How prefunding retiree health benefits impacts the Postal Service’s bottom line — and how Brookings got it wrong


A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post ran a column by Lisa Rein entitled “Should the Postal Service be sold to save it?” The article was about a recent paper by Elaine Kamarck published on the Brookings Institute’s website.  Kamarck is the Founding Director of the Center for Effective Public Management at Brookings, as well as being a Senior … Read More

The Postal Pulse results are out (sort of)


The results of the Postal Pulse survey are out, but only USPS employees can see them.  The Postal Service has produced a new video about the survey results as well, but only postal employees can view it.  For the rest of us, here’s a little background. Postal Pulse is the new employee engagement survey being used by the Postal Service, … Read More

What happened in Petworth? A DC Suspension Story


[Note: Please see the correction/update at the end of this story.] The post office in Petworth, a community in Washington, DC, closed at the end of July.  The closing didn’t get much attention, but the story of what happened in Petworth is a useful case study of how the Postal Service has been conducting suspensions, closures, and relocations. The Postal … Read More

Post office mural missing for decades rediscovered


A mural of pre-World War II Richmond, Calif., considered missing for nearly four decades, will once again be put on display.  The painting, an oil on canvas that shows union workers and their supervisors against a backdrop of the Standard Oil Refinery, was commissioned by federal Works Progress Administration in 1940 as a way to employ artists during the Great … Read More

No discontinuances, but more post office suspensions and relocations


As a result of all the public protest, the Postal Service has stayed away from post office closings over the past two years, and if legislation recently proposed by Senator Tom Carper were to be approved as is, there would be a moratorium on all post office closings for the next five years. But opposition to discontinuing post offices is … Read More