Irwinville GA

Why is it so wrong to close a post office?

July 15, 2011

If you want to know why it's so wrong to close a post office, you could read 500 hundred news stories about how sad and angry citizens across the country are becoming as they learn their post office is closing.  Or you could read a study about "The Social Value of the Post Office," which explains in detail how a post office contributes to the economic vitality and social life of a community.  Or you could just watch this news video about Irwinville, Georgia, a small town that just wants to keep its post office.  (Photo credit: WALB news)

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On Privatization

Good Reading on Postal Privatization

Also: Sarah Ryan's "Understanding Postal Privatization: Corporations, Unions, and the "Public Interest"

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Organizing to Save Rural Post Offices

A Community Organizing Toolkit

Revised November 2012

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