Historic Post Offices

Life-threatening mold closes historic post office in Richmond, CA

August 29, 2015

While it's not uncommon for the Postal Service to close a post office after it discovers some mold in the building, it's cause for concern when the building is a historic structure.  Does the Postal Service have plans to abandon the building and sell it off?  That's the question surrounding the closure this week of the 80-year-old post office in Richmond, California.  The Postal Service says that there was a water leak in the basement of the post office on Nevin Ave. a few weeks ago, and the leak apparently caused some mold to develop in the basement.  There's no equipment or mail in the basement, and no customers go down there, but the Postal Service is still concerned.  As the local ABC news reports, "Left unchecked, mold can cause health problems, even death in extreme cases."  The post office is expected to reopen next week after the cleanup work is finished.  Read more.  Watch video.


Napa frustrated by meeting with USPS to discuss future of historic post office

August 28, 2015

Approximately 50 people attended a meeting Wednesday night hoping to hear about the future of the earthquake-damaged Franklin Station post office building in Napa, California.  The Postal Service wanted to discuss the relocation of postal services to a new facility, but residents wanted to talk about the preservation of the building.  The Postal Service would not provide any details about the damage, repair or renovation assessments.Doing so could “inappropriately influence bidding by potential purchasers,” said a letter from Tom Samra, vice president of facilities at the USPS.  Read more.


Under lock and key: The New Deal post office art of Palm Beach County

August 28, 2015

Three New Deal post offices in Palm Beach County, Florida, feature important murals painted in the 1930s.  But one of the buildings isn't serving as a post office anymore, and the art is "under lock and key."  The former Palm Beach post office buidling on N. County Road now serves as the offices for billionaire real estate tycoon Jeff Greene, who purchased the property in 2011 for $3.75 million.  It still holds Charles Rosen's murals of Seminoles, which remain the property of the USPS.  The public is supposed to have access to the murals, but when a reporter when visiting, she had to "peek through the glass doors and see the lobby."  Read more.

USPS decides not to demolish historic Napa post office, will sell instead

August 6, 2015

In an abrupt about-face, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it won’t pursue demolition of the historic Franklin Station Post Office in downtown Napa. Instead, the federal agency plans to sell the quake-damaged building to a buyer who can repair the structure and preserve its architectural integrity. A public notice of the intent to sell was posted on Tuesday on all postal properties in the city.  “The Postal Service will be offering the property to the market for sale after we have complied with the regulatory requirements that must be satisfied prior to marketing the property,” said Augustine ‘Gus’ Ruiz, a USPS spokesperson. Read more.

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