New Stamford CT post office to open, replacing historic PO building


Stamford Advocate: Stamford, Conn.’s downtown will finally have a working post office after the previous one closed three years ago. The new U.S. Post Office at 550 Summer St. is set to open on Oct. 19, USPS spokeswoman Christine Dugas said. All P.O. Box customers will have their boxes transferred to the new location on the evening of Oct. 18. The … Read More

Historic Morristown NJ Post Office back on chopping block, eyed as ‘centerpiece’ of town


Morristown Green: The Morris Street Post Office in Morristown, New Jersey, which the Postal Service tried to close in 2012 amid vociferous local opposition, is on the chopping block once again. This time, Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty envisions the century-old structure being reborn as the town’s “centerpiece.” “It’s a great, historic building, an amazing site that should be the centerpiece … Read More

In pursuit of historic art, one post office at a time


Journal Sentinel: On vacation about four and a half hours north of Milwaukee, Susan Kwas needed to send a letter. As she waited her turn at the counter at the post office in Park Falls, she noticed a painting. The mural above the door to the postmaster’s office depicted a legendary Northwoods fight between two rival logging crews — in red and white shirts — on the … Read More

USPS won’t speculate on damaged Arlington, NE Post Office building

SteveBlog The U.S. Postal Service is continuing to assess the Arlington, Nebraska, Post Office building after it was severely damaged Sept. 23 when the south wall of the former Village Hall collapsed on it during demolition. Communications specialist Brian Sperry said the USPS does not want to speculate if the building can be salvaged until they have more information. Arlington mail … Read More