Inside the Mysterious Farley Post Office


NYU Local, a student-run news site at New York University, recently took a trip to the Farley post office in New York City.  "The James A. Farely post office looks like a building stuck in time. Massive and squat with its Corinthian colonnade, it looks otherworldly on modern day 34th street. Step inside and its still one of the most impressive … Read More

Post office in Hinkley, CA to close: What would Erin say?


The Postal Service is closing the post office in Hinkley, California, on March 20 for an emergency suspension.  According to the local news report, the building housing the post office is being sold to Pacific Gas & Electric.  Hinkley’s only gas station and market are also in the building, and they’ll be closing too, so this will be a big loss … Read More

What we lose with a privatized Postal Service


Katherine McFate is the President and CEO of the Center for Effective Government has a good piece on privatization.  "Our nation’s founders understood that a universal, affordable, and yes, public postal system helps knit us together as a nation," writes McFate. "They recognized that commerce requires a common infrastructure and public institutions that belong to and benefit the entire country. … Read More

Community post office in Careywood ID to close


The Postal Service is closing the community post office in Careywood, Idaho.  It's a contract postal unit, so there's no requirement to go through a regular discontinuance process, and the Postal Service won't need to reveal any financial data.  But most likely, the post office costs the Postal Service very little to operate, and the savings will be minimal.  But … Read More

Farley Post Office hosts art show


The James A. Farley Post Office in New York City is being used for an experimental art fair.  "A lot of the stuff is super-trippy," said visitor Polly Shindler, 38, an artist from Bed-Stuy. "I either need to live here forever or leave right now."  The Spring/Break art show opened Wednesday, taking over largely unused space in the southeast wing of the … Read More