Post Office Closings in 2011: Lists, maps, the whole mess


The past year was not a good one for those who value the institution of the brick-and-mortar post office.  Over four thousand post offices were studied for closure, and were it not for the Christmas holiday suspension and the moratorium on closings, a large portion of them would have closed by year’s end.  Just to put that in context, consider … Read More

The OIG wants your opinion on post office closings


The USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) is doing an “audit overview” of the Retail Access Optimization initiative (RAOI), the Postal Service’s plan to close 3,652 post offices.  The OIG wants to hear your opinion. The OIG helps maintain the integrity and accountability of the Postal Service through independent audits and investigations.  The OIG has already issued one report about … Read More

Hundreds of Postal Workers and Allies March in Oregon


FROM NALC, PORTLAND, OREGON BRANCH 82: Portland, OR – Over eight hundred Portland-area letter carriers, other postal workers, family members and allies held a demonstration Sunday, calling attention to tax-free solutions to save America’s postal service.  From a rally at downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square, the boisterous marchers chanted and sang down Fourth Avenue, ending with a rally at the Main Post … Read More

“This Post Office will not be closed in vain”


The post office in Ukiah, California, will close permanently on Friday, after a long fight.  It’s a beautiful New Deal post office located in the heart of downtown.    There’s a very good story about the closing by Carole Brodksy in the Ukiah Daily Journal. “It’s despicable,” said attorney Barry Vogel, who worked with a group of citizens to prevent closure of … Read More

Mass Appeals at the PRC


The Postal Service closed about 600 post offices in 2011, and it is poised to make mass closures in the spring when the moratorium ends on May 15.  That will also mean mass appeals at the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), and last Thursday the Commissioners were talking all about it. Chairman Ruth Goldway began the Commission’s monthly meeting with a … Read More

The Postman Always Writes Twice


Yesterday the New York Times ran an article by Campbell Robertson entitled “A Fight for Post Offices and Towns’ Souls.”  It’s about the efforts of citizens to save rural post offices in Arkansas.  Robertson does a good job describing the work being done to protect rural post offices, but there are a couple of moments when the Times can’t help … Read More

On the Road: Postal Trucks as Vehicles of Discovery


When we talk about the “infrastructure” of the Postal Service, we’re usually thinking about the network of post offices and mail processing plants.  But the Postal Service also possesses the largest civilian fleet in the world — 213,881 vehicles.  And those vehicles cover 1.25 billion miles each year.  There are also thousands of long-haul mail trucks operated by contractors for the … Read More

PRC 2011: Orders Remanding Determination


  Docket No. Date Title Document Type Filing Party Attachments A2011-61 12/22/2011 Order No. 1067 – Order Remanding Determination Orders/ Responses to Orders PRC  docx(49.83Kb)  pdf(55.68Kb) A2011-60 12/30/2011 Order No. 1091 – Order Remanding Determination Orders/ Responses to Orders PRC  doc(113.5Kb)  pdf(69.39Kb) A2011-56 12/21/2011 Order No. 1061 – Order Remanding Determination Orders/ Responses to Orders PRC  pdf(83.67Kb)  docx(56.02Kb) A2011-54 12/13/2011 … Read More

Week in Review: Protests, dissents, and a fury that won’t go away


The protests over closing post offices and mail processing plants continue, despite the moratorium on closures.  The Postal Regulatory Commission splits down the middle on decisions about appeals on closings.  Another New Deal post office closes, sold to the highest bidder.  And the anger just builds.  Here’s a roundup of the week’s news. Occupy the Post Office Occupy Tucson: On … Read More