New McCaskill Bill to Prevent Emergency Postal Suspensions


CBS St. Louis: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, along with Republican Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, has proposed a new bill addressing post office closures. The bill would prevent the U.S. Postal Service from using its emergency suspension process to indefinitely close post offices without notice to the community, opportunity to appeal, or a time frame for reopening or permanently closing … Read More

GAO report finds rural postal service remains essential


West Plains Daily Quill: A top watchdog study completed at the request of U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, found that the Postal Service remains essential to rural communities, regardless of whether those communities have access to rural broadband services. “This study shows what we already know to be true—that the Postal Service remains … Read More

Ocean City To Buy Downtown Post Office Property, But No Change In Use Expected In Near Future


Maryland Coast Dispatch: Resort officials this week approved the purchase of the downtown post office property in Ocean City for over $1.3 million, while allaying fears the pending sale could seal the fate of the decades-old facility in the future. On Monday, the Mayor and Council approved on second reading the purchase of the commercial property at 410 Philadelphia Ave. … Read More

New Stamford CT post office to open, replacing historic PO building


Stamford Advocate: Stamford, Conn.’s downtown will finally have a working post office after the previous one closed three years ago. The new U.S. Post Office at 550 Summer St. is set to open on Oct. 19, USPS spokeswoman Christine Dugas said. All P.O. Box customers will have their boxes transferred to the new location on the evening of Oct. 18. The … Read More

Historic Morristown NJ Post Office back on chopping block, eyed as ‘centerpiece’ of town


Morristown Green: The Morris Street Post Office in Morristown, New Jersey, which the Postal Service tried to close in 2012 amid vociferous local opposition, is on the chopping block once again. This time, Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty envisions the century-old structure being reborn as the town’s “centerpiece.” “It’s a great, historic building, an amazing site that should be the centerpiece … Read More

In pursuit of historic art, one post office at a time


Journal Sentinel: On vacation about four and a half hours north of Milwaukee, Susan Kwas needed to send a letter. As she waited her turn at the counter at the post office in Park Falls, she noticed a painting. The mural above the door to the postmaster’s office depicted a legendary Northwoods fight between two rival logging crews — in red and white shirts — on the … Read More

USPS won’t speculate on damaged Arlington, NE Post Office building

SteveBlog The U.S. Postal Service is continuing to assess the Arlington, Nebraska, Post Office building after it was severely damaged Sept. 23 when the south wall of the former Village Hall collapsed on it during demolition. Communications specialist Brian Sperry said the USPS does not want to speculate if the building can be salvaged until they have more information. Arlington mail … Read More

USPS Has Achieved Just a Fraction of Its Projected Savings From Slowing Mail Delivery

SteveBlog The U.S. Postal Service is not realizing the savings it projected when it slowed mail delivery and closed facilities, according to a new audit, which also found the mailing agency was struggling to meet its new standards. USPS said when it virtually eliminated overnight mail while shifting much of its two-day service to a three-day window in 2014 it … Read More

Food hall planned for old post office site in Stamford, CT


Stamford Advocate: The old U.S. Post Office on Atlantic Street in Stamford, Conn. — closed since being sold to a developer three years ago for $4.3 million — was given a new day in the spotlight as dozens of city residents gathered inside to learn about the historic structure’s past, present and future. “Today, we are not lamenting the lack … Read More

Post Office Banking: An Old Idea Getting New Life


News OK: In big cities and affluent areas, banks can seem as ubiquitous as coffee chains. Making a deposit or stopping in to talk about a loan can be about as simple as grabbing a nonfat vanilla latte with an extra shot, no foam.But many Americans — those living in poor neighborhoods or in rural communities — don’t enjoy such convenience. They rely instead on costly … Read More

Old post office in Bentonville, AR, may be demolished


Democrat Gazette: The future of the old post office on the downtown square in Bentonville, Arkansas, remains in question.  The building currently serves as the Benton County Courthouse Annex, and local officials are working on plans for a new courts building. “If you’re going to use that site, it’s better to use the whole site and demolish it,” County Judge Bob Clinard said of … Read More

Wayne, OH Post Office suspended due to poor building condition


Sentinel-Tribune: Village residents in Wayne, Ohio, have been without a local post office since August because of the extremely poor condition of the building in which it was housed, and some are saying the closure is starting to affect business. An attorney handling the estate that owns the building says progress is being made to restore the building to an … Read More

The Worst Post Offices In Brooklyn


Ditmas Park Corner: A recent News 12 story that documents the hour-long lines and flippant managers at the 11226 Post Office has cast an aggrieved public service at 2273 Church Avenue, between Flatbush and Bedford Avenues, into the media limelight.  Correspondents made Flatbush a contender for the “Worst Post Office in New York City”, which sparked an outpouring of stories from other local branches … Read More

Philly once had two great post offices. Soon, it will have none.

SteveBlog Sure, the lines in the marble-paneled post office at Ninth and Market moved at a glacial pace. Sure, the clerks were often uncommunicative and even surly. But what did it matter when there was so much architectural plenty to keep your eyes sated for the entire wait? Philly once had two great post offices. Soon, it will have none. … Read More

Richmond, VA post office closed due to mold concerns


WRIC: A Richmond post office has been closed since Friday due to a “mold issue.”The post office located at 3004 North Avenue in Richmond closed after local officials became aware of the problem Friday.The building is temporarily closed and a sign on the front door cites “environmental reasons.” United States Postal Service information officer Michell Martel said that residents who … Read More