Burr Oak. IN Affirmed; close

70.          A83-16 Cantil, CA AHirmed; consolidate (CPO)

71.          A83-17 Grand Pass. MO Affirmed; close

72.          A83-18 Madras. GA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

73.          A83-19 Griswoldville. MA Affirmed; close

74.          A83-20 Windsorville. CT Affirmed; close

75.          A83-21 Cropper, KY Affirmed; close

76.          A83-22 Baxter. CA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

77.          A83-23 Marietta, WA Affirmed; close

78.          A83-24 Lone Grove, TX Affirmed; close

79.          A83-25 Coalmont, CO Dismissed; untimely; close

80.          A83-26 Mechanicsville, CT Dismissed; untimely; close

81.          A83-27 Winston, MT Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

82.          A83-28 Uler. WV Affirmed; close

83.          A83-29 Wendell. NH Affirmed; close

84.          A83-30 Knob Fork, WV Remanded; close (CPO)

85.          A84-1 Oakley. SC Affirmed; close

86.          A84-2 Dorchester. TX Affirmed; close

87.          A84-3 So. Bloomingville, OH Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

88.          A84-4 Silver Bell, AZ Affirmed; close

89.          AR4-5 Foraker. IN Remanded; close (CPO)

90.          A84-6 Benoit, Wl Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

91.          A84-7 Cotter, lA Dismissed; Postal Service; close

92.          A84-8 Atlanta, OH Affirmed; close

93.          A84-9 Mitchell, LA Affirmed; close

94.          A84-10 Elm Grove. OH Dismissed; untimely; close

95.          A84-11 Hustler. Wl Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

96.          A84-12 Bloom City. Wl Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

97.          A84-13 Dodgeville, Ml Dismissed; untimely; close

98.          A84-14 Milford, MO Dismiss; untimely; consolidate

99.          A84-15 East Orwell, OH Affirmed; close

100.      A84-16 Hanover, Wl Dismissed; untimely; close

101.      A85-1 Ames, NE Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

102.      A85-2 Buskirk. NY Dismissed; Postal Service; close

103.      A85-3 Maud. KY Affirmed; close

104.      A85-4 Dahlen, ND Affirmed; close

105.      A85-5 West Coxsackie, NY Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

106.      A85-6 Durbin, ND Affirmed; close

107.      A85-7 Rock Glen. NY Affirmed; close

108.      A85-8 Job, WV Affirmed; close

109.      A85-9 Wadsworth, NY Affirmed; close

110.      A85-10 West Townsend. MA Affirmed; close

111.      A8&-11 Roanoke. WV Remanded; close

112.      A85-12 Williams Mtn. WV Affirmed; close

113.      A85-13 Philomath, GA Affirmed; close

114.      A85-14 Range, AL Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

115.      A85-15 Chester Depot, VT Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

116.      A85-16 Boyds, WA Affirmed; close

117.      A85-17 Ranchita. CA Remanded; close (CPO)

118.      A85-18 Guatay, CA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

119.      A85-19 East Nicolaus, CA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

120.      A85-20 Little Norway, CA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

121.      A85-21 Yorkville, CA Remanded; close

122.      A85-22 Louvale, GA Remanded; close

123.      A85-23 Pacific House, CA Dismissed; untimely; consolidate

124.      A85-24 Whitestone, GA Affirmed; close

125.      A85-25 Grady, OK Affirmed; close

126.      A85-26 North Scituate, MA Affirmed; consolidate (station)

127.      A85-27 Wishon. CA Affirmed; close

128.      A8S-28 Femdale, FL Dismissed; Postal Service, consolidate (CPO)

129.      A85-29 St. Charles, SC Affirmed; close

130.      A85-30 Moreno, CA Affirmed; consolidate (branch)

131.      A85-31 Croydon, UT Dismissed; Postal service; close

132.      A86-1 Leach, TN Affirmed; close

