Closed Post Offices

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The Postal Service has not published a full list of all of the post offices, stations, and branches that have been closed or suspended.  This map represents a compilation from several sources: Postal Reporter's closing list; the USPS postmaster finder; the USPS Postal Bulletin; the PRC docket list for appeals; and Iowa Backroads.  (For list view, click here.)  

The map is not complete, so please let us know if you know of a post office that's closed recently but is not appearing here.   Click on a marker, then click on the name of the post office in the pop-up window to go to a page with more info about that post office.  (Tip: When you see the map for the post office, click on the "Google Maps" link above the map; then click on "Get Directions" and type in "USPS post office," and you'll get a list of the closest post offices and how far away they are.  For some locations, you can do Street views as well.)  

In addition to the map of closed offices, the Postal Service has released a list of 3,653 post offices it plans to study for closure under its "Retail Access Optimization Initiataive" (RAOI), and a second list of 727 additional post offices, stations and branches already under study for discontinuance.