The Post Office Gets Its Day in Court


The post office as a national institution will soon have its day in court, and the verdict could be a matter of life or death.  Yesterday, the Postal Service announced that it will request an Advisory Opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission about its plan to study 3,600 post offices for closure.  On July 26, the Postal Service will release … Read More

Week in Review


There's a lot of postal news out there right now, and it's going to get even crazier next week when the Postal Service releases a list of some 3,500 post offices that will be (or are being) studied for closure.  Expect thousands of articles, in every local newspaper and online news source that covers a town with a post office … Read More

NY Times July 21, 2011


  Many Seek to Revamp Post Office By SEAN COLLINS WALSH WASHINGTON — Until the deficit negotiations took center stage this summer, several members of Congress had another issue they wanted to focus on: an overhaul of the Postal Service, which is on the brink of insolvency. “If it wasn’t for the federal debt ceiling and the budget issues, this would be … Read More

PRC Chairman Goldway dissents two times in two days


In what may be an indication of growing concern over closing post offices, the Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission, Ruth Goldway, issued two dissenting opinions in as many days this week.  The first expressed her reluctance to allow a post office in New Jersey to be closed while the decision to close was under appeal, and the second focused … Read More

PMG finds plan to close thousands of post offices in bottom of desk drawer


Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made a startling discovery over the weekend—a USPS plan to close 16,000 post offices over the next few years.  Just last Friday, in the Rule announcing changes to its procedures for closing post offices (published in the Federal Register), the Postal Service had indicated it had no plan in place to close a significant number of … Read More

Breaking News: USPS will file for Advisory Opinion on nationwide post office closures


On the Postal Regulatory Commission website: Chairman’s Message: Dear Postal Consumers: The Postal Service has indicated that it intends soon to file a request for an Advisory Opinion on a nationwide plan to review post office facilities for closure. The Commission will welcome comments from the public and will take prompt action on the request for an Advisory Opinion.  Once … Read More

A Penny for Your Post Office


How much would it cost the Postal Service to cancel its plans to close half the country’s post offices over the next six years?  In 2008 the Postal Service engaged a study team led by Dr. Michael Bradley, Professor of Economics at George Washington University, and IBM Global Business Services.  The purpose of the study was to measure the cost … Read More

Help Wanted: Math Teacher for the Postal Service


The decision to reorganize the Postal Service’s network and close thousands of post offices—16,000 of them over the next six years, according to the Postmaster General—is based on dozens of “retail optimization” studies done over the past few years.  There’s no shortage of numbers demonstrating why it’s good business for the Postal Service to do retail out of supermarkets, Office … Read More

One Moment in Time: A Golf Story for Sunday Morning


Pinehurst, North Carolina, is a small town located in the south central part of the state in an area called the Sandhills.  It was established in 1895 when James Walker Tufts, a resident of Boston who had build a fortune with the American Soda Fountain Company, purchased land to create a health resort.  He wanted a “first rate” plan, so … Read More