133.      A8&-2 Centerfield, UT Remanded; close

134.      A86-3 Chatham, MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

135.      A86-4 Sanitaria Springs, NY Affirmed; close

136.      A86-5 Perry, SC Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

137.      A86-6 Fitzhugh,OK Remanded; close

138.      A86-7 Longstreet. LA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

139.      A86-8 Quaker Street, NY Premature

140.      A8&-9 Tie Plant, MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

141.      A8&-10 South Grafton, MA Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

142.      A8&-11 Greene, Rl Dismissed; untimely; close

143.      A86-12 Oakland, Rl Affirmed; close

144.      A8&-13 Wellfleet, MA Dismissed; jurisdiction

145.      A86-14 Croydon, UT Affirmed; close

146.      A86-15 Palo Verde. A2 Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

147.      A86-16 Academy, SO Affirmed; close

148.      A86-17 Wallpack Center, NJ Dismissed; Postal Service; close

149.      A86-18 Owanka, SO Affirmed; close

150.      A86-19 Given, WV Remanded; close

151.      A8&-20 Arenas Valley, NM Affirmed; close

152.      A86-21 No. Westchester, CT Affirmed; close

153.      A87-1 Pinero, VA Affirmed; close

154.      A87-2 Vanna, GA Affirmed; close

155.      A87-3 Wallpack Center, NJ Dismissed; Postal Service; close

156.      A87-4 Centerfield, UT Affirmed; close

157.      A87-5 Burkville, AL Affirmed; close

158.      A87-6 Palms, Ml Affirmed; close

159.      A87-7 Pearl Beach, Ml Affirmed; consolidate (branch)

160.      A87-8 Vernon, AZ Dismissed; Postal serv.; consol.

161.      A87-9 Fackler, AL Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

162.      A87-10 Rogers, NE Affirmedj consolidate (CPO)

163.      A87-11 Fabius, AL Affirmed; close

164.      A88-1 Bern, ID Affirmed; close

165.      A88-2 Rago, KS Remanded; close

166.      A88-3 Willow Island, WV Dismissed; Postal Service; close

167.      A88-4 Powder Springs, TN Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

168.      A88-5 Forksville, VA Affirmed; close

169.      A88-6 Laird, CO Dismissed; untimely; close

170.      A88-7 Vanadium, NM Affirmed; close

171.      A88-8 Honey Creek, lA Remanded; close

172.      A88-9 Banco, VA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

173.      A88-10 Brownlee, NE Affirmed; close

174.      A89-1 North Egremont, MA , Dismissed; Postal Service (CPO)

175.      A89-2 Dallas, lA Affirmed; consolidate (station)

176.      A89-3 Kurtz, IN Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

177.      A89-4 McClelland, lA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

178.      A89-5 Crawford, WV Dismissed; untimely; close

179.      A89-6 Hoyt, CO Dismissed; Postal Service; close

180.      A89-7 New Site. MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

181.      A89-8 Lafontaine, KS Premature; suspension

182.      A89-9 Elsmere, NE Remanded; close

183.      A89-10 Fineview, NY Premature; suspension

184.      A89-11 Montpelier. MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

185.      A89-12 Hoxeyville. MS Affirmed; close

186.      A89-13 Swan Lake, MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

187.      A90-1 Powder Springs, TN Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

188.      A90-2 Hanover, AR Affirmed; close

189.      A90-3 Dunn, LA Dismissed; untimely; close

190.      A90-4 Wolf Run. OH Remanded: close

191.      A91-1 Rock Point. MD Dismissed; Postal Service; close

192.      A91-2 Northboro, lA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

193.      A91-3 Seneca, Ml Remanded; close

194.      A91-4 San Fran. Main, CA Dismissed; jurisdiction

195.      A91-5 Elsmere. NE Affirmed; close

196.      A91-6 Pardeesville, PA Dismissed; untimely; close

197.      A91-7 Weston, Ml Dismissed; Postal Service; close

198.      A91-8 Angus, MN Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

199.      A91-9 Extension, LA Remanded; close

200.      A91-10 Mount Clemens, Ml Dismissed; jurisdiction

201.      A91-11 Jenkins Bridge, VA Dismissed; Postal Service; close

202.      A91-12 Liberty, NE Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

203.      A91-13 Wiley, GA Dismissed; Postal Service; close

204.      A91-14 Union Level, VA , Affirmed; close

205.      A92-1 Sample, KY Affirmed; close

206.      A92-2 Vernon, OK Dismissed; untimely; close

207.      A92-3 Susank, KS Affirmed; close

208.      A92-4 Carrothers, OH Affirmed; close

209.      A92-5 Skene, MS Affirmed; close

210.      A92-6 Village, VA Dismissed; Postal Service; close

211.      A92-7 Nooksack, WA Affirmed; consolidate (station)

212.      A92-8 Maskell, NE Affirmed; close

213.      A92-9 Fabyan, CT Affirmed; close

214.      A92-10 Ben Arnold, TX Affirmed; close

215.      A92-11 Buckeye, LA Affirmed; close

216.      A92-12 Summit, KY Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

217.      A92-13 Milfay, OK Dismiss; Postal Service; consolidate (CPO)

218.      A93-1 West Rushville, OH Remanded; close

219.      A93-2 Bavon, VA Affirmed; close

220.      A93-3 Wolf Run, OH Dismiss; Postal Service; close

221.      A93-4 Hertel, Wl Dismiss; Postal Service; close

222.      A93-5 Pershing, lA Affirmed; close

223.      A93-6 Schroeder, MN Dismiss; Postal Service; consolidate (CPO)

224.      A93-7 Frontenac, MN Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

225.      A93-8 Wolf Lake, MN Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

226.      A93-9 Segundo, CO Affirmed; close

227.      A93-10 Beaverlett, VA Affirmed; close

228.      A93-11 Colfax, ND Dismissed; Postal Service; consolidate

229.      A93-12 McAdams, MS Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

230.      A93-13 Ithaca, NY Dismissed; jurisdiction; consolidate

231.      A93-14 Winchester, TX , Dismissed; untimely; close

232.      A93-15 Lodi, TX Dismissed; Postal Service; close

233.      A93-16 Lille, ME Dismissed; untimely; close

234.      A93-17 Morrison, Iowa Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

235.      A93-18 Gray, Iowa Remanded; close

236.      A93-19 Cataract, Wl Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

237.      A94-1 Waka, TX Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

238.      A94-2 Extension. LA Affirmed; close

239.      A94-3 Inavale, NE Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

240.      A94-4 Boone, NE Dismissed; untimely; close

241.      A94-5 Moriah, NY Dismissed; Postal Service, consolidate

242.      A94-6 Poland, ME Affirmed; close

243.      A94-7 Holden, Ln' Dismissed; Postal Service; consolidate (CPO)

244.      A94-8 Benedict, MN Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

245.      A94-9 Green Mountain, lA Affirmed; consolidate (CPO)

246.      A94-10 Fairfield, NY Affirmed; close

247.      A94-11 E. Greenwich, NY Affirmed; close

248.      A94-12 Petroleum. WV Dismissed; Postal Service; close

249.      A94-13 Strang, NE Remanded; consolidate (CPO)

250.      A94-14 Otisco, MN Affirmed; close

251.      A95-1 Rodman, lA Affirmed; close

252.      A95-2 Valley Home, CA Dismissed, Postal Service, close

253.      A95-3 Filer City, Ml Remanded; close

254.      A95-4 Numa, lA close

255.      A95-5 Oak, NE consolidate (CPO)

256.      A95-6 OeGraff. MN close

257.      A95-7 Toronto, lA close

258.      A95-8 Benedict, MN consolidate (CPO)

259.      A95-9 Clarkia, ID consolidate (CPO)

260.      A95-10 Cotesfield, NE close


